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Have you ever heard of route optimization before? If you don’t, let me enlighten you. Route optimization is a process of looking for the most efficient and money-wise routes whenever you are going to have a variety of business-related or personal stops. I am sure that you already know what Waze or google maps do, right? Well, the idea of these apps is similar to route optimization, but the difference lies in the complexness of its algorithm.

Waze and google maps simply direct a person on the best routes that they should go from where they are to a single location, from point A to point B only. However, if you are going for multiple stops, Waze and google maps are not that reliable. This is where the route optimization process will come in handy. This process will give you the best roads to pass if you plan on going from point A to point Z.

It also gives you the estimated time to arrive at your destination even if it is not in order. For example, you want to determine what time you will arrive at point F even if you are still driving towards point C. The advanced estimation of time proves that route optimization uses a complex algorithm to know which routes are best to take for multiple stops.

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In order to make this process accessible to all, route optimization is now available in IOS or iPhone by simply downloading an application that provides route optimization. Route4Me is an example of an application used mainly by iPhone users to provide route optimization assistance. There are many more apps available for IOS and Android users, which offer a route optimization process. But before going through these apps, others might find it hard to understand my explanation above, which is why I am going to discuss the process of route optimization in layman’s terms first.

Suppose you are going to deliver your products to 50 different places. Before starting your delivery, you think about where you will go first to have a smooth and continuous flow. Now, how will you do the math for that? Where should you go first? If you plan it by yourself, it will take you forever to determine which routes you should go as there are billions of possible routes you can take.

With a route optimization app, you won’t have to worry about the sequence of your routes. The app will give you the best routes that will save your time and improve your delivery time and allow you to save tons of money. It seems like we are done with the explanation; let us go back to the different apps available for Androids and iPhones that offer route optimization.

But I’ll do you one better; instead of stating random apps with route optimization, I will give you a list of the best route optimization apps available for IOS and Androids.


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First on the list is Route4Me. This app not only saves you many hours of planning and optimizing your routes manually, but it also automatically gives you the best routes even at unfamiliar places. This app was considered the most downloaded route optimization app globally, with over two million downloads in a year.

With the help of this app, you won’t have to worry about delivering products to different places. You simply follow what Route4Me provides you. This app also gives you info on each route you are going to take, which means that you will be informed in advance if there is ongoing road work on that route or an accident. You will then be redirected to another route that is more efficient and time-saving.

2.Badger Maps

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Badger Maps is available for Android and IOS users, which is why it is considered one of the best route optimization apps in the market. This app also received recognition as the most downloaded multi-stop route planner in the different App stores.

Badger Maps uses a realistic traffic diagram of the fastest route you should go. This app is also suitable for businesses that have team delivery. You can set the routes for them, and the app automatically displays the best routes and directions for multiple stops. It also informs riders that there is already someone going in that direction and automatically sets that driver to another location.


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The next on the list is a well-known multi-stop delivery route planner called RouteSavvy.

This route optimization app focuses more on the delivery drivers than your sales reps, which means that they are more likely being used by small businesses with delivery fleets.


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Next, we have the BatchGeo route optimization app. This mapping software is versatile enough to be used as a route optimization planner for different companies.

This means that BatchGeo wasn’t made for a single industry; instead, its tool and route optimization could benefit almost any industry through its ability to plot routes to a variety of coordinates from any spreadsheet. As a result, you will have a still and reliable digital map similar to a real one that you can access through any IOS or Android smartphone.


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OnFleet is a route optimization app capable of route planning, transmission, analytic platforms, and communication specifically created for fleet administration.

It assists companies by taking care of the sophisticated calculations and logistics on how their fleet operations will work. This route optimization app provides the best routes for the whole team without explaining the best routes for them individually.

This app will not only save time and money but will also enhance your team’s unity and build rapport with each other. With the help of its integrated route analysis, the riders will have information about what’s going on in that route that they will take, if there is ongoing heavy traffic caused by accident or if it is a free road.

The updates are sent to the drivers instantly so that they would still have time to change course. OnFleet can also give them another best route towards the destination if the first best route is not available.

There you have it! Listed above are 5 of the best route optimization apps available in every app store. Route optimization may seem hard to comprehend, but there are many benefits when you understand it completely.