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Laser hair removal has become common in today’s time because of multiple reasons. It allows people to be more comfortable in their own skin. Laser hair removal is just a better way to get smooth skin without the pain of waxing or tweezing. Many people opt for this particular technique because of its convenience which stays for longer than the typical hair removal methods.
While it is not permanent, laser hair removal is somewhere of a long term treatment which is worth every penny used to spend on it. But before you jump headlong into the process, there are certain things you need to develop an understanding of. This article will mention some important facts one should be aware of before going forward with a laser hair removing procedure.

It is Not Permanent

Let us begin with the most obvious fact in relation to hair removal with a laser. While it is a long term treatment, your hair will eventually grow back. FDA describes this entire technique as a method for reduction in the hair growth. Reduction is not synonymous with removal so expect your hair to grow back in some time. The chances of reduction are pretty good and only final and less noticeable hair will grow.

The new growth will be difficult to detect, but it will be there even after the treatment. Knowing this fact will help any individual adjust their expectations as to what they want from this procedure. For instance, some individuals might be content with having few hair instead of the previous growth. On the other hand, other people usually go with regular touch ups whenever any kind of regrowth occurs.

It Causes Relatively Less Pain

Anyone who has ever waxed their hair knows how much it hurts. The entire waxing procedure gives a very good outcome but leaves behind a very painful experience. People joke about it but the truth of the matter is that if people had a choice other than waxing, they would have gone for it. Shaving does not give the same smooth finish as back singles and the hair grows back faster.

Source: yamangu

Hair removal creams are usually not preferred because continuous use of them causes irritation in the skin or darkening in the area. This leaves waxing as the relatively affordable way of getting rid of unwanted growth. But laser hair removal is recently being adopted as a great way to get rid of this problem altogether. A laser hair removal machine is quite affordable, and with the newest inventions they are becoming even more efficient.

It is semi permanent and will require multiple sessions but is less painful than waxing. We say less pain because the laser procedure still causes pinpricks of pain. Each individual has a different threshold of pain which is why some people might call it painful while others might not even feel it. Sensitive areas are more prone to these sensations but the experts do it in such a way that anyone can tolerate the discomfort.

Not Every Body Part Can Be Lasered

Before you go to your phone and dial up the number for the nearest Miami laser hair removal treatment facility, understand that this treatment is not made for all body parts. If you have watched any demonstration of how a laser works, you would have understood that the pigment of the hair matters. Read more about how a laser works with this guide.

The laser detects the darkest pigment in the hair which is why black or brown color is the most preferable during the procedure. Any body part which has growth of lighter color will most likely not be used for the treatment. It is ineffective against white color. So, the area where the treatment has to happen needs to be chosen appropriately.

No Sun Before the Appointment

Ask any expert and they will tell you to not go out in the sun, whenever possible, before attending your appointment. This is because the tank skin will prove our deterrent in the success of the procedure. The follicle has a certain color which is very distinctive against the human skin. When an individual gets standing the color of the skin gets inherently darker and closer to the pigment present in the follicle.

While it is physically appealing, the darker pigment of the skin makes the matter hard for the laser. So, we are saying that you should keep your skin as pale as possible in order for this process to be successful and easy. So the sun should be avoided not only for a day or a week. Keep away from sunny areas for about a month before it is time for your appointment.

No Removal On Your Own

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Once you start with waxing or tweezing, it is a habit hard to let go of. But one has to refrain in order to make things easier during the appointment. Waxing or tweezing will remove the follicle entirely from the skin which will give it room to regrow after the laser treatment has been done. Essentially the follicle needs to be present during the procedure so that it can be removed effectively, in the right way.

Experts recommend not doing waxing even though shaving is not prohibited. While one needs a reference from waxing for about 14 days before the appointment, one can continue shaving like usual. Shaving has also been known to make the process easier for people with paler skin. It will make pigment detection in the follicles far easier.

The Takeaway

All of these facts work together to develop an understanding of how laser hair removal treatments work. One first has to understand that the process is not permanent and will require multiple settings in order to be a success. An individual should also adjust their expectations about how well the procedure would go because the regrowth rate of everyone is different. Lastly, there will be some pain which entirely depends on your pain tolerance levels. The treatment is very a factor but still requires patience and understanding of an individual.