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Before you start packing for your trip, make a list of things you need on your vacation. That way, you won’t carry too many unnecessary things with you, and on the other hand, make your trip easier.

Considering that packaging can be tiring and stressful, make a list 10 days early, shop all your essentials, iron your wardrobe, check your shoes, check all the accessories you carry with you, and start the final pack for the trip.  It is also a good idea to always have travel wipes with you. This item will help you maintain all your things clean, including your hand and face.

But since some of us do not prepare for the holiday in a timely manner, there is not much time to think. It is often difficult to pack just about everything we think we need when we go on vacation, and it often happens that in the rush of the pack we forget something important.

That’s why we remind you of five practical items that will make your vacation more fun, comfortable, and safe.

Passport and personal documentation

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We are all aware that without basic documents it is better not to embark on our journey, especially if we have to cross the border.

However, sometimes we pay less attention to the things that matter most because we are convinced that we will certainly not forget it. In addition to the passport we have, we should also bring a copy of the same, as well as two pictures, if God forbid, if we lose our travel document abroad, we can come up with a valid document that will ease our anguish.

Also, hotels in some countries, such as Russia, keep your passport at the front desk until check out, so you need a copy to carry with you. These documents should be kept well, as they are often targeted by thieves, in addition to money and valuables, they are suitable for theft.

Sometimes it is necessary to have some additional documentation for the trip, such as consent for the transfer of children across borders, if the child crosses with one parent, so such details need to be well inquired or a visa. iVisa can assist you in obtaining a visa if you need one to visit any of the countries that need one, such as Pakistan. Ask in advance, don’t let negligence spoil everything.

Travel Insurance

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It may sound like an optional item that we can get away with somehow, but anyone who travels often knows: never but never travel without this form of security. Whether you are with children or alone, no one can ever guess what can get him on the road. And even when it may be a smaller thing, like cuts, scrubs, it must be disinfected, healed, sewed. Not to mention bigger problems.

The more we change the environment and the climate, the greater the risk that we will need a doctor. Just a single overseas checkup is not a cheap thing, and additional interventions or possible hospital stay can be a serious budget problem.

And many countries will not even allow you to cross borders without insurance unless your two countries have a health co-operation agreement. So don’t push your luck, it’s not expensive, it can save you a lot and you will feel safer.

Collapsible Water Bottle

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Plastic pollution is huge and one of the main culprits is water bottles. We all use them, many and a few pieces a day. Imagine how much that is in just one day? In the oceans, “islands of plastic” are the size of cities, and we constantly find dead or severe animal injuries due to plastic ingestion or entanglement. This is a problem with seafood as well because we bring in bits of plastic into ourselves.

So stop using disposable bottles and get a collapsible water bottle. Not only will you protect your environment, but you will also save. It is much cheaper to buy once than it is to buy a new one every day. Wash it as you would any dish and use it again.

Also, if you go to places where water quality is questionable, you won’t have to think. Just take your bottle out of your backpack and drink. More about which one to choose you can find at Cool Things Chicago and start saving our planet.


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One of the most important things you should always carry when traveling is a small home pharmacy. Be prepared for sudden headaches, muscle aches, a fever that can ruin your vacation, so equip it with a few analgesics and antipyretics, as well as a couple of patches.

What many don’t think about when packing is probiotics. Our intestinal microflora on travel is often in imbalance. Probiotics can be used before the trip to alleviate digestive disorders such as diarrhea and bloating, but also as an excellent first aid for infectious diarrhea (so-called travelers diarrhea).

Traveling to certain countries and trying their food can lead to the ingestion of some bacteria and sometimes microorganisms that produce toxic substances that adversely affect the function of the intestinal peristalsis.

Symptoms can include abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, extremely frequent fluid stools and sometimes fever. In these cases, probiotics can be helpful.

Cash and credit cards

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Depending on which destination we are going to, we need to be well prepared about how much money we have enough to carry to make us feel safe and in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Sometimes we are surprised if some extra service is to be paid, maybe a residence or travel tax. And sometimes it may happen that we do not remember to bring exactly what we need on a daily basis, so we are forced to buy something new along the way. It often happens that this important thing is forgotten, and sending money abroad is an additional expense.

Bring any credit or debit card used around the world, not a local one. Also tell your bank about the trip, as the card may be blocked, as they may think it has been stolen if a payment is made from a new location.

Also, inquire about currencies and where to exchange them best so that you can be tricked.


Now that you have everything packed, you can embark on a new adventure. As Louis-Ferdinand Celine said in his book “Journey to the End of the Night” – “Travel is very useful and it exercises the imagination. All the rest is disappointment and fatigue.”