When we have to construct our home, it is like building up our dream. Everyone loves to have their own house. Entire life, we plan so many things related to the construction of our own house like we will buy a certain type of furniture, we decide on the style of the house, walls of the house, the interior design of the house, etc. We take risk of everything for building our dream home and we don’t want any little mistake that can ruin the house planning. Once the house is completed, people are interested in its maintenance but with time they stop paying attention to their house. Today we will discuss two main aspects that are needed to be maintained timely. The first is the roof and the second is the paint of the house.

House roofing system


The roof of the house is the biggest support and it needs to be of very good quality. It controls the escape of heat and also keeps the house properly ventilated. The weather conditions are sometimes harsh and for saving the house from too much heat, we need to have a very solid covering on the roof. We can consider a clay tile roof for this as well.

They have a very different look from all the other roofs. They are red in color and keep the roof maintained for a longer time. For many years, this roof is being tested by the time and the results of this roof are amazing. These tiles are glazed in some other components like silica, fluxes, etc. These components make them a durable option. Many homeowners consider it the best option for their house. You must be thinking that what this specific roof type offers. Let us tell you.

What does a clay tile roof offer?


First of all, they are super durable and offer the longest age among all the roofing types. Clay has some properties like stones that make it fire-resistant. It can resist a long time even in fire and saves the house from damage. It also prevents the catching of fire. It offers weather protection especially when it hails. Usually, roofs like metal cause a lot of sounds when it hails. However, commercial metal roofing usually has very minor issues due metal’s natural strength. These roofs can withstand even two-inch hail. They can also bear the harshness of the winds. They also last for a long time so once we have installed them, remain in contact with the home construction and roofing companies. They will help you with a roof inspection.

The timely repair will help out in keeping the longer life. If we talk about the style, there is a huge range of styling options within clay roof tiles like Asian style, flat tile style, s-shape style, etc. When you will get a huge variety of shapes, you will definitely find a perfect shape for your house. Most importantly, they are super eco-friendly and made up of naturally available resources. The process of making this tile does not pollute the environment with hazardous chemicals. They help in keeping the house temperature low because of the covering of this roof help in keeping the home cool. When this roof is set up, it is layered in such a way that keeps the home warm in the winter season and cool in summers. They are flexible and due to their versatile nature, they are used for commercial and housing use.

In case, a tile gets cracked, you simply just need to replace that particular piece of broken tile and the roof is perfect for further use. The construction professionals won’t have to remove all the tiles to make the roof workable further. More info here. Every one of us is fed up with tiny insects and they often rot the roof. But with this roof, there will be no rotting. In case the little insects create a nest in gaps, simply add filling to the gaps. The installation of this roof is technical so make sure to call a professional company. They know the right pattern of installing it and will recommend you the best shape that perfectly fits your house.

Be aware! Common blunders while getting paint done


There are so many blunders that people do when they have to choose paints for their house. As discussed above, paints are also an important factor to consider. Sometimes, people do not pay attention to the colors that they are selecting for the paint. We will share some very common mistakes that people while the selection of paint for their house.

  • First of all, giving preference to the local vendors of the area just because of low charges is the biggest mistake that people do more often. Saving some pennies won’t work here as the amount that you have spent will also get wasted due to a lack of skills. We should spend smartly and wisely so for quality work, prefer a professionally working vendor that is representing a reliable company.
  • Secondly, people consider painting as a luxury. They often chose a very basic color for their house but trust us that you should try to add some uniqueness to your house. Combine the colors and add your imagination while selecting colors. Choosing one neutral shade for saving your money won’t make a huge difference on the entire painting budget.
  • The third common mistake that people make is buying cheap paints for the application. This trick won’t save your money in fact spending on bad quality paints are equivalent to wastage of money. It will be so thin that you will end up needing more buckets of the paint. Painters usually apply such paints with thinner to add a tinting effect.
  • Lastly, considering trends is very crucial. White color is used by most homeowners but now the trends have changed. People play with colors and a combination of colors upgrades the house. It creates a unique look of the house and your house stands out in the entire neighborhood. Start experimenting and search about the latest trends on the internet. Try that huge range and enjoy the colors that nature has blessed us with. Say goodbye to the basic colors.