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When men get in some age, many of them tend to get bald. There are a lot of factors that can determine whether this will happen or not. However, the most obvious one is genetics. If your father or grandfather tended to lose their hair, then chances are that you will experience something like this too. But that doesn’t mean that hair loss cannot be prevented by applying some methods.

Sure, it needs to be said that no treatment will help you to overcome these problems, no matter how hard you try. Naturally, the genetic aspect is predominant, as we’ve already said. But you will not know whether it is possible if you don’t try out some of them. One of the most popular treatments these days is the derma roller. If you want to learn more about it, you should visit

Since we are talking about a rather new treatment, it is no surprise to see that there are a lot of misconceptions about it. You will surely agree that these misconceptions will not provide any benefit. To overcome these, you should be aware of all the aspects relevant to derma roller hair loss treatment. Now, we would like to discuss the commonest misconceptions people have about this approach.

1. It Works for Everyone

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Naturally, the biggest misconception is that the derma roller will work for every man. As is the case with any other treatment out there, you will see that all of them can’t be 100% successful in every case. The reason is quite simple, every man out there has his own unique needs and preferences. So, expecting that derma roller will be efficient for you before you know your needs, is a mistake.

To make sure it will work, you need to conduct research that will provide you with answers to the relevant questions about this method. Sure, chances are that you will not be aware of what you should look into. But that doesn’t mean that you can visit a site where you read about your symptoms, how fast they have progressed, and how are they manifested.

By knowing all the symptoms, you will know what needs to be done to overcome them. If they fit with what derma roller can provide, then you will not make a mistake when opting for this sort of treatment. The main reason why so many men give up on derma roller is that they don’t know why should they use it. So, when their requirements are not met instantly, they become discouraged.

2. Hair Will Grow Instantly

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The next misconception we feel is important to address is the fact that the hair will start to grow instantly after you apply it. Without any doubt, this is not what will happen. Meaning, anyone who uses it will need to be patient. Thankfully, the manufacturer will provide the instructions about how it should be used, and how fast you can expect the first results to manifest themselves.

Once again, people have too many expectations from using any similar approach, mainly by thinking that these are some sort of magic wand that will prevent hair loss immediately. Being patient is a virtue, no matter what we are talking about. However, the thing that will make this process fast is knowing what causes hair loss. For that, you would need to visit a specialist who will determine the source.

3. It is Unpleasant

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Whenever some new method or product appears on the market, people tend to be skeptical about what they can expect from it. When it comes to derma roller, those who haven’t experienced it tend to believe that it is an unpleasant method, mainly because of how the device looks. Little is known that the head of the device is used for massaging the surface of the head, not to remove any damaging particles.

Those parts that are believed to cause discomfort are micro-needles. They are made of titanium and they will not penetrate the skin on your head. In fact, they have the goal of stimulating the blood circulation in the skin of your head. It needs to be said that these are a couple of sizes of pins you can attach to the head. The range goes between 0.2 and 2 millimeters.

Furthermore, even those who don’t feel comfortable when they visit some saloons will be happy to hear that you can use this device from the comfort of your home. Plus, using them is not something you will need to invest a lot of time to learn. Instead, it is pretty simple to use. As you can see, all the requirements that can make you comfortable during this process are met by the product itself.

4. It Triggers Skin Irritations

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If we were to talk about the biggest misconception about derma roller of them all, we would say that skin irritation is the prevalent one. Once again, we can see that this misconception is caused by the design of this device. However, it is just another myth that can be debunked quite easily if you conduct online research and ask the right questions. Sure, this is not something hard to do these days.

Sure, some treatments haven’t been approved by the medical institutions that have been found to be damaging to the skin. Not only that they cause irritations, but they can also inflict much more damage in the long run. However, we can see that this is not the case with derma roller hair loss treatment. So, if this is your biggest fear, you can rest assured that this will not happen.

The Bottom Line

Not knowing all the relevant information about the treatment you are about to conduct is the wrong thing to do. Simply said, you will not know what to expect. Thankfully, some of them have been proved effective. Derma roller treatment is definitely one of them. Here, you can see all the misconceptions people have about it, and why they are not the truth.