The new school year arrives and with it the nerves of every beginning, as well as the desire to see friends or simply to have a routine that in summer, for many, does not exist. Perhaps what is least appealing about studying are the exams, but what about academic work? There are more and more teachers who, instead of evaluating their students through exams and tests that determine the assimilation of concepts, prefer that students hand in papers focused on a topic related to the subject.

However, this does not imply that an academic paper is easier or less easy than an exam, but it is true that it allows a gradual work in which many details can make the difference between a final grade or another. One of these details is the cover page, a part of an academic work that is often not given much importance; it is left for the end or you simply choose a cover page already predetermined in Microsoft Word word processors that offer already designed covers and in which you only need to add a personal touch.

Nevertheless, it is important to remember that a good cover page can make a good or bad first impression, just like a book cover. As already mentioned, Microsoft Office Word offers basic cover pages that are used every day all over the world and may not make the expected difference.


For this reason, there are platforms where you can find a cover page word design as in On these websites, you will find many options, for all types of work, no matter the subject, because you can get the look you want and that goes in line with the content of the work in question. In this way, it is possible that the impression of your work will be much better and therefore you will end up getting a better mark.

Your work will stand out like never before and make a difference among your classmates. It doesn’t matter if you are not a graphic designer or an expert or highly creative person, nor is it important that you have a high level of knowledge of MS Office Word, because there is a wide variety of templates available for you to use.

But how to download these templates and install them on your computer so that they can be inserted into the document you are interested in? The process is very simple and can be accomplished in very few steps. In addition, it is worth mentioning that all word cover pages templates are free of charge and therefore there is no cost for interested users.


First of all, it is important to know what cover page you are looking for, what academic paper you are going to deliver and what level of formality it requires. It is not the same as a routine work than a final work which depends the total grade of a university or school subject. You will also be able to download designs for your job, whether you need to deliver a dossier to your boss, make an important presentation, etc.

For these reasons, in the variety of templates that exist on the web platform of, you can opt for covers with a more sober and professional appearance which are perfect and often used for university work, final projects or doctorate, business words, presentations of budgets, etc. In these cases, cold colors such as black, gray or bluish tones are the favorites. It is important to use bright colors, but don’t forget that they are part of a serious design in which the information you want can be highlighted

On the other hand, you will also find template cover pages that you can customize yourself once you download the template in just one click. In this type of work, bright colors are usually used to provide a sense of youthful creativity and are most attractive. When it comes to customizing them to your liking, it will be important to use the colors that best suit the subject we are going to be evaluated on.


But it is not only the colors that are important, but also the font size, the typography, the way the information is distributed, etc. You can even find covers that already have an image attached that may or may not be of interest. That is why it is important to choose well and not hesitate to put the final personal touch, after all what is intended is that the work of each one is unique and that the first thing you see catches the attention of the examiner.

In all the above cases you will be able to download the cover that you like, modify its color, its typography and all the details that it has to obtain the desired result. You will find all kinds of tips and advice to follow in, as well as video tutorials so that you do not have any doubt about the steps to follow.

In this video tutorial you will learn how to download a word cover page, how to insert it in the work in question and also how to modify the colors, font, typography and many other details that should appear on a cover page as well as the title, the author’s name, an image or photograph related to the content of the work, the date of completion and/or delivery, etc. Everything will depend on the task you are facing.


It is recommended to surf the web platform and discover what kind of designs are available and which one can best adapt to the academic requirements you must meet in order to achieve the best result in our marks. There are many categories in which the templates are divided, so you can speed up the process and find the best option as quickly as possible. In addition, you can always solve doubts and inform you about all the options and advantages offers to all the users.