The market of cryptocurrencies is getting more popular over years, and people are starting to understand the structure of blockchain and all of the benefits we can get from using cryptocurrencies as a standard payment method. Also, a lot of people are interested in investing in Blockchain, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many other coins because they represent an asset that might bring them a big profit if their value becomes bigger over time. While cryptocurrencies are still not officially a currency in any country, you can freely use them in most parts of the world. There is a rise of ATMs with blockchain support as well, where you can convert funds from your e-wallet into selected fiat currency.

Another innovation is related to the introduction of crypto debit cards, that you can use for online payments or withdrawing money from standard ATMs. There are many companies and online retailers that already accept digital currencies. However, with a debit card connected to your e-wallet, you can buy goods in any online store. You can visit to read more about some of the best available debit cards that support cryptocurrencies. Moreover, we are going to analyze more on this topic, and introduce you to some important benefits and downsides of using this card.




The main advantage of a debit card when compared to an e-wallet is that standard transactions and online payments are much faster and simple because you will have to wait only a few moments, like when you are using the standard credit card from any bank. Also, the great benefit is that you don’t have to wait for the confirmation, which can last much longer than when you are using the bank account. The company that you chose for your crypto debit card will cover the immediate payment and take the amount from your e-wallet.



Another great advantage of using a cryptocurrency debit card is that you won’t need to struggle with the conversion of money when you are traveling abroad, which will also lower your expenses. Since this card is part of the same system as Master Card and Visa, you can pay with it in any county, and the system will automatically convert your funds into local currency without any additional expenses. Also, it is not a rare case that you have to wait for 10minutes or even more when you are planning to get money from a crypto ATM, while this card provides you with the ability to use any cash machine.



We hear a lot of stories related to thefts of funds from people’s bank accounts because they managed to steal their data from cash machines. However, if you own a crypto debit card, some advanced security measures can prevent any type of scam. The card is connected to your e-wallet that has a unique password, 2F authentication, and a biometric scanner. Even if someone steals your card, you can disable it over an app on your phone by reporting a steal.


Potential Expenses


Companies that are providing the owners of e-wallets to use crypto debit cards are usually charging fees for card maintenance and other services. However, the main issue is that they require users to pay those fees in Bitcoin and other currencies. One of the main features of every cryptocurrency is high volatility, which means that a card provides might earn a much bigger profit in the end, while you will pay much more for his services.

Debit Card is Less Secure Than an E-Wallet


Another issue with debit cards is that you must transfer your funds on the platform from the debit card provider. That increases the chance for cyber-attacks knowing that keeping funds on online exchanges and mobile wallets cannot be as secure as keeping your Bitcoin, Ether, or any other cryptocurrency on some offline e-wallet.

Spending Too Much


It might sound odd, but people tend to spend more money when they are using credit cards since they don’t have the feel of holding money in their hands. However, if you choose to have a crypto card, and transfer your Bitcoin to use it for standard payments, that might lead to decreased profit in case that the value of these cryptocurrencies continues with rising. According to some experts, the price of Bitcoin might reach over $100,000, which means that you could lose a lot by spending it on regular expenses.


The introduction of crypto credit cards represents a great way to increase the popularity and usage of cryptocurrencies in the world. With so many advantages and advanced security measures, we expect that many countries will soon implement blockchain technology into their monetary systems. The great benefit of having this card is that you can spend your cryptocurrencies even if you are in some country with a lack of support for blockchain ATMs and exchanges.

On the other hand, you should review the available companies that offer you an option to get this card and check their fees. Also, you have to know that owning a debit card with cryptocurrency support will lower your ability to stay anonymous since you will need to provide some private data to the company. Also, a debit card must have your name and address on it. However, the fees represent the main issues, and we suggest you look for the service that will charge you in fiat currencies, and that has fixed expenses related to credit card maintenance and transactions. When it comes to current policies of most services, they won’t charge you while you are using this debit card in your country, but you will have to pay between 2% and 5% when you are using it abroad.

In the end, the introduction of these cards is indeed a great step forward to the complete implementation of digital currencies into the standard payment options. According to current trends, there will be more corporations that will start accepting cryptos. For example, Amazon, Alibaba, PayPal, and many other big companies still don’t accept Bitcoin, but there are some indications that they will start accepting them in the future.