When you are diagnosed with a mental health condition, you experience a kind of frustration. Depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, bipolar depression among others may greatly affect your confidence, relationships with others, as well as work. Yet, thanks to a promoted awareness of mental health conditions, and celebrities’ openness regarding them, people stopped writing it off as lost but started seeking designated centers for help. One of such facilities that may greatly resume one to a sound life is Ketamine clinics. How to find the best Ketamine clinic near me?

Ketamine Clinics Near Me: Approaching Selection


It is worth starting from the basics. So, if you are diagnosed with depression or other mental health conditions, you are most likely to discuss suitable modalities with your healthcare provider. On most occasions, you will be redirected to dedicated professionals in the field, who will then assign you to a certain medication protocol. Yet, thanks to the popularity and widespread of Ketamine clinic locations, you may also refer there.

To be referred to a designated Ketamine clinic near me, you have to receive a doctor’s approval. Such approvals usually stand for a medical paper that confirms that other modalities did not bring any relief or caused severe side effects. Most commonly, you cannot refer there directly, however, some exclusions may exist.

When your doctor grants such permission, you can either ask them for a recommendation or proceed with your own research. For instance, your doctor may have close connections with such Ketamine physicians and recommend the best doctor for your particular case. Another option is to refer to Google and Yelp. There you should first find a map of such Ketamine clinic locations to check whether there is any facility in your area. Finally, the recommendation may come from your colleagues or close friends. Since mental health conditions are very common today, they are most likely to have some advice as well.

Let’s pretend you do not have any recommendations from your doctor or friends but stick to search engines – how to find?

  • You should not pick any first Ketamine clinic near me because it is on top of Google or Yelp;
  • Check the reviews on such facilities. There should be current/ex-patients or clients who kindly share their unbiased verdicts about a clinic or particular doctor;
  • Understand the location of the clinic. On some occasions, Ketamine clinics near me may have several branches including one in New Jersey, one in Miami, among others;
  • Learn about the pricing policy. Unfortunately, even the FDA approval did not make this anaesthetic affordable and eligible for insurance coverage. Only some people can apply for some kind of discount including first-aid responders, veterans, etc. The prices may greatly vary based on the determined clinic’s protocol. For instance, infusions may cost $350 per one session only, while you have to be ready to undergo at least 4 of them to experience any relief, and more for maintaining your sound health;
  • Learn about the legit of the clinic. All the medical staff should be licensed and experienced in terms of administering Ketamine exactly for mental health treatments. They should have confirmed expertise. If a clinic declines to show you any of their licenses, certifications, such facilities should arouse suspicions;
  • Ask about the virtual consultation. Luckily for busy people, the clinics’ websites often have a Live Chat button where you may address all your inquiries. Otherwise, there are offered Zoom or Skype sessions where you can directly speak to the doctor and tell them about your particular case.

When you are done with your selection of the best Ketamine clinic near me, you should understand that you will need the help of your beloved ones. Once you have an established session protocol for undergoing infusions, you visit the clinic but are recommended to be driven back by other people. It means that upon completing the session, your friend, relative, or a designated driver should deliver you back home because the anesthetic greatly alters coordination and concentration.

Where to Refer for Lists of Ketamine Clinic Locations?


To facilitate your search, even more, today you can rely on two sources. First is the ASKP, and the second one is

Let’s first speak of the ASKP. The ASKP stands for American Society of Ketamine Providers. It is a non-profit organization that creates a network of dedicated specialists who have expertise in administering the anesthetic for mental health conditions. Their directory simply enlists all Ketamine clinics across the USA where you may refer to without being scared of unprofessionalism. Pretty every specialist in the field may join the association if they strive to promote SAFE clinical use of Ketamine. By checking their directory, you will be guided in contact information, brief descriptions of what treatments are available with them, as well as names of the doctors who operate there.

As for the second source, Best Ketamine Clinics, it is a great alternative for those who crave explicit information about legal and reliable facilities. They kindly categorize clinics per city and explain what treatments alongside infusion therapies you may receive there. Then, they feature a blog where you may learn about Ketamine-assisted Psychotherapy, IV therapies, and general hints on why to choose Ketamine, what relief it may bring one, what side effects among others. Finally, with this source, you can directly request a consultation. You will need to pass a 2-minute assessment to find out whether, for instance, therapy is a good fit for your particular case, and what you should do next.

All in all, you are not limited in choices for finding the best Ketamine clinics near me. Either ASKP director, BestKetamineClinics or your own research using the reviews on Google and Yelp may prolifically help you with the best location. Still, do always remember that such therapy does not guarantee you full recovery because it is a second-line modality when other treatments are unable to help you with relief or cause side effects.