Everybody is tired of discussing the global pandemic and its impact on the world. To help you to forget about boring evenings, we prepared a list of interesting things to talk about with friends during video calls.

Communication is Changing

Previously, it was possible to communicate with each other with the help of telephones or in real life only. Only with the rise of modern technologies, has communication become easier even if interlocutors were in different parts of the world. In the past times, people could hardly believe that via video conferencing tools it would be possible to chat with friends and family members. But as we can see, this conception is implemented today.

If you know a person for a long period of time, your conversations can sometimes be boring. Although you have many topics to discuss, you are probably concentrating on speaking about the coronavirus pandemic or world news. Your conversations can begin to seem repetitive for both of you.

To make your interlocutor get in touch with you again, we would like to offer interesting ideas and themes for the Omegle alternative or video chat with relatives or friends. Take a break from serious and frightening events but rather focus on something positive. Conversations on the following topics will be memorable for sure and make you happy.

Topics on Beauty


It is not obligatory to discuss beauty only in the meaning of handsome celebrities or movie stars. Beauty can manifest itself in different ways. For example, you can ask your interlocutor what is beauty, particularly for him/her, or what makes a person beautiful. This theme can be regarded as one of the things to talk about with girls and boys as well. You can inquire the interlocutor what was the most beautiful thing he/she has ever seen. Our thoughts about beauty are subjective, everybody has their own opinion about beauty standards, so it must be interesting to get to know somebody’s point of view and share the experience with them. People like beauty and people like to have discussions about it. So it is a good choice.

Conversations About Food

It is not a secret that everybody loves to eat tasty food. So why do not discuss this topic with your interlocutor? No matter if you live in one country or in different parts of the globe, food will always keep you connected. If you are from one country/city, you can discuss your favorite dishes, restaurants, cafes, etc via online chatting rooms and share your experience. But if you are from different places of residence, you can also speak about the national cuisine of your country in Omegle video chat.

A conversation about traditional dishes can be very interesting. This is basically a part of your culture and heritage. Also a very tasty one. You can discuss your preferences in food, whether you like spicy or sweet food, what is the best taste in your opinion and so on. Talks about food can be endless because it is something we are all involved in. Everybody needs food, everybody eats it. So this topic is quite obviously common, but nonetheless still not boring.

Likewise, you can share special recipes for tasty dishes. Ask about the cooking skills of your interlocutor. Inquire if the interlocutor has ever followed any diet. Moreover, you can turn this conversation in a funny direction. For example, discuss what were the strangest food items your interlocutor has ever eaten?

Themes on Friendship


Conversations on friendship can be both interesting and serious. But also it refers to one of the fun topics to talk about with your interlocutor. One of the main benefits of discussing friendship is that your bond will become stronger for sure. Daily conversations make your relationship quite more meaningful and give it a new base, which you both share. Moreover, a calm and straightforward talk can help you to develop a new way of communication and give you and your partner special ties.

We are used to the idea that people who are close to us actually know us very well and vice versa. But in reality, even a long-lasting relationship could consist of two people who have no idea about their hobbies, childhood, and other personal backgrounds.

You have the possibility to inquire the interlocutor if he/she regards you as a good friend. You can likewise ask them to provide some arguments for his/her viewpoint. Something political, maybe environmental, maybe some thoughts about entertainment or culture can be also shared. Together you can gossip a bit and discuss who is considered your most annoying friend.

Moreover, you can consider how it is possible to make new friends during the time of the global pandemic. This occasion gave all of us a lot of material for funny, sad, deep, meaningful conversation. Sharing this experience could help to get over it faster. Life still goes on and we ought to move on. But be careful not to begin discussing the coronavirus pandemic only again. Also, during the Omegle video meeting, you can speak about shared memories and recall past and common events of your lives. Some funny childhood or teen stories, the first time you have ever done something, and so on.



Do not worry if you think that there is nothing left to discuss with your friends except the global pandemic. There are many interesting themes that exist to talk about with your interlocutors and get to know them better. Conducting fun and relaxing conversations with your pals will bring you closer. You will have a great opportunity to get to know each other better. Plenty of topics are worth to be discussed, you just need to take them into your consideration.

What’s more, is that you can diversify conversations more. For example, you can create online chatting rooms and invite several friends with whom you will communicate at the same time. This will lead to funny and interesting conversations that will be kept in the memories of all interlocutors for sure.