An essay is a work in the form of an essay, an essay of a small volume, set out in prose. It is written in free form. Today, writing an essay is quite common not only as a homework assignment for school children. Essay order may be needed because it is a component of the package of documents required when applying for a job, when applying to an educational institution.

For employers, the essay is an additional way to asse+] ss a candidate’s potential for a position. The essay contest is an effective way to choose from a large variety of the best. It is also a great way to evaluate a candidate’s communication skills:

  • the ability to write competent business letters;
  • the ability to express your thoughts clearly and to argue them.

To write a good essay, you have to have a lot of skill, which many people don’t have due to lack of experience. Therefore, essay order helps to solve this problem.

An essay on what constitutes


An essay argues a position, and expresses the thoughts and impressions of its author on a particular issue. An essay differs from an essay or a term paper in that it is a creative work. It expresses and substantiates your own opinion about the problem touched upon in the work. When writing, you are given complete freedom of action.

Doing an essay order it is important to remember that its volume is insignificant. There are no hard limits on the number of pages. There is also knowingly no definition or exhaustive treatment of the subject matter. If you consider essays written by different authors, some papers can be read, while others will be boring and uninteresting.

Of course, it is necessary to take into account that everyone’s writing technique is different, not everyone also has literary talent. But the quality of the essay, as well as the vividness of the disclosure of the topic depends largely on the attitude of the author to the topic of the work and the process of writing itself. You should also take into account that the form of the essay, its type, is of no small importance for the originality of the work. This should be taken into account when making an essay order.

Variety of forms and types

There is no strict form and no clear classification in the types of essays, so it is characterized by variability. The essay is classified according to several characteristics.

  1. Content (can be historical, fiction, fiction-publicistic, literary-critical). The literary form of essays includes letters, notes, reviews.
  2. Composition component. Essays can be critical, analytical, narrative, descriptive, reflective.

Other types include argumentative, comparative, defining, descriptive, causal, and literary analysis essays.

For the most complete disclosure of the topic and writing a meaningful essay, it is important to choose the most appropriate option from the existing classification. The main thing when writing is to clearly express a point of view.

Structure of the essay

It consists of three parts:

  • Introduction.
  • Main part.
  • Conclusion.

Introductory part

When writing the introduction, the author’s goal is to grab the reader’s attention. It is important to remember that this part should intrigue in such a way that the reader is interested in reading the rest of the text.


He/they are always there in the essay. It is the author’s position, his main idea, which is expressed in one or more sentences. It is important for the thesis to be capacious, but it should not occupy a large volume. The expression of thought should be short and in simple words, without the use of clichés and stamps. When formulating the thesis statement, the author formulates the main idea of the text (according to the topic or question posed).

The thesis can be placed either at the beginning of the paper (if the author has a point of view on the issue) or in the final part (if the author’s point of view appeared as a result of reasoning). In support of any thesis, you need to give several arguments (two or three), which should be supported by giving two or three examples.


Every statement must be substantiated. Arguments are the basis of the thesis. One paragraph is allotted to one argument and its examples. Examples are given on the basis of:

  • personal experience;
  • references to statistical data, forecasts, research results.

For example, when creating an essay by a job candidate, the focus should be on personal professional experience.

Because one argument is not enough to build a case, the argumentation must be varied. Only the thoughts expressed in the text should be supported by arguments. Examples should be given only strictly to the corresponding arguments. How much to give theses and arguments directly depends on the topic, the plan that is chosen, the logical presentation of thoughts.

The final part

The conclusion is a summary of the reasoning. If the thesis was in the introductory part of the work, here it should be briefly restated. The conclusion does not need to state new information, but only summarize the reasoning, and not to develop it.

Algorithm of actions when writing


For writing, you may be given time to prepare, and sometimes, for example, when taking an interview, a candidate may be given the task of writing an essay at once. In both cases, following a certain algorithm will help to accomplish the task.

  1. Careful study of the proposed topic and instructions for the task.
  2. Making a plan with structure (writing out theses, arguing and providing examples to back them up).
  3. Allocate time to complete all parts of the essay.
  4. Writing a text without exceeding the specified length.
  5. Checking the text, making edits and correcting errors.
  6. Adherence to the deadline. Timely delivery is important for jobs that were not given during the interview.

As a rule, the essay order and its creation is carried out with a list of sources. It consists of materials used by the author in writing. The list will be appropriate for works, where there was the citation of statistical data, statements of authoritative experts, the use of various works and scientific research.