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Gutters represent one of the most crucial elements of your roof construction and they are the main culprits for your rooftop being well-drained, that is if you clean them regularly and maintain them in order to secure your household from unexpected floods. Insomuch as not everybody enjoys climbing up the building to check the condition of the gutters, there are ways to both keep them clean and enjoy the benefits of safely standing on the ground while you get the job done effectively.

While some prefer cleaning their gutters from the ground as a matter of choice, others do it because they have no other alternative considering they are afraid of heights or they simply cannot climb up due to a physical constraint featured by older age or any other limiting factor. Sadly, gutters have no consideration of the potential troubles you might be experiencing and require regular maintenance. Otherwise, the upcoming rainfall might cork the waterways and cause excessive water to flood your building. The proportions of a disaster may warry from imperceptible to catastrophic, so additional caution is advisable at all times.

Even though there are ways to prevent your gutters from clogging up and slow down the accumulation of the fallen leaves and other impurities, they only postpone the inevitable cleaning that should be done at least twice a year. The most efficient time of the year to clean your pipes would be the period just before the raining season and the time when most of the leaves fall off the branches and start pilin inside your rabbets. The most frequently used prevention measure is the implementation of thin braided wire between the roof and the gutter. This construction prevents larger leaves and other dirt from getting into the gutter and keeps it pervious for longer periods. Unfortunately, this is not a permanent solution and gutters still need to be expurgated from time to time.

Since standing on the ground is much safer than climbing on the top of a rooftop and the gutters need to be maintained whether you like it or not, we have prepared a list of alternative ways of cleaning the pipes that you might find both useful and amusing.

Therefore, read through the following suggestions and make sure you stand your ground!

Use a Vacuum

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Whether you are familiar with it or not, gutter vacuums have been in usage for quite a time now. They are easy to use and they perform an amazing job when it comes to cleaning your gutters from piled impurities and rotten leaves. With the implementation of various extensions, you may reach the height of forty meters without having to leave the ground. If you are brave enough, you might even increase your reach with the usage of ladders. An important thing to mention is that you may even use your shop-vac as a driving power source since extensions are easily combined with this type of device.

On the other hand, having to do all this work might be too much for you, so you should consider reaching for a professional hand in order to make your gutters ready for the following rainy season. There are many companies specialized in offering this type of service, such as GutterCleaningSpecialists, that can be contacted online. Thus, not only do you save yourself from tiring cleaning, but you also make sure that everything will be done at a professional level.

Maybe it sounds strange to you, but you can use even the vacuums that are made for cars. There will not be any kind of problems if you decide to use this. In case you are interested in obtaining one of these, be sure to take a look at There are a lot of quality vacuums, you can choose from.

Gutter Cleaning Applicators

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What this type of tool really stands for is a specially crafted sponge capable of removing the surplus dirt from your gutter. It goes at the end of a long stick and you push it all the way up your gutter to press out all the impurities it might encounter on its way up. You secure that no leaves and other bothering dirt is left on the inside of your rabbets so the rainfall can flow down undisturbedly. We can see that these gutter cleaning applicators can look pretty strange. However, don’t be misled by their look and design, you will see that they are quite effective. Not only that, we are pretty sure that there are not too many things that will provide you with much more effective than this one. So, if you are in need of something that can help you with cleaning your gutter, be sure to take a look at one of these.

Garden Hose

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It is hard to imagine a household without a garden hose. Since you are probably using it for all sorts of different ventures such as washing your vehicle or watering your garden, there is another atypical way to put it to good use. What you should do to make this endeavor successful is to purchase a specific extension crafted especially for your cause. After you have assembled the whole thing together, let the water flow at the end of the gutter and watch the impurities flowing away as your gutters remain clean. Surely, we are talking about one the simplest ways you can clean your home’s gutter. That doesn’t mean that it can be less effective than others. In fact, if you have a new garden hose, that hasn’t been damaged or used too much, you will be able to achieve a pressure that can clean pretty much everything.

Air compressor

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It does not really matter if you have a standard air compressor or a leaf blower. The only thing important is that it has enough blowing power so the air can reach the far end of the gutter. The pressure should pick up everything on its way to the other end and leave your gutter free of dirt and rotten leaves. Naturally, having one of these can be pretty hefty. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that so many homes in the US don’t have one of these. However, if you have the opportunity to obtain it for a reasonable
price, you shouldn’t hesitate since you can use it for a wide array of different things. Cleaning the gutter is just one of them.

Power Washer

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This is a tool you may use the same way you use your garden hose, only with much more power and accuracy. Since this device is not a toy, use it carefully and make the most of the powerful water flow it provides. A power washer can be used even to clean the exterior parts of your gutters, but you should be careful when using it for this cause since improper handling might damage the appearance of the building. You may even isolate the parts of the building that are next to the gutters in order to avoid damaging a façade, but that will require the usage of the ladder.

Hopefully, the aforementioned pieces of advice on how to clean your gutters without leaving the ground level will help you deal with this bothering undertaking. Not only will the aforementioned tips and tricks help you secure your rooftop from potential misfortunate events, but you will also be saved from the risk of exposing yourself to the danger of falling from a great height. Make sure you assert well what is the best possible option for your standards of mobility and show that dirt who the boss is.