Sex is a natural process that brings immense mental and physical pleasure. Research shows that it plays an important role in improving physiological and psychological health and overall well-being. Now you don’t need to waste your time around the real woman to satiate your sexual desires. The ready availability of sex toys in recent decades has introduced a myriad of better and more accessible ways of sexual intimacy.

Sex toys have been available to the public since 1869 and sex dolls, since 1908, both serve almost a similar function – to fulfill your sexual fantasies. But the question stands, how to choose between sex toys and sex dolls? This article aims to outline various factors to help you make the right decision.

Choosing Sex Dolls Over Sex Toys

Below are the circumstances when you should prefer purchasing a lifelike sex doll. If you are interested in sex dolls, you can check this website.

1. Want a Realistic Sex


The reason why almost all sex doll lovers own a cute little partner is the feelings of realistic sexual pleasure a sex doll can give you. Having a beautiful sex doll in your room will make you forget the real women out there.

From anatomical love holes (anus, vagina, and mouth) to the metal skeleton to lifelike flexibility, a Silicone sex doll offers you an ultrarealistic sexual experience and can fulfill all your wildest fantasies. It saves you from toxic relationships and you feel like having a real woman beside you, waiting to open her legs for you whenever you want. You can try all the sexual positions, both softcore, and hardcore with her without her complaining.

2. Have Sex with Woman of Your Dreams

What’s best about sex dolls is you can customize them to imitate your favorite woman, be it a porn star, a celebrity, an anime character, or an athlete. You can have every part of her body personalized such as hair, boobs size and shape, hips, hair, and eye color, to even nail color. The only difference is she won’t leave you or betray you ever. So, you no longer need to masturbate for the woman of your dreams when you can grace your bedroom with an exact replica.

3. Ample Storage Space


With greater pleasure comes greater responsibility. If you want to buy a sex doll, you better have enough storage space for them as an accidental fall can seriously damage them or render them useless. Similarly, they need proper care while being washed and cleaned.

They may be comparatively high maintenance but worth every moment for the pleasure they provide and for the happiness they bring to your life.

4. Are A Bit Expensive

Go for a TPE or Silicone sex doll when you can arrange around $1000-$5000 or even more. This price range is more than what many blue-collar workers earn/month in less fortunate places in the world. So, your budgetary allocations affect your decision of buying a sex doll – or not.

Choosing Sex Toys Over Sex Dolls

While sex is a highly personalized matter but below are some of the situations where you should prefer a sex toy to a sex doll:

1. Low Budget

If you’re low on budget then choosing a sex toy such as a dildo, anal vibrator, artificial vagina, or other penetrative tools is best for you. These products are comparatively cheap as compared to Silicon sex dolls and almost everyone can afford them. You can easily have more than one sex toy without putting strain on your bank account. Make sure you read many product reviews to find the best sex toy in your price range.

2. Time Constraints

For people who have a busy work schedule and want a rather quick sexual session, sex toys can be the way forward. Apart from quick storing, handling, and using them, sex toys are also easy to wash and clean. The best part is their efficient use. You can use them once or even twice a day without compromising your work schedule.

3. Low Maintenance


To state the obvious, sex toys are low-maintenance pleasure products. They are lightweight, easy to handle, and easily stored in private places, giving you the freedom to use them at any time anywhere. Compared to sex dolls, small sex toys take less time to be cleaned and stored.

So, if you don’t spend more time washing, cleaning, and storing sex products, you better buy sex toys.

4. Ensure Privacy

Most TPE or Silicone sex dolls are about the size of a real woman and hence, require a dedicated closet or ample space to be stored. Contrarily, sex toys can be stored anywhere without anyone noticing. You can also take them in your bag anywhere and use them at your will, again without anyone having even the slightest idea.

While these factors are insignificant for most people, but still are important considerations for introverts or the people who want to keep their sexual preferences rather secret. Also, many people live with their parents and feel hesitant in claiming their sexual relations. So, sex toys are a better option for all people conscious about sexual privacy.

(Remember, sex dolls can also be kept private and hidden from society, but that requires a bit extra effort and time.)

5. Efficient Traveling Companion


If you love to travel and explore the beauty of nature quite often, or your job involves traveling quite often then you’d be better off with sex toys. They are lightweight and small in size and can be easily packed in your travel backpack and taken around without the fear of anyone violating your privacy.

What’s more, you can even use them anywhere such as a mountain top, at a beach, or any private place to never feel alone during the journey.

But remember, sex toys aren’t designed to give you company and cannot keep you engaged because of their too-small size and weight. That’s where Life-sized Sex Dolls come into play.

Final Remarks

That’s all we have in store for you today. This article has summarized various factors determining whether you should choose a sex doll or a sex toy. Now the choice is yours about which sex product you should buy to start the journey of pleasure.