Winter has already arrived, which means that we need to properly prepare for it in every possible way. It is necessary to prepare the clothes, to prepare the home, but it is also necessary to prepare the car with all the things that are needed for safe driving in winter conditions. These include putting on winter windshield wiper fluid, then defrosting spray, winter tire chains, but also winter tires which are something without which winter can not be imagined. How the car drives are influenced mainly by the type of tires you drive on.

Some tires online Canada fit the car perfectly, others offer the best traction and grip, while others are good for specific roads and climates. What are the ones you should choose? We find out in detail by elaborating on this topic which is important for each of you drivers who need to prepare your vehicles well.

The many tire types available can make it challenging to choose a tire. Although they look similar, the tires perform differently, and each car has the required tire size. When buying tires online for your car on Tireplanet, consider factors like the size, type, and the type of road you drive on. Take a look at more factors to consider during your selection.

Weather Condition


The weather is different everywhere. Winter is different in every part of the planet.

Somewhere it is characteristic to have a lot of snow and to be present during almost the whole season, somewhere it is characteristic to have the appearance of icicles, etc. So you need to choose the right winter tires. Tires work differently in various climates, a reason there are seasonal tires.

For example, winter tires are ideal for areas affected by winter. The standard tires will not be able to break in ice or drive on the snow. Winter tires are different because they have studs to break the snow. Their treads are also deeper and bigger to break in the cold roads. Another unique characteristic of winter tires is the type of rubber it is made of. The rubber does not stiffen completely in cold temperatures, providing good traction on snowy roads.

These characteristics are different from those of all-season tires. Seasonal tires are safer to drive on when the temperatures change. All-season tires are suitable for areas that are not affected by extreme winters or summer. According to the weather conditions, it is necessary to make a choice and to choose the tires that will be best for the vehicle.

The Type Of Road You Drive On


Roads are different depending on where you drive. Somewhere you can drive on a perfectly made road that is in good condition, and somewhere it may be a dirt road that is not in the best condition. Road types determine the tire types to buy. For example, city roads are congested, and you require to break frequently.

When purchasing tires online Canada, choose those with optimum braking distance on wet and dry roads. The numerous stops and starts can also reduce the durability and longevity of the tires, so consider a tire with more extended longevity. Another factor to consider for city driving is fuel economy. The more stops and starts you make, the more fuel consumption. You can reduce this by choosing a tire with low rolling resistance.

Unpaved roads require tires with high traction and maximum durability. Drivers who move on the highway should buy tires that offer a considerable braking distance at high speed.

They also drive long distances, so they require comfort and quietness on the road.

Therefore, it is necessary to see in which parts you move, do you travel often or are you more often in an urban environment. See if these are roads that are in good condition or roads that are not in good condition. Once you have seen these things, choose the tires that are most suitable for the routes you drive most often.

Your Driving Style


It’s not important just to drive. It is also important to drive properly. So each of us drives properly, but not in the same way. Each of us has our own specific way of driving and operating the vehicle on the road and that style is unique and characteristic only for that person. This style also depends on what kind of tires you need, which means that there is another thing that determines what types of tires you need to buy for your vehicle.

Besides weather and type of the road, another critical factor to consider in the tires is comfort. Some are optimized for smooth rides with low-speed ratings. If you are a long-distance driver, these are ideal for you. The speed rating is printed on the tire’s sidewall, and you can also get this information from the user’s manual. Truck drivers are more attracted to tread designs. Aggressive tread designs seem fantastic but are noisier than the standard tread patterns.

Consider Your Vehicle’s Size when buying tires online


There are countless vehicles in the world. When we say countless vehicles we mean the number of vehicles that are currently active and on the roads, but we also mean the designs, models and sizes that exist. Not every size, model and type of vehicle requires the same type of tires, so this should be taken into account when deciding which tires to buy. Large trucks and SUVs drive better on large tires. They make the vehicle look sporty and more comfortable on the road. However, these tires are more expensive. Check the manufacturer’s instructions on the type of tire to buy. Also, besides the comfort, the big tires improve gas efficiency to cut fuel expenses.

Another advantage you get with large tires is the great rolling radius. The large diameter offers a large surface area, meaning the tire will move a long distance to stop completely.

These tires are also soft to the road because they keep a firm grip on the steering wheel. The tires will maintain proper pressure until you get to your destination. Also, avoid inflating them at high pressure.

Get Customized Tires online


If you fancy a specific tire type because of the customization done on your vehicle, they are all available. Those with tinted windows and custom exhausts look good in low-profile tires. You can also match the antique of your car with the tire type to buy. Whitewalls are traditional, and they fit nicely in classic cars. You can also buy chrome rims if you want your tires online Canada to draw attention. Customized tires for customized cars increase the owner’s confidence on the road because they can identify with the customization.

There are many tire options that you are the only limit to yourself. However, as you consider the customization, consider other factors like climate and tire size.

Lastly, while it might not be a key factor to consider for most people, you would also want to consider the tire brand. Different brands make tires that perform differently. So it will depend on how deep your pockets are and what you prefer.

Consider all of these things. This will make it easier for you to decide what to buy. There is also a role for the brand you want, then there is a role for the domestic budget and many other things that you need to see together and according to the conclusion you will make to make a decision to buy new tires. Take a good look at what you need and what will do the job best in the catches in which you and your vehicle operate.