In the modern car market, there are hundreds of options to choose from, starting with small city hatchbacks to massive three-row SUVs and even track-focused sportscars. With such a wide variety of choices, there is a distinct difference in how each model is marketed.

Most cars are designed from the ground up to cater to a target audience by providing the space and features that better suit their lifestyle. Manufacturers usually make different models based on the same platform, each one catering to different usage patterns.

All this variety on offer has undoubtedly created a lot of confusion for potential buyers. Fortunately, car buying websites like Carindigo are here to help you browse through the entire range of cars available and pick one that suits you best.

The lifestyle offered by each car model is evident in its marketing. Models like the Land Rover Defender have a clear focus on off-road performance, suiting customers who want to go on off-road adventures and long journeys through tough terrain, while models like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class focus on offering the ultimate on-road experience.

Some notable vehicle types and associated lifestyles include.

1. Pickup trucks – Workhorses


Pickups are generally built to be used for working in several construction sites and haul heavy loads. To handle the extra load, they are equipped with heavy-duty suspension usually consisting of leaf springs at the rear. Almost all models also get an optional diesel powertrain that offers oodles of torque, translating to higher towing and payload capacities.

But, several manufacturers have started adding a lot of luxury and features to modern pickup trucks, creating a clear divide between work trucks and those meant for lifestyle. As expected, the latter category is used for recreational purposes with laudable off-road capabilities and luxurious cabins.

So, modern pickup trucks cater to two categories of customers and are catching up to SUVs for those looking for an adventurous lifestyle. But, they still remain irreplaceable in the market as thoroughbred Workhorses.

2. SUVs – Lifestyle and Adventure


SUVs were originally designed to tackle hard terrains and offer plenty of practicality with stiff suspension setups, capable four-wheel-drive, and body-on-frame construction. But, over the years, the segment as a whole has been watered down to suit a wide range of customers looking for a bigger option than a typical hatchback or sedan. As such, the modern market has almost been taken over by pseudo SUV models, more commonly known as crossovers. SUVs can almost be considered as a replacement for the practical minivan, and in many cases, it is replacing the minivan as a more appealing and stylish option for parents to ferry around their kids in comfort.

Because of their sheer size and weight, SUVs are also known for their improved safety and capabilities over the typical Minivan. SUVs have also become status symbols of late, showing off your success rather than being used as they are designed.

At its core, SUVs are designed for the adventurous lifestyle, to tackle all types of terrain, and offer unmatched levels of practicality. View this site for more SUV options that might fit your lifestyle.

3. Minivans – Family-friendly option


Minivans have taken the market by storm in the last decade or so, mostly because of the practicality on offer with the sliding doors and three rows of seats. Of late, minivans have started to lose out on sales against SUVs, but are still a staple among large families. A key area where Minivans come out ahead is in terms of ride quality and comfort, areas where the average SUV falls through. Overall, as a family-friendly lifestyle choice, the Minivan still remains the best option.

4. Sedan – Comfort and luxury


Sedans have always been the bread and butter option in the car market, and are usually what comes to mind when we think of a car. Employing a three-box design, sedans are designed for comfort and style, appealing to a wide range of customers from families to executives. In the modern market, almost all luxury models are based on the sedan body style, providing a forgiving ride and a good amount of practicality. While the sudden rise in crossover popularity has dulled down sedan sales, they are still the go-to option for many customers who want a car for daily usage.

Even today, sedans are considered the default choice in the market whether you live in the city or a remote town. Moreover, the low slung seating position and aerodynamic shape result in improved dynamics and handling compared to typical SUVs.

5. Hatchbacks – Compact and practical


For the average customer who doesn’t want to lug around any extra weight and just wants to get from point A to point B, there’s no better option than a hatchback. Critically, they are a compact version of their respective sedan models and will fit right into the urban lifestyle. Because of their compact dimensions, they are a lot easier to live with, easier to park and drive around. The hatch opening at the rear also improves practicality, especially if you fold the rear seats down.

In many ways, a hatchback is usually enough for the average family. Some models are also very compact, requiring small parking spaces and less power to move around, resulting in improved efficiency.

6. Sports cars – Fun and dynamics


If you have some extra money to blow and want to have some fun, opting for a sports car is one of the best choices you can make. Unlike the typical sedan or SUV, sports cars focus on performance and dynamics above all else and feel at home on a racetrack. GT or grand touring cars are also considered in this category. As expected, the usual drawbacks include stiff suspension that compromises ride quality and limited practicality.

7. Electric Cars – Looking to the future


There’s no denying the capabilities of a modern electric car, not only do they match and exceed most normal cars, but they have also become a lot easier to live with. Electric cars are also aimed at customers who aim to reduce their impact on the environment. Electric cars also appeal to those looking for easier maintenance and cheap ownership costs because of their relatively simple construction.

These are the main types of cars and body styles available in the modern market. For now, there is a choice available that suits every lifestyle you can think of from off-road adventurers to track monsters.