Cricket Betting: Man of The Match Bet Challenges

For cricket fans, the Man of the Match title is one of the most rewarding closures to a cricket match. It is the ultimate recognition of the player who has made the most notable impact on the match, leading his team to an outstanding performance.

The Man of the Match award, is given to the cricketer who is considered to have contributed more to the match by deepening and furthering his positive effect on the team.

For beginner bettors in cricket this sounds pretty straightforward, as one would think that picking the Man of the Match is a simple decision. But this is clearly not the case. Predicting the Man of the Match is not as simple as it appears and this is probably what makes it such an interesting betting market for punters.

The Man of the Match bet is offered by every betting site in Bangladesh, in response to the high demand for this market on the part of bettors and this only verifies how attractive it is.

But Why Is That?

The Man of the Match Bet

The Man of the Match bet is fun, entertaining, lucrative and above all it is a market where bettors can illustrate their critical analysis skills, betting skills, predictive skills and knowledge over the sport.

They get to put into practice their understanding and perception, more than they need to leverage their ability to scan statistical data. And this is so because the Man of the Match is not easy to predict or simply guess.

It is a thing that requires a multi-skilled bettor to blend in several different competencies and qualities so as to stand a chance in winning.

In recent times, an unexpected surge in interest for a particular bat-and-ball sport has caught the attention of sports enthusiasts across the United States.

The Player Betting Market

This player betting market is in fact as rewarding for bettors – when it is won – as it is for the players receiving the award. If bettors manage to correctly predict the Man of the Match, they feel that instant gratification coming from the fact that they verify their deep knowledge and understanding of a cricket match and their thorough, sharp perception of the match dynamics.

The thing is that the Man of the Match award is not based on any tangible, measurable criteria. There are no predetermined standards or targets and goals to be achieved so as to rightfully select who the awarded cricketer will be at the end of the game.

It relies mostly on the subjective evaluation of the cricketers’ performance and their contribution to their teams’ performance. Or simply put, it is based on their impact over how the entire match has played out.

So, objective assessment has little to do with the Man of the Match, despite the fact that lately there are many attempts to have the awarded cricketer as close as it gets to what public and common sense would suggest.

Naming the Man of the Match

Naming the Man of the Match is by no means an act of surprising everyone, but since there is no objective set of criteria, the choice can be based on a number of factors that may or may not seem obvious to many people.

So, it is not a matter of how many runs have been scored by a batter or how many wickets a bowler has taken. It is not -at least not always – a matter of how a cricketer has outperformed his competitors or even himself. And of course it is not a matter of isolated, distinctive, individual results.

It is more a matter of how each individual player makes his presence and effort valuable for the whole team. And how his presence and impact are evaluated by those who eventually decide where the award goes – most often the commentators.

Cricket Betting

That said, you realize that it is not an easy thing to predict who will be named the Man of the Match in cricket.

And there is another thing as well. Something that makes betting on the Man of the Match even more intriguing, challenging and exciting. The award in the vast majority of cases -maybe more than 98%-  goes to a player from the winning team, but there are a lot of cases where this has been turned around.

In fact we have been several times witnesses of cricketers getting the award without being on the team that has won the match!

Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar is probably the best example for that, having six awards given to him while being on the losing side. The Indian star cricketer has won a total of 76 Man of the Match awards throughout his career, but only 70 of them were in times where his team was the winning one.

And Javed Miandad, the great Pakistan batsman, has also been named Man of the Match five times while he was on the team that lost the game. Out of the total obvious awards he has received, there have also been some surprises.

And there are plenty more examples like that, showing clearly that there is nothing impossible in cricket. Take for instance, Andy Flower, Chris Gayle, Inzamam-ul-Haq and Grand Flower, all of whom have won four Man of the Match awards while being in the losing side.

Let alone a number of other cricketers with three or less awards on their list of titles, who eventually make up the noticeably big list of players getting the award despite losing in the match.

Cricket Betting Market

Finally, one other thing that makes Man of the Match betting so attractive in cricket is that the specific market usually comes with very lucrative odds.

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If you shop around bookmakers, you will most likely find very good prices for this market, which means that if you are ready to place a wager, you can expect to win big, if you bet smartly!

No wonder why the Man of the Match is growing into a popular betting market among cricket fans and of course among sports bettors who generally love to wager on prop bets and special markets, requiring them to demonstrate their skills, their deep knowledge and their competencies in reading any cricket match!