Online gambling has taken a swing forward and upward and there is no doubt about it. The entire world situation with the COVID-19 pandemic has locked most of us at home leaving us to find our fun online. One of those fun things to do is without a doubt online gambling.

Online casinos are blossoming which means there is a lot of competition that has to be beaten somehow. One of the things online casinos do is offering players some quality promotions in a form of promo codes. Promo codes are the hook in form of in-house money that is supposed to reel you in to sign up and play.

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This article here will tell you all about these promo codes and just how you can use them to your advantage. There are several types of these and they all have some sort of a catch attached to them but we will tell you all about them and how you may use them to save as much as possible of your hard-earned money.

1. Welcome / Sign up offers


This is one of the most common bonuses or promo codes out there are welcome or sign-up codes. This is what competitive casinos offer to new players only. This is the best trick that they have that is supposed to bring you in and make you deposit your cash at that specific casino. What happens is when you make your first deposit at that casino you will instantly trigger that promo code and you will get your bonus. The bonus you get is in the percentage offered by the casino and it will have specific requirements that you must meet to get it. These are sometimes so big that there is no way that you can pass that kind of offer, even if you are not a seasoned casino player.

2. No Deposit / Free play bonus


Another very popular promo offered by the casinos with the same intention as the first one. This will include a small amount of promo cash to get you started with real money gambling. With this, you are supposed to test out games and see the ins and outs of this casino. The logic is that over time you will find a game or two you like and you want to stick with. To receive that promo free play cash you need to set up an account at that casino and you will not be asked to fund that account at first. This is the reason some call this a no deposit bonus. You can get these in two variants – free chips or free spins and they will come in small amounts from $5 – $50 but they will have high wagering requirements. These are some of the traps that are set up and this is why you always have to read the casino’s terms and conditions.

3. Reload bonuses/promos


These types of promo codes or bonuses are often offered to loyal customers ‚who continuously deposit money at a certain casino. These are often given away but they have a huge drawback – they are not as nearly high as the sign-up codes. This sometimes makes a huge gap between new customers and the loyal old ones which can often be counterproductive. But to amend this these types of codes are often given together with certain VIP rewards as a package. Most online casinos as well as mobile casinos have reward programs for recurring customers. This all translates to the amount of play at a certain casino – the more you play and spend the more you get back, or is it?

4. Game specific codes


These types of codes are very often given away with certain game genres or titles. As much as we managed to track down these are most often for table games such as live blackjack or a specific slot title. This means that you will have to play that specific game mentioned to be eligible for the bonuses, no matter how much you like it or how good you are at it. The biggest trouble with these is that they often tie them to a game that is less visited or doesn’t get enough traffic. You can keep an eye on these and look for one that will pop up on your favorite game and try to use it as best as possible.

5. How to use these bonuses/codes?


These are always a good way to try out a specific casino or a game. What is interesting is that these also require you to understand them better to get the most out of them. There is a rule of thumb that states if a certain promo code or a bonus code sounds too good to be true then it probably is. This means that there are a few things that you should keep an eye on before using these and they are:

  • Match rate – simply explained this is the rate that your invested dollar is matched. This means that for every $1 you deposit the casino should add $1 to your account. The higher the matching rate the better.
  • Wagering requirement – to get casino bonus money or any winning you get from bonus or promo codes you have to meet the rollover and wagering requirements. This means that depending on the game you will have to wager the amount of your bonus a certain number of times to be able to cash out.
  • Game restriction – not every game is open for you to play when the casino gives you a free cash bonus. Be careful when choosing the game you want to try and make sure it is covered by the offer.
  • Time frame – believe it or not often casino sets a time limit on a certain bonus code or a promo code. The somewhat constant period for most of these is around 30-60 days depending on the casino and the offer type.

Read this and read it carefully because it could mean a difference between you and some free cash in the future. Knowledge is power here so get thoroughly acquainted with all the offers and specifics written in them. Don’t be lazy read it through especially the fine print. The devil is always in the details.