Part of our goal to have a healthy lifestyle is to exercise. It’s a supplement to having a healthy diet and good sleeping habits because through exercise, we are able to detoxify our bodies. In this article, we are going to talk about one particular exercise that is gaining popularity across the fitness community because this exercise is for everyone.

This particular exercise is called pilates whereas, men, women, and even the pregnant could try this exercise. Also, what makes pilates a good exercise is that it does something on the whole body instead of just one part. This only means that it’s highly functional and able to help you become fit and improve your entire physical wellness.

But more than just those mentioned, pilates is motivational in a way because of the benefits that you will achieve if you keep on going doing it regularly. So if you’re planning to try this exercise out, here are five science-backed benefits that will further inspire you to do pilates.

1. It enhances your core strength


The first and foremost function and good effect of having to do pilates is that your core is being enhanced. The core is the central command of most body movements, and needless to say, it’s the one that should be taken care of vigorously and to be prioritized above all.

Core would also refer to the surrounding muscles of our trunks that, as said earlier, initiate our bodies’ movements. Once these muscles are addressed and nurtured properly — strengthened and made pliable — it slowly stabilizes and supports our body. Also, pilates aids a person to have decreased back and hip pains.

So, if you’re looking for an exercise that mainly focuses on core strength, this one is perfect for you. If you apply its routines on a regular basis, you’ll surely achieve a greater core strength in no time. You can check out Youtube videos about its basic routines being conducted by professional trainers so you can start doing it at home.

2. Improves posture


It is true that having a good posture is important and has some benefits to our physical well-being, which is why it would be wise if we rely on doing pilates because it supports and hones our body to achieve good posture. Pilates does something on the alignment of your body. It also ensures the balance of the muscles that oppose each other.

Having a good posture enables you to do most tasks easier and better. Aside from that, it also allows you to acquire better breathing, greater function, and gain greater confidence. Thus, these factors are major contributors to having a healthy and perfectly fit body. So, if you’re particularly having posture issues, pilates could be one of those effective solutions that you can do on your own. You’ll surely see progress and improvement in no time.

3. Pilates makes you sturdy enough to resist injuries


Injuries often occur when the muscles of our bodies are not conditioned properly or, to be specific, when muscles are too firm or are too loose. These kinds of muscles are very prone to injuries, and this is something we wouldn’t want for obvious reasons. Now, pilates does address that kind of issue. It allows you to strike a balance across all your muscles because it permits dynamic strength — stabilizing your joints when on the move. This is why if you’re active in sports, pilates is a must because it helps you achieve a kind of body achieve that is conducive for strenuous activities.

4. Pilates, an exercise in nature, is a stress reliever


Some people would cling to exercise as a way to relieve themselves from stress, and exercise has proven itself to have that benefit for the longest time. Pilates entails a lot of breathing and exhausting but good movements of your body and muscles, which makes you break a sweat and detoxify. And the more we detoxify, the more we release unwanted elements from our bodies.

Thus, if you’re currently experiencing extreme stress, pilates is a proven and tested way to distress and release baggage within you that drags you down. Aside from helping you to achieve a healthy and fit body, it also enables you to have a healthy state of mind.

5. Pilates as an immunity booster


Did you know that by doing pilates, you can improve your resistance to diseases? Yes. Although studies have shown the role of pilates much more relevant to older people, pilates is also said to be beneficial to younger ones when it comes to boosting immunity. This is because vital elements of our human body are being boosted by pilates. Also, pilates improves blood circulation, which makes our bodies achieve much more immunity.

So if you’re a type of person with a weak immune system and always catch diseases, it would be better if you consider doing pilates as early as today so that you’ll have a healthier and stronger immune system in the long run.

Final Words

There you have it! The five motivational facts to know about pilates. By reading this, you will realize how important exercise, or in this case, pilates, is to our physical well-being. However, the advantages of doing pilates don’t just stop there, as you can discover more benefits from it if you conduct more research.

Just like what was said earlier, a proper and balanced diet should be accompanied by good exercise so as to address and enhance one’s health. Remember that nutrition is equally important, and if you don’t know where to start in that aspect, visit Nody for guides and recommendations to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Lastly, always remember that pilates is a form of exercise that can be very challenging and exhausting along the way. However, its good effects on the psychological and physical well-being, most especially our health, are very great and truly worth it. After all, you are what you do.