Before diving into the topic, one must possess enough knowledge as to what gambling actually is and how has it surfaced as one of the most profitable businesses in this pandemic. It is defined as taking a risky action such as betting while hoping for winning at the end. At times you’re going to win and win big. Big in the sense that you could transform your $50 into $500 or even $5000. That is how powerful the game is if you know the proper tips and tricks to play. Gambling is such a game that once you start playing it, there is no going back. The game is addictive like anything. While playing gambling, if you ever felt like you don’t really know the tips and tricks to win, the ways or strategies in which you could try and level your game up – felt as if you always had a stroke of bad luck, felt helpless, depressed and anguished seeing the rookies and newbies do better than you; you honestly need not to worry. This article is solely intended for you. We have every little information you require and desire in order to win big at this specific game.

We have just the stuff you need. Here, you shall find about two great schemes if you ever want to take a break from gambling. I can say with surety that at times, this game too becomes exhausting for you, your mental health. Aggression, rage, and dangerous tantrums are what you might face if you get addicted to it at a dangerous level. This will resultantly make way into your peace and would destroy your mood; you would find yourself getting angry over nonexistent and petty issues. In order to avoid this mishap and situation, you shall be guided here as to what must be done to eradicate this rage from your life.

Let us talk about what these two schemes, commonly termed as “SENSE and GamStop”, basically are. The information you need is written down below. Make sure that you read the article thoroughly with full attention as these kinds of schemes can turn a bit risky if not acted upon accordingly. Therefore, grab your seatbelts, brace yourselves and let us embark right into this journey!

SENSE and GamStop are the two self-exclusion schemes you’ll encounter when looking to take a temporary break from gambling in UK casinos. Each scheme is unique and targets a different set of players. The registration processes are also different. However, they also share many similarities, considering both are self-exclusion schemes designed for UK players. SENSE mainly targets land-based casino players, while GamStop is exclusively for online casinos. Here’s an overview of both schemes, including the key differences.

What is GamStop?


GamStop refers to a national self-exclusion program designed for online casino operators and players in the UK. Like SENSE, GamStop offers punters a chance to voluntarily self-exclude from gambling products offered by operators licensed in the UK.

However, GamStop was introduced by the UK Gambling Commission as a mandatory license requirement for operators of online gambling websites. The scheme only applies to websites that are licensed by the UKGC. This includes online casinos, bingo sites, poker sites, slot sites, live and mobile casinos that offer real money games to UK players. However, GamStop is for UKGC gambling sites and doesn’t apply to offshore websites licensed outside the United Kingdom and many UK players continue to play on different slots sites not on GamStop using There are several legitimate non-GamStop casinos with licenses from Curacao, Macau, Alderney, Gibraltar, USA, Canada, Australia, etc.

What is SENSE?


SENSE is an acronym for Self Enrolment National Self Exclusion. It refers to a voluntary self-exclusion scheme designed for players looking to break from gambling products and offers on UK land-based casinos. SENSE offers an easy way to self-exclude from all nationally licensed casinos and is voluntary for all players in the UK. However, the scheme is mandatory for casino operators looking to offer real money games in the UK. Essentially, all land-based casinos licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission are obliged to participate in SENSE. The self-exclusion program is run by the National Casino Forum. Once a player is registered on SENSE, their information will be shared among all licensed casinos in the land, and NCF will block them from playing any real money games across all casinos.

Key Differences between GamStop and SENSE


GamStop and SENSE are similar technologies in various ways. They are both self-exclusion schemes designed to provide the UK player with a way to take short breaks from gambling. You can self-exclude for a minimum of six months or take up to five years off. However, SENSE and GamStop also differ and serve different roles. Below are the key distinctions between the two UK self-exclusion schemes.

  • Target Different Markets – SENSE is a self-exclusion program designed for land-based casinos and players, while GamStop is for online gambling websites. As such, you can play on UK online casinos even if you are registered on SENSE or explore land-based gambling halls while on GamStop. These are two distinct markets, considering GamStop players can still bet online in the UK, while SENSE players have to leave the country to play games on land-based casinos.
  • Run By Different Organizations – Because of their different targets, GamStop and SENSE are run by different agencies. GamStop was introduced by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and is a mandatory license requirement for all operators that wish to provide real money games to the UK market. On the other hand, SENSE is run by the National Casino Forum, which acts on behalf of all land-based casinos in Great Britain. This means GamStop and SENSE have different operations, missions, and objectives.
  • Unique Registration Processes – GamStop and SENSE registrations are different. To register on SENSE, you’ll need to visit any UK land-based licensed casino. Once you are registered, other casinos that are part of the SENSE program will receive a notification containing your identity information, so you won’t access any offline casino in the UK. On the other hand, GamStop registration is completed online, so you can join from anywhere, anytime. Upon registration, your details will be added to a database. UKGC-licensed casino sites are obliged to conduct ID verification during login and sign-up to block players registered on the GamStop self-exclusion.
  • Other Differences – There are various other differences between GamStop and SENSE. For instance, GamStop self-exclusion becomes effective in 24 hours, while SENSE registrations may take a while before all casinos get a notification to block you from real money products. Also, you must leave the UK to play land-based casino games if you are registered on SENSE. However, you can play land-based games in the UK while on GamStop. It is also possible to play online games while on GamStop since no law is against joining casino websites licensed outside the UK. GamStop players also receive an email notification informing them of the ban.


GamStop and SENSE are both crucial in the UK gambling industry and are strictly enforced to ensure players have the freedom to stop gambling whenever they want to. Signing up for the two programs will effectively block you from all casinos (online and offline) licensed in the UK. However, they only affect UK operators, so players can explore real money games online through independent sites licensed offshore. If you intend to block all forms of gambling, you can use game blockers, such as Gamban, Gamblock, Betfilter, NetNanny, etc. These are apps you can install on the devices you use for gambling to block all online casinos.

I hope this information proved vital to you. We hope that you have found the necessary information you needed. Playing gambling is not something one masters overnight. It requires your effort, time, and skill. Gambling is an art and not everyone out there is an artist. Being a professional gambler takes a toll on your mental health and everyone deserves a break at one point in their lives. Schemes like GamStop and SENSE are those exact breaks you need in your life. They will help you in regaining your lost mental peace and health so that you return more powerful and strong than before! Wishing you all the best in this regard, I hope you get bestowed with whatever is better for you in this regard. Thank you!