As an entrepreneur or a retailer, hangtags are a staple if you are after boosting your sales. Despite the world’s shift to online shopping, a hangtag has preserved its relevance in the importance of marketing. Regardless of your product, ranging from electronics to clothing, a hangtag develops your brand and is the first step in building rapport with your customers. A hangtag does more than hang on your products; they help get customers excited over deals and a lot more. Here’s how hangtags have proven to be versatile:

1. Personal connection


Customers come into contact with many brands and are mindful about the products they buy and why. A hangtag provides an opportunity to offer additional information about your product and business. In retail stores, your product will stand out since it’s displayed together with similar goods. The hangtag will help your brand get noticed and offer a personal connection with your customer. It cements customer experience in your business and product.

2. Exposes your product and brand


First impressions matter. Hangtags tend to be appealing, and as a marketer, you’ll understand a customer’s buying cycle is an emotional decision or rational justification. Colorful hangtags, the material used, and logo creativity all draw the customer to your product. The highlighted features and benefits in the hangtag will justify the customer’s action to purchase your product.

3. Provides necessary information on your product


For most products, adding information about it is a sure way to ensure it sells. Hangtags can provide this information and can act as user guides to products that are complicated or require a procedure. This reduces the customer being hesitant as one cannot buy a technical product without a focus or instructions on operating it. A customer may return your product on the shelf if there is no additional information about it. The customer indecision will be due to a mistake from your end.

4. Alternative thank you cards


Like, thank you cards, you can also use hangtags to express utmost gratitude to your customers and suppliers for shopping with you. Unlike the thank you cards, you will incur less expense on hangtags. The tags can be attached to products as gifts and sent out to preferred people.

5. As coupons


Considering the retail market saturation and the predictability, you should consider using hangtags differently and take an unusual approach. Coupons are useful in encouraging repeat business. Having hangtags as tickets give customers the incentive in your products, attracting them to purchase. This draws the customers to your specials without even asking the staff.

6. Alternative price label


Maintaining standard price labels on the shelf is not an easy task and proves hard to maintain. This is due to products changing location because customers pick the products and not returning them to their original spots. Products may also run out, and this problem can be solved using a hangtag as a price label. Having the price tag and additional information could easily influence a customer’s approach and purchase.

7. Holiday décor


At the event, a creative hangtag should be one of the items you consider when planning. A decorative hangtag on gifts and products will guarantee the warmth and life of an event. Preferably a handcrafted touch is the best way to ensure the season’s spirit is present in the event.

8. Add product value


For most customers, they can determine the product value just from observing the packaging and marketing. For added advantage to your product, a hangtag makes the appearance great and ensures the customer will notice that. The hangtag will add to the perceived customer’s estimated value and offers the satisfaction that it is a completing product. Luxury items are grounded on the fact that the perceived value of the customer justifies the price.

Type of information to put in a hangtag

  • Your brand name and logo
  • A tagline that sums up your company in a catchy way.
  • Social media and website address
  • The unique detail about the product
  • A brief “About us” in a lengthier message


To achieve your business objectives, it’s essential to incorporate hangtags in your marketing strategies. A wide range of products can have hangtags, and they have proven to be better than business cards. Designers have identified the advantage of hangtags in marketing and know-how to attach them to their clothing merchandise. Creating a custom hangtag for your business will help you override your competitors says Take advantage of the versatility of the hangtags and increase your sales. That tag could be the difference between setting your product back on the shelf or taking it to the counter.