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The History of Gambling in Indonesia


Indonesia is one of the most culturally and geographically unique countries in Asia. Spread over seventeen thousand islands, the nation is a mix of the urban landscape and lush wilderness, which supports one of the highest densities of the world’s population.

Indonesia’s history of gambling is an interesting look at how culture, social influences, and religion influence each other.

The Beginning

Like most civilizations of the world, the early settlements of Indonesia also had their forms of gambling and playing with the aid of fate. The earliest records of gambling in the country predate any foreign influence, and animal fighting was one very popular way of engaging in gambling.

On occasions, the animals were also incited through cruel means to make them angry and engage in such fights. Other simple games, such as kite fighting and boat racing, were also actively bet on.

The arrival of Chinese migrants in the 14th century introduced a whole new gambling genre to the country. Instead of betting on activities that were already being undertaken, the Chinese focused on card and board games designed with gambling in mind. These games, too, became very popular.

Gambling in Vietnam – Good or Bad?


Vietnam being one of the very few popular countries for gambling, attracts several tourists from all around the world. Although gambling or any betting activity is illegal in Vietnam, it does not stop tourists from coming and having a good time.

Despite the government imposing strict laws to stop gamblers, many resorts and hotels welcome them with open arms. If you are thinking of going to Vietnam this year in search of a memorable gambling experience, there are a few things that you should know. Read below to know more.

What’s the turnover of the gambling market in Thailand?


Including a survey conducted by Thailand’s Centre besides Gambling Studies with Centre for Social and Corporate Operations, 57 percent of Thailand’s population aged 18-60 gambled in the previous year. The majority of people in the research claimed just to have played the government-run raffle but many still gamble on Gclub casino online.

Is Gambling a Sin?

  • Gambling is one of the best ways to get enhanced returns than the amount that you bet. It is an effective way of increasing your earnings in a very short time. However, it is widely known that anything that is done extensively without any limit or restriction can bring harm.
  • There is no religious testament that outwardly and rigidly calls gambling a sin. A sin is something that results in the downfall of the human. This is why you should not indulge in any activity, no matter how beneficial it brings you harm.
  • If you gamble day and night, you would not be able to take care of other important parts of your life or give time to your family. This can be harmful to you. All in all, gambling is not a sin and is not called sin in any other religion, but as long as you gamble with restriction and limitations, then it cannot bring your harm.

What Do Buddhists Think of Gambling?


Buddhist people treat gambling and other games of chance with tolerance. The Buddhist people do not outwardly forbid gambling games but warn against the side effects of such games where the outcome is not certain. Gambling is a game of chance. The result that you must get completely depends on your fate or luck. Imagine that you very intently and excitedly bet your money on your favorite online sports and games. It is also a possibility that you might bet a large amount of money in the hopes of getting doubled returns.

But because of fate, you lose the bet and do not get the returns. In this way, you will have lost all the hope you had and the large amount you bet on the game. In this way, it is you who would get hurt the most because of your loss. This is why the Buddhists are very neutral about the game of chance. They are not fully supported by gambling games but are also not completely against it and do not forbid it.

What religions allow gambling?


Several religions allow gambling, such as Hinduism, Christianity, and Buddhism. In Hinduism, gambling is considered to be one of the oldest activities that took place to make money. They do not prohibit gambling; however, they warn human beings about the ill effects and bad results that might befall you if you indulge in gambling games.

So, from the above-given information, you can understand how gambling is not a sin and will not bring any harm unless you do it without any limitation or restrictions. Gambling has certain benefits which you can receive when you venture into the world of online gambling.