In the world we live in today, it is very important to upgrade, retrain and keep up with new developments. When we are in such a process, career, professional growth, and development are much easier.

For that, there are many options through which you can learn or teach someone. When it comes to skills and knowledge, it is very important to find an appropriate way to transfer knowledge and skills. In the world of digital opportunities, there are many ways through which you can share knowledge, skills, and useful information or simply discuss a topic of great importance.

In this article, we will talk about what webinar transcription is and what are the reasons you should consider adding a transcription to your newly planned webinar.

What is Webinar Transcription?

Webinar transcription is the process of converting spoken language into written text. It involves recording audio or video and then transcribing it for further use. Webinar transcription is used to document the content of webinars, create summaries and notes, and make the recordings more accessible for those with hearing impairments and it’s mostly used as a real-time transcription.

Why Use Webinar?

The webinar is an excellent opportunity to convey a certain skill, or knowledge or to discuss topics that are of great importance. It is an ideal way to hold a gathering where people will discuss a given topic, look for solutions or simply be together in an excellent webinar that will provide knowledge and an opportunity for growth and development.


All that is needed is just to organize the webinar, form a team that will be in charge of its maintenance, and start preparations for the webinar. But it is also necessary to insert some other very important things.

When organizing a webinar, it is necessary to take into account all the details that would contribute to the greater success of the webinar. That’s really important when doing something that could result in huge success like webinars.

Therefore, you can make a certain graphic interaction, use interesting effects and sounds, add interesting backgrounds for each participant or simply insert a transcription feature that would be a perfect match for a more successful webinar. Wondering why you should consider adding a transcription to your newly planned webinar? Let’s take a look at the 6 reasons below:

1. Webinar Content Will Be Much Better Presented

Every organized webinar has content that needs to be shared and discussed according to a predetermined program defined by you, the organizers. But it is important to know that the presentation of each of the contents would be much better completed if you add a transcription to the webinar.

In this way, each of the participants, as well as each of the attendees of the webinar, will have an ideal opportunity to receive and understand much better each of the information that they will hear or see on the webinar.


The ability of the participants to understand and participate is extremely important, especially at a time when usability and web accessibility becomes a top priority throughout the Internet, as well as the consideration of those with disabilities

2. Guests from Abroad Will Be Able to Better Understand Your Webinar

Often, guests from other countries where English is not their native language are registered for the webinars that are organized and conducted in English, and there are often guests who are foreigners as speakers or participants in online seminars.

From this aspect, it is great to add a transcription to the webinar so that each of these participants and guests can understand in detail and much better all the presented facts, information, skills, and knowledge that would be very useful to them.

3. You Will Be Able to Read What is Being Said as Well

The webinars often have sections and timings in which there will be speakers who will talk about a certain topic or share knowledge and skills with the attendees. To make this useful information more readily available to the audience while the speaker is speaking, it would be very helpful if a transcription was added.

The solutions offered by transcription software and assistants in recent times are AI-oriented, with which everything that the speaker says can be translated into text in detail and accurately.

4. Success in Transmitting Information Will Be Greater


Each of us has at least once attended a seminar or a web version of the seminar – a webinar. Each of these organized one-day or multi-day events deals with a topic in a specific way. These events are done to achieve high success, and that success is measured through questionnaires.

If you are organizing a webinar and want to have the success that you will get through the questionnaires, it would be good to add a transcription. Thus, each participant will be able to receive all the transmitted information and knowledge and will express their satisfaction through the performance questionnaires that are sent to them to fill out after the webinars.

5. Taking Notes is Easier When There is a Transcription

We are sure that you and everyone else during the webinars have a notebook and pen in front of you to take notes. That way, any received knowledge or information is easier to remember but also easier to take into account.

That is why it is recommended when making a webinar to add a transcription, because when the followers of this event are focused on the speech and the transcription in parallel, they can more easily see the important information, remember it briefly, and write it down as a note in their notebook.

6. Transcription Can Make It Easier to Follow a Webinar That is Recorded and Can Be Reviewed

Most of the time, webinars are recorded and then shared via a direct link with all interested parties or uploaded to one of the video platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo.

If you also intend to record the webinar and then make it available again, it would be good to have a transcription because that way the video will be clearer, but it can also provide additional relief for the people who will watch the webinar.


Do you have a desire for a successful web event of this nature where you will have great feedback from the audience present?

Adding transcription would be an ideal thing to help you achieve great results. Therefore, consider this opportunity and try to afford it to the attendees, and the results will show you that it is the most correct decision you have made.