The 2024 Breeders’ Cup is fast approaching, and betting will surely be exciting. With this, you’ll need a reliable horse racing betting strategy to make a potentially huge profit. Although there are different betting systems, some are made equally. Some methods are brought by luck, while others are better than others.

Finding a horse race betting technique with a high success rate is essential. The only way to tell if a strategy is good is to try it out yourself. Besides, there are several betting systems out there that boast a high success rate. Of course, a proper betting system also needs discipline and proper bankroll management. Without these two, you’ll end up tilting and going home with nothing.

With that said, you should use horse racing betting systems if you want to place a wager on the Breeders’ Cup this year. These systems can help you win big or prevent too many losses if the odds aren’t favoring you. Without further ado, here are a few of the best betting systems you can employ when betting.

1. The Beaten Favorite


If you are looking at live Breeders’ Cup odds at, this system is something you can easily use. It’s often utilized because it’s simple to comprehend and incorporate into your betting activity. But how does it operate?

Finding a horse that dropped its most recent race but had an undefeated run before that loss is what this approach means. The racing form usually is where you can get this information.

But why would you wager on these specific racehorses? Depending on various conditions, it comes down to trusting that this racehorse will make a comeback. Do know that thoroughbreds have different preferences when it comes to racing. Some are much more at ease on tracks with synthetic surfaces, while others are quicker on flat surfaces. Take note of these advantages and disadvantages as they come in big on where you should put your bets.

A horse has a higher probability of losing if it is suddenly taken out of its usual environment since it will take some time to get used to the new track or racing field. However, there is a high chance that it will triumph when the trainer chooses to return to a race that it’s used to, perhaps even beginning another winning streak.

2. The Scalping System

The Scalping System is a trading strategy in which you can quickly win small amounts of cash. When scalping, you anticipate price movement and go two steps ahead of the bookmaker.

Using this technique frequently entails placing a wager on a horse with one bookmaker while placing a lay bet with another. Although there won’t be a significant difference in the odds, a profit is still guaranteed.

This approach typically works, but you need discipline when your profits are too low, and avoid chasing losses. Also, a lot of rookie bettors tend to focus more on their winnings without looking at their bankroll when favoring this system. The common mistake is that they think more wins equals more profit. In most cases, the rookie bettor racks up a lot of wins but fails to notice that they’re not making a profit or just breaking even.

3. Betting the Favorite


Laying the favorite entails placing a wager that the favorite won’t take first place. Of course, racehorse favorites have a larger chance of winning, but statistics usually reveal that they only win in one-third of their matches.

Thus, in theory, betting against them always gives you a higher chance of winning than betting for them to win. In most cases, underdogs have too big of a value and too good of a chance to win that it’s so hard to disregard them. Those who gamble on the underdog can end up winning big or losing a nick of their bankroll(provided they didn’t go all in).

Although you do get big returns if you bet on a winning underdog, the chances of that happening can be rare. It’s only natural for you to bet on your favorite. Since they’re favorites, of course, you’ll have higher chances of winning because after all, they are the favorites for a reason.

4. The Matched Betting

This system’s concept is quite identical to scalping, which involves betting on a specific race with one bookmaker and laying against it with another. The fact that you are going to take advantage of the bookmakers’ rewards and promotions makes it different. There are websites where after you create an account, they provide you free bets and money.

Additionally, since many advertisements appear during major horse racing events like the Breeders’ Cup, this strategy is highly profitable during these occasions. Even though it seems against the law, this strategy is highly profitable because you are taking advantage of the site’s promotions and not putting your own money. While many websites are knowledgeable about matched betting, their promotions come limited.

5. The Dutching System


Another widely known betting strategy is the Dutching System. How does it function? According to this concept, you must wager on numerous racehorses in one race. If you use this kind of betting system,  you can maximize your winnings by betting on your favorite.

On the other hand, if all your bets fail to win, you lose everything. If you place the wager appropriately, you boost your odds of winning. Thus, you make profitable bets in the upcoming Breeders’ Cup Challenge.

Final Thoughts

You may find a lot of horse race betting strategies once you do your research. These betting systems are great since they are most likely created by professional sports bettors, and horse racing enthusiasts. However, if you’re still learning, you should master the fundamentals, particularly those written above.

With the 2024 Breeders’ Cup coming up in the first week of November, the best racehorses will vie for this multi-million dollar pot prize. If you wish to witness this grand racing event and bet, don’t forget to apply the betting systems above and bring home the bacon. With careful planning and proper bankroll management, you’ll eventually go home with a big purse and a winning attitude to boot.