Antigua (also known as Wadadli, which means “our property” in the indigenous language of the island) is an island in the eastern part of the Caribbean Sea. The main island of Antigua and Barbuda. According to the official statistics by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda, about 300,000 tourists visit the country each year. Antigua is an especially popular tourism destination with Americans and Britans.

If Antigua is your vacation location, you’ll need to know where to stay. Antigua is approximately 14 miles long and 11 miles broad so you can drive to all resorts and attractions.

Where is the most fantastic spot to stay in Antigua?

Saint John’s, the capital, is a cosmopolitan town with sandy beaches, Duty-Free shopping, pubs, and restaurants. You may take a boat to Barbuda or Montserrat or hire a vehicle to explore this little island.

English Harbour Town and Jolly Harbour are popular seaside resorts with attractions, historical monuments, and fantastic nightlife. Dickenson Bay offers crystalline seas, beautiful white beaches, and neighboring sugar cane farms for a relaxing family vacation. Falmouth or Saint Philip are calmer options close to services and activities. Both feature stunning beaches, historic sites, shopping, family-friendly attractions, pubs, and restaurants.

You may also be interested in where to stay in St Maarten, St Lucia, and the US Virgin Islands. Find out more about Antigua’s opportunities on the Migronis official website.

Antigua’s Best Towns

It’s a tropical paradise with warm breezes, beautiful beaches, and a plethora of tourist-friendly activities including shopping, restaurants, and historic monuments. You may stroll through completely developed towns, which are lined with charming pedestrian corridors and fantastic restaurants and independent stores. There are gorgeous beaches with pink sands where you may relax. Luxurious, all-inclusive resorts with exquisite cuisine are only steps away from the beach, so you can relax and unwind in complete luxury.

Whether you’re here for a family vacation, a romantic break, or a business trip, there are plenty of exciting things to do. Explore some of Antigua’s nicest towns and resorts to plan your next vacation.

Saint John’s


Saint Johns, Antigua’s capital, sits on the island’s northwestern shore. This vibrant village is 15 minutes from the island’s airport, so there are no lengthy transfers! It’s a lively town with pastel buildings, retail malls, and museums. Around Heritage Quay, you’ll discover several Duty-Free retailers.

Jewelry, electronics, clothing, fragrance, wine, and tobacco are all available in the malls near the harbor. If shopping isn’t your thing, check out Fort James, St. John’s Cathedral, or the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda for a more cultural experience instead. There is a short distance between Hawksbill Bay and Runaway Beach, two of the island’s best beaches. If you’re looking for something more affordable, Saint Johns offers everything from condos to all-inclusive resorts to hotels with spas and rooms just for couples. The island of Barbuda is just a 90-minute boat ride away.

English Harbour Town


Harbour Town is on Antigua’s southern coast, 35 minutes from the airport. It’s a lovely resort with historical monuments, including Nelson’s Dockyard National Park, Pillars of Hercules, and Shirley Heights, a colonial-era lookout station.

Hiking, sailing, and diving are popular pastimes, or you may spend lazy days drinking beverages and eating Caribbean food. English Harbour Town is among the island’s loveliest beaches. Galleon Beach is great for sunbathing and snorkeling, while Rendezvous Bay and Carlisle Bay are more secluded. English Harbour Town’s nightlife includes waterfront pubs with live reggae music, DJs, and dancing.

There are several hotels in English Harbour Town if that’s your chosen location. The town has flats, guesthouses, and luxury resort hotels for various tastes and budgets.

Jolly Harbour


Jolly Harbour is a lovely resort within 30 minutes from Antigua’s international airport. There are a plethora of pubs and restaurants, as well as sandy beaches lined with palm trees.

You may play golf nearby, visit St. Johns, or hire a boat to see the island from a new angle. Jolly Harbour hotels range from affordable to 5-star luxury and are attractive and unique.

Dickenson Bay


Dickenson Bay is 20 minutes from Antigua’s major airport. It’s calmer than St Johns and other southern destinations, focusing on palm-fringed beaches, tranquil seas, and languid days in the sun.

Saint Johns’ Heritage Quay has duty-free shopping, or you may rent a vehicle to see Antigua’s beaches and sugar cane farms. Budget, mid-range, and luxury aparthotels and resorts are available at Dickenson Bay.



Falmouth is 30 minutes from Antigua’s airport and near English Harbour Town. This peaceful resort is close to historic landmarks and English Harbour.

It’s a popular destination for divers, snorkelers, and fishermen, and the nearby hiking trails provide stunning vistas. There’s a 10-minute drive or an hour-long hike to get to Rendezvous Bay. A variety of accommodations, ranging from 2-stars to 5-stars, are available in Falmouth, Antigua.

Saint Philip


VC Bird International Airport is 30 minutes away from Saint Philip. You’ll find this peaceful hideaway ideal for families and romantic getaways alike. Stingray City and Devil’s Bridge, both historic ruins, are nearby, as are the remnants of a sugar mill. Each of the properties available in St. Philip accommodates a wide range of guests.

Stingray City


If you’ve had enough experiences and are afraid of stingrays, a five-minute speedboat trip off Antigua’s east coast should eliminate your anxieties forever. During your visit, you may explore the local coral reefs, depending on your comfort level. You can stand, swim or snorkel to explore them. Exciting moment: feeling their silky, satiny bodies on your skin. Stingray City is one of Antigua’s most popular attractions.

Antigua’s white-sand beaches and clear, sapphire-blue sea make it a tropical dream come true for visitors from across the world. Combination of rum, pastel-hued towns, glistening yachts, and kind residents make Antigua a stunning vacation spot. In this article we have reviewed some of Antigua’s most picturesque spots, ranging from picture-perfect beaches to serene islands. So in this country, everyone can find the perfect place to relax and satisfy all their desires and preferences.