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2 in 1 laptop combines a laptop and a tablet into a single device. 2-in-1 PCs are examples of technological fusion because they combine portable laptop parts with a compact and thin frame. In tablet mode, these are useful for media viewing and non-intensive jobs, while in laptop mode, these are great for content creation.

Since you realize that a good laptop and tablet may easily cost approximately $500 apiece, $500 is a great deal for a two-in-one. New smartphones, on the other hand, start at roughly 500 dollars. A laptop should be worth a lot of money as well.

Especially when a laptop allows you to accomplish more, even earning money, we have mentioned the list of best 2-in-1 laptops under $500 along with all the necessary information you need to buy one for you.

List Of Best 5 2-in-1 Laptops Under $500

1. ASUS Chromebook Flip

ASUS Chromebook Flip

The Asus Chromebook Flip is a wonderful Chromebook that offers better quality than the competition. The sleek appearance and great display resolution pleasantly delight the consumer. It works on an Intel Core M3 microprocessor at 1.1GHz and also has 4GB RAM and 64GB Flash storage.


  • The body of the 2-in-1 laptop features a beautiful finish. The hinges are multi-gear, metal finish, and bar-shaped giving it a premium laptop feel.
  • The Chromebook Flip is more lightweight than previous Chromebooks at 3.31 lbs, yet it faces harsh competition from other Chromebooks.
  • This laptop is also one of the latest two-in-one Chrome Windows convertible computers having a 14-inch HD display with a high definition of 1920 x 1280 pixels.
  • The keyboard is equally as important as the one on a standard laptop. Other features work nicely with the Intel HD 615 Graphics card.
  • The frameless design takes its ideas from Apple’s MacBook computers. For a lower price, it offers straight outlines and a thinner frame.
  • The Asus Chromebook Flip C433TA is a massive upgrade over its predecessors.
  • If you require a standard gadget with a battery capacity of a minimum of 10 hours, this is a great laptop to invest in.

2. HP 2020 Newest Pavilion X360

HP 2020 Newest Pavilion X360

The HP 2 in 1 laptop value of around $500 is a great offer if you are seeking a nice convertible. This HP Pavilion X360 has become available in stores, ideal for people searching for a low-cost 2-in-1 laptop.


  • The HP Pavilion comes with a powerful and dependable Intel Core i3-1005G1 processor. Although being a moderate SoC, it can meet maximum clock speeds of up to 3.4GHz.
  • Apart from having only two processors, the HP Pavilion is capable of doing some time-consuming accounting operations.
  • The HyperThreading software aided it to operate well and is a great feature to win over other laptops.
  • This laptop gives 8GB RAM at this price which is a great offer. The high bandwidth of the system RAM helps you do complex activities quickly.
  • A 128GB solid-state storage with PCIe compatibility is included and can quickly recover the files from the Windows 10 OS operating system.
  • There are two USB Type-A ports, an HDMI output, as well as a Type C file transfer interface.
  • Also, in this laptop, there is Wireless five connectivity, and with average usage, this laptop may deliver roughly 9.5 hours of battery life.

3. New_Lenovo 5 14 2-in-1 Laptop

New_Lenovo 5 14 2-in-1 Laptop

The Lenovo Flex 5 is a laptop with a layout that falls between premium and economy models. The bass loudspeakers are positioned in place to prevent sound from being distorted by surfaces.

This 2-in-1 computer system is the greatest option for anyone looking for a cost-effective way to remain productive. It lacks an illuminated keyboard and a touchpad.


  • The Onyx Black finish of the laptop gives it a classy appeal. The laptop also has a solid and long-lasting structure.
  • You can enhance the experience by using a Windows Ink stylus. This sleek design laptop is very cost-effective and features a Full HD display.
  • When combined with 4GB DDR4 RAM, 256Gigabyte SSD space, and a 2.7GHz AMD Quad-core Intel Ryzen 3 4300U CPU, the processor delivers good performance.
  • It is fast and has 10-hour battery life despite being on a tight budget.
  • The touchscreen function works nicely, and the keypad is fast and simple to use. This has a beautiful design which makes it a desirable product.
  • This laptop also has an inbuilt webcam, and you can control it manually.

4. HP Chromebook

HP ChromebookThe HP x360 is a notable upgrade over previous HP versions, with the bonus of a reduced price. It beats other 2-in-1 laptops because of its fast Intel Core i3 processing unit and 4GB RAM.


  • The HP x360 laptop’s lightweight design makes it convenient to transport.
  • Chrome OS is the operating system that runs the device and provides excellent functionality.
  • The battery may last up to 6 hours on a single charge.
  • The laptop can be rotated in any direction. It supports USB type A and types C, which are both extremely fast.
  • A 3.5mm earphone jack and a micro SD card are also included.
  • You can also manage the webcam usage by using the privacy switch. The fingerprint sensor is a nice touch as well.
  • The HP x360 laptop is a big Chromebook with a 14-inch screen.
  • It offers amazing quality for money due to its HD resolution and sharp clarity. The resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels, which is the greatest quality.
  • The speakers are superb, and the glass touchpad provides extra space.

5. New Microsoft Surface Touch-Screen

New Microsoft Surface Touch-Screen

If you are seeking the most refined Microsoft 2-in-1 notebook for around $500, a Microsoft Surface is the greatest choice. The Microsoft Surface is a low-cost choice with unique features and specifications.


  • Microsoft Surface now has a redesigned 10.5″ PixelSense Display with a touchpad, which is ideal for reading eBooks, exploring online, and watching your favorite shows.
  • Surface Portable Mouse is now accessible in a new range of vibrant colors, with seamless scrolling with dongle-free Wireless networking.
  • On this laptop, multiple applications can be performed simultaneously with the 8GB RAM setup.
  • The SSD improves everything, especially the initial load time.
  • In so many aspects, the Microsoft Surface is the most accessible and multifunctional laptop here on the list.
  • To generate a mobile interface, you can also remove the keyboard. It weighs a little over 1 pound.
  • It would be best if you connected with a Surface Pro Stylus to create detailed artwork, annotation assignments, and make notes.

Buyer’s Guide For Best 2-in-1 Laptops Under $500

It can be challenging to evaluate how much a new laptop costs; just under $500 can provide. You will not receive cutting-edge performance or an ultra-premium design. You may also have to make some display adjustments, like how smoothly it handles colors and how sharp it gets.

However, this does not signify you have to settle for a cheap-feeling laptop; instead, you are searching for one within your budget. So, if you are looking for a laptop for around $500, here are some things to remember.

Which Is Better: Chrome Or Windows?

Which Is Better Chrome Or Windows

You will have to settle for a Windows 10 or Chrome OS laptop if you have $500 or even less, though the least expensive MacBook Air 2020 would be out of your pricing range. As a result, you will have to choose if a Windows laptop or maybe a Chrome os is best for you.

Chrome OS is a lightweight software platform that can operate even on the simplest basic hardware while still providing a powerful set of capabilities and web-based applications to help with a variety of day-to-day computing needs. It now also works with Android apps.

Window 10, on the other side, demands a bit more processing power to ensure efficient operation. It does, however, support a wide range of programs, significantly much more than Chrome OS can. And because Windows 10 is constantly being developed, you will be able to acquire the greatest software Microsoft has to give years after you purchase your laptop.

Convertible Or Clamshell

Standard clamshell laptops and active 2-in-1 convertibles are the two types of sub-$500 computers. Clamshells are the most affordable option, offering a standard laptop interface with a keyboard and a non-touch display. On the other hand, Convertibles are touchscreen gadgets that can also be used as a tablet.

Do Not Go For Anything Less Than 1080p

Unless you are desperate for a budget, most computers with a 1366 x 768 screen are not worth it. A screen resolution of 1080p is standard on many inexpensive notebooks, which makes a great impact when watching Netflix episodes or working on Office projects for hours at a stretch.

Life Of The Batteries

Life Of The Batteries

It’s something to think about while purchasing a 2-in-1 laptop. Such a laptop must be accessible, and you will not have to stress about running out of battery power during the day.

At least 8 hours is recommended. Chrome OS laptops have a greater battery life than Windows computers at this price. Chrome OS is cheaper than Windows, but it has its constraints.


Since ports should not be a huge issue, you should even think about them. One or two USB Type C connections and one or more USB 3.0 ports are usually included on this list. A Type C socket is the greatest option because it quickly becomes the industry standard.

Dimensions Of The Display

Consider the size of the computer in advance. Compact devices are ideal for simple tasks like reading and browsing content. If you are going to use it for work or school, you should pick something larger than 11 inches.


After all, is said and done, a laptop like this is a smart purchase for any average user. With each generation, these types of technologies get better. Even at this cost, you will be able to locate something that meets your needs and is sufficient for most daily roles.Dimensions Of The Display 2-in-1 laptop

This device is ideal for Netflix binge-watchers or those who require a compact, versatile media/streaming player. Any laptop on this list of best 2-in-1 laptops under $500 is a great device. It does not matter if you are getting one for your children or looking for one for yourself.

The devices we have shown indicate that 2-in-1 laptops can still be bought on a budget to satisfy your study or business needs.


Q1. What Is The Difference Between A Tablet And A Laptop That Can Also Be Used As A Tablet?

Ans. A tablet is a computer with a touchscreen display and limited input/output (I/O) capabilities. Its performance is sometimes lower than that of a laptop. Tablets are considerably smaller but lighter in weight, making them more portable.

A touch display is found on a 2-in-1 laptop. Alongside a keyboard and mouse, and can be accessed as a regular laptop or tablet.

The keyboard may be folded out of the line, and the device can be used just like a tablet with a touchscreen interface.

Q2. Why Does A 2-in-1 Laptop Have A Shorter Battery Life Than A 1-in-1 Computer?

Ans. 2 in 1 laptop has reduced battery life because of their design. 2 in 1 laptop are lighter and slimmer than ordinary computers due to their compact form. A battery’s capacity and space are limited as a result of this. They use a little more energy than regular displays as well.

Q3. Why Is 2 In 1 So Beneficial To Students?

Beneficial To Students

Ans. This device is ideal for quickly accessing social media or writing an essay. Writing notes with a stylus is simple and quick. Students can also utilize the laptop in class to give presentations. These may be used as sketching boards or as crisp note-taking devices, which is very useful for young designers.

Q4. Why Should You Purchase A Windows 2 In 1 Desktop?

Ans. Windows machines will automatically run all of your applications and programs, and you will be comfortable with the system. Assume you now have to use graphics and formatting apps and rely on Windows-only applications.

The Microsoft Windows operating system is required in this situation. On a machine like this, playing games is also a lot easier. Then you’ll have a choice if you want to play and operate the big-punch variants of applications.

Q5. What Operating System Do You Recommend For A Two-in-one Laptop?

Ans. You have the option of using a Chromebook or a Windows 10 computer. It is a difficult issue to resolve, but you must consider what you require! A Windows laptop will most likely have more energy, as a good Windows 10 computer needs more.

Do not be misled by the fact that Chromebooks are typically less powerful and simpler. Chromebooks are more advanced than they have ever been.