According to some experts, provisions that can augment an individual’s spirits or increase mental performance have become the 21st Century ‘vitamins’. At times, they are known as ‘brain cosmetics’. Pharmaceutical and scientific studies have been carried out all around the world to assist individuals combat depression, work efficiently and remain calm and collected. Russian scientists made multiple medications of the type, namely Selank nasal drops for people with certain disorders.

What does the science behind this alleged “nootropic” have to say? This read will look at what exactly is Selank, its mechanism of action, and potential effects.

What is Selank?


Developments in the biotechnology sector has given leeway to research new bio-active compounds, which encompasses cognitive enhancers (nootropics).

Amon the compounds of interest include Selank – previously referred to as ‘TP-7’ – which fall below a classification of molecules referred to as synthetic peptides.

Selank has been purported to have ‘anti-anxiety’ properties and has also been alleged to boost energy and improve learning – apparently without experiencing adverse side-effects or risk of addiction.

This tiny artificially-made protein is a fraction of the size of natural proteins. Selank was created at the Institute of Molecular Genetics (Russian Academy of Sciences) in collaboration with V.V. Zakusov Research Institute of Pharmacology (Russian Academy of Medical Sciences).

Selank was obtained by merging the classification of a peptide referred to as tuftsin with another classification that bolsters its molecular stability. Tuftsin is one section of the natural antibody.

In studies conducted on rats, both tuftsin and Selank have shown to decrease anxiety and improve serotonin levels, with Selank proving to be more effective.

Russia has given the go-ahead on Selank treatment for generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and also to be used a nootropic. However, it has not been approved NHS to treat any conditions. Nevertheless, Selank is easily accessible across multiple countries, where it is usually promoted as a “nutritional supplement.”

Selank mechanisms of action / pharmacodynamics

This anxiolytic drug has antiasthenic, antidepressant and activating effect on cognitive functions and human mnestic.

Selank is founded on seven natural amino acids already existent in the body and operates by restoring the nervous system to normal. Selank functions by influencing the production levels of neurotransmitters (dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin) and enkephalins in the brain.

Selank can work in various ways:



Anxiolytic: It function as the main linkage to anxiety. Selank inhibits a rise in the level of serotonin and noradrenaline in the emotio-genic sections of the brain, and a reduction in enkephalins concentration.

Anti-depressive: It stabilises serotonin and enkephalins levels in emotio-genic sections. Decreased serotonin levels give rise to depression, and Selank works to encourage the production of serotonin when low. And with increased levels of monoamine concentration (the growth of anxiety), it stops it.

Stress protective: It gets rid of negative psychological stress, regains motivational function and elicits adaptive behaviour geared to attaining a useful outcome; it rectifies somatic disorders caused by stress.

Nootropic: It has a positive impact on the cognitive and mnestic functions of the brain. Selank stimulates the learning process, analysis, reproduction and memory of information.

Antiasthenic: It improves the production of dopamine in the section of the diencephalon and cortex, which is exhibited in the decrease of asthenic conditions.

Going by the recent studies made, it has come to light that the variety and pluripotency of Selank potential effects (for instance, the impact on the activity of opiatergic, catecholaminergic and serotonergic systems, etc.) is for the most part illuminated by the instigation of biochemical cascade developments in the brain cells that lengthen and improve the therapeutic impact of the drug.

Given how Selank has a stabilising impact on the functionality of the primary neurotransmitter systems of the brain verifies the plasticity of its therapeutic and pharmacological effects. In patients with GAD, an anxiolytic effect is noticed in the Selank mechanism of action; in patients suffering from neurasthenia, the antiasthenic and stimulating effect of the drug is more evident.

As a neuropeptide, Selank works in the body as a “endogenous pro”: precisely in the direction and degree necessary to restore and/or maintain the normal operation of the central nervous system of every person, impaired or weakened due to adverse factors. The more conditions are advanced, the more potent the regulatory effect of Selank.

Benefits of Selank


Per the results of research conducted among individuals with anxiety-hypochondriacal, anxiety-phobic, generalized and other kinds anxiety-related disorders, it has come to light that the usage of Selank as a form of treatment may have the following advantages.

-Considerably decrease the severity of anxiety

-Decrease depression levels

-Reduce irritability and internal tension

-Increase muscle tone

-Alleviate body aches and somatic headaches

-Increase activity, vigour and endurance to stress

-Better quality of sleep and improve feeling of relaxation

-Improve reaction speed, concentration and memory

-Enhance quality of life (vitality, social functions, mental state).

It has been determined that the best usage of peptide drug Selank is for generally simple anxiety-asthenic states of GAD, adaptation disorders, and neurasthenia.

Is Selank legal in Australia, US, and the UK?

Even if Selank has not been ratified by the FDA, it doesn’t necessarily suggest that the peptide is illegal. It means the drug isn’t a scheduled chemical compound and you can’t purchase it in drug stores or pharmacies in Australia, US, and the UK. If an individual doesn’t have the intention to resell or supply it, Selank can be legally acquired for research purposes in online stores or other countries where it is approved like in Russia.