The ongoing pandemic has caused global supply-chain disruptions, a shortage of employees, and many more challenging tasks. It’s been a tough year. But, how is 2024 shaping to look for fleet managers? While it’s still expected to be a difficult year, managers can find success in 2024 by following these ten best tips.

Tip 1: Hiring Employees

As mentioned above, there has been a significant shortage of employees across most industries globally. This is why in 2024, it’ll be vital for you to hire new drivers. While it may be difficult, try to adopt a sound screen hiring process that makes new potential employees comfortable. Try offering incentives like higher pay and promotions.

Tip 2: Fleet Management Software


This is a necessity in 2024. Software developed can now bring safety, data, and tracking all in one for your fleet—making the management side easier for you and the driving side safer for employees.

Tip 3: Conduct Internal Audits

In 2024, you can expect a structural revamp of the Compliance, Safety, Accountability enforcement program. Because of this, you can expect a lot more site visits. You can help reduce or eliminate roadside inspection violations and crashes by conducting internal audits, which in turn keeps your CSA scores low, preventing fines and penalties.

Tip 4: Track Fuel Costs


One of the most expensive aspects of a fleet business is fuel. Tracking your fuel costs and expected prices in 2024 will allow you to budget and factor in the potential costs that could occur for your fleet. A great way to track your fuel expenses is through investing in a fuel card management system. If you have signed up to a fuel card, you will find this system included in the deal. To find the best fuel card for your business, and help drive down costs, check out a comparison site like iCompario,, to find out how much you could save.

Tip 5: Look into New Insurance

It never hurts to get quotes and look into new insurance options, especially if yours is too expensive. Be on the lookout in 2024 for new insurance that acts as a fleet management software like Rideshur. It’s the future of fleet insurance.

Tip 6: Order Replacement Parts ASAP


Just like 2024, you can expect some supply-chain issues in 2024. That’s why you must check all of your fleet vehicles and order any replacement parts you may need as soon as possible.

Tip 7: Asset Tracking

Many times, fleets encounter this familiar problem of not knowing what they have. This leads to buying more than they need. So, in 2024 start tracking your assets to ensure you have just enough.

Tip 8: Vehicle Replacement


At around 70,000 miles, vehicles don’t operate at their optimal efficiency, and fleet vehicles tend to reach this even faster. It’s vital to keep vehicle life cycles 3-4 years. Leasing a fleet of vehicles is a great option to ensure your team operates on all cylinders and reduces overall repair costs.

Tip 9: Encourage Smart Driving

As a fleet manager, you must encourage good driving behavior. This can reduce costs, liability, and repairs. While challenging to make employees drive well, try to offer incentives and use telematics to track your drivers to ensure they’re driving safely and smartly.

Tip 10: Know Your TCO


And for the final tip, know your total cost of ownership. This is one of the most vital tasks of fleet management. To remain within budget and reduce costs, always keep track of your business’s TCO.