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When it comes to customer service, gone are the days when it was just an option. No matter how big or small your business is, it is a requirement. You can attract customers and make them choose your product or service but the only way they will stick to your company is when you provide them a good service. Moreover, happy customers will be a positive reflection of your company. Their positive reviews about your product or service might attract other people and you get more customers eventually.

The times are changing. You no longer can rely on a good sales pitch or a cheap offer to lure someone in buying your product. Consumers admire easy and fast processes, connections, and a sense of belonging. So, if you are offering some amazing deals to your customers but ignoring their feedback on social media, you are in hot waters.

Therefore, we came up with six golden rules of customer service that can help your business bloom:

1. All Interactions matter

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It is already late. Everyone has left. You are about to leave the office too. Suddenly, a notification pops up. You get a support ticket from one of your clients. You are tired and do not have the energy to answer that ticket in detail. Therefore, you send a few words to reply without any attention, enthusiasm, and personalization that your company strives to deliver.

Things as simple as these can shatter the repute of your company. Every interaction matters. It all starts because of single bad experience and grows exponentially.

Therefore, you need to put in an extra effort in every interaction with the customer – every single one.

2. Do not make empty promises

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As a company, never make promises you cannot keep. Try to be straightforward. This can make a lot of difference. If you want to provide good customer service, give guarantees that are essential promises you are making to your clients. Make sure that your promise is meaningful to the customers.

For example, Spectrum is one of the leading internet providers in the States. What separates Spectrum internet from the rest is their 14-days money-back guarantee. In case you are not satisfied with the quality of service, you can have your money back within 14 days, no questions asked. Click this link to get more information about it.

3. Customers before anything else

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The customer comes first before anything else. Your client is your asset and you would not want to lose an asset. This means that their problem is yours too. If you cannot put time and effort into solving their problems, why would they want to continue with your service? Think of it this way. You are on the phone with customer service. The situation is out of control and you are at a standstill with the representative. He does not have a solution to your problem and redirects you to another department. All of them keep bouncing you back and forth. Would you want to make any business transaction with the company if they cannot solve your problem?

No, right? In this situation, you as a customer was not a priority. Hence, a missed opportunity.

4. Always be available

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Your customers want to be heard. You just have to make sure there is always someone available to answer Live Chat, phone calls, and emails. There might be cases where the representatives are not well equipped to handle the queries. In instances like these, the manager and higher-ranked employees must take responsibility for assisting the representatives.

You can take motivation from Disney where all the frontline managers spend 80% of their time in the park.

5. The purpose of your business is not just revenue

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When your product and services become just a commodity that is where the troubles begin. You can separate yourself from your competitors by personalizing your customer experience. Focusing on just revenue generation will not take you places. You need to find ways to provide good customer service to the existing customers and plan new strategies to acquire new ones.

6. Get multiple channels of Customer Service

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We live in a different era where everyone has their priorities. Everyone has a different way of doing things. The millennials just hate calling and prefer texting. The older generations prefer talking over the phone. With so many diverse people, how can you expect to cater to their needs by having a single channel? Therefore, it is high time to get Omnichannel customer service for your business. Your customer service should not be just limited to the phone. Here are all those channels you need for your customers:

Live Chat: There is not a fixed where your product or service stops working. Therefore, you need a 24/7 live chat to address the problems of your consumers at any hour of the day. It is convenient for all those people who prefer writing as opposed to calling.

Social Media: Since social media platforms like Reddit and Facebook have a large audience, your company’s presence will give you a chance to grow and address all those common issues your customers face every day.

Many businesses that work through Facebook look for different accounts and you can find more information about that at

Self Service: Some customers like figuring out everything on their own. Therefore, it is high time to create a knowledge base containing videos, tutorials, and all the relevant information about your product. The customers can access it anytime and figure out their problems themselves. Having a knowledge base reduces the burden of calls and emails.

Email: This channel is helpful if you wish to prioritize the issues according to their severity. Common issues can be highlighted in these emails and relevant action is taken to prevent these issues from happening once again.

Final Verdict

Just by following these simple rules, you can make the most out of your customer service. Always remember, a happy customer can bring your more customers and an unsatisfied one can take away a lot.