It doesn’t matter how cautious someone is while on the road, chances are that some accidents will happen. When you think about it, it is pretty simple. Not all the factors will depend on your actions.

Naturally, there is always a possibility that other drivers will be reckless. However, the commonest thing that happens is that weather conditions can cause these problems and you cannot do anything about it.

For example, when the temperature is too low, and the road freezes. So, you can see that these unfortunate events can happen pretty much under every possible condition. If you take a look at some official statistics, you will see that there are between five and seven million traffic accidents in the United States annually. No matter how positive the outcome is, you’ll not enjoy this experience.

As you can presume, these accidents can cause a lot of legal consequences. Depending on your role in this occurrence, you will have a couple of possible actions. In any case, you’ll need an attorney. If you need these services, be sure to visit this website.

With that in mind, we want to provide you with an answer to one of the most frequent questions, like for how long it is possible for filing this sort of lawsuit.

Potential Limitations


There are many limitations regarding legal possibilities after something like this happens. Of course, they depend solely on the territory where it happens. Also, a lot of it depends on the outcome.

We are talking about a situation when there’s only property loss and in those where someone has been injured. Furthermore, there is another option when there are claims against government employees.

In case you haven’t been aware of these limitations, chances are that you will not get any sort of compensation. You’ll certainly agree with the fact this is something no one wants to experience. So, getting information about how long these claims can last is crucial.

How Much Time Do You Have?


As we’ve mentioned, the period you have to file a charge depends on the state legislation. For example, if it happens in the state of California, you will have up to 2 years before this possibility expires.

We feel that the best time for you to do it is immediate. Just think about that, gathering enough evidence that’ll make the case even stronger should be done as soon as you can.

If you wait for too long, it is possible that you cannot get ahold of a vast majority of them. So, do not hesitate to invest your best efforts into collecting them. Even during the process of gathering evidence, it is crucial to have a car accident attorney, who will provide you with essential help in this process. Doing that without this consultation can cause a lot of different problems, which can be easily avoided.

Should You Take Legal Action?


Naturally, there are situations when suing someone is not a likely outcome. That doesn’t mean this is a process that’s completely not mandatory. Instead, it depends solely on your decisions, and whether you have a strong case in your hands. But, when there’s no significant property damage, and no one was hurt, it is possible that neither of these parties will be interested in taking legal action.

Plus, both parties can talk about the possible settlement, without involving public institutions like courts. However, when the settlement doesn’t meet your needs and preferences, then it is the proper time to take legal action. Since every person tends to be a little bit subjective when it comes to these things, having an institution that will help with this decision is a choice.

When’s the Right Time to Do It?

The only scenario when you will have a chance to sue someone is when you are not to blame for the accident. The problem can arise when both drivers have suffered some injuries. Not to mention that these injuries can be so severe, that they will require complex surgical procedures. The injuries can impact the quality of life significantly.

So, the individual who’s suffered them will need compensation to cover all the medical costs. Plus, the time that person will spend in a hospital will prevent them from earning money. Therefore, its family will be affected in more ways than we can count. For that reason, the time after the accident is the right time to file a lawsuit.

Sure, you may need to spend some time making the case as strong as it needs to be. However, we don’t believe that this process will last for a couple of years. There is only one scene, the number of participators is limited, and the police will gather all the evidence. So, you’ll have the chance of providing some additional ones, that will make the claim much stronger.

How are These Accidents Settled?


When it comes to determining what is the proper settlement in each of these cases, the crucial factor is a liability. It means that every driver out there is directly responsible for following the procedures that will ensure the safety of all the participants in traffic. Not meeting these requirements will immediately make them responsible for causing the problem at hand.

The level of compensation will depend on how guilty someone is. In cases when both parties share the responsibility equally, then neither of them will need to be held accountable. There are a couple of sorts of compensation, which, depending on the harm. For instance, rehabilitation costs, medical expenses, lost wages, punitive damage, etc.

In Conclusion

Even though car or traffic accidents might look like obvious processes, that do not require any effort on behalf of the parties, it is clear that this is not the case. Here, you can take a look at what you can expect in this process, and how you should act. Not only that, you can see the answers to important questions, like how long after the accident is possible for you to file a lawsuit. You will find each of them helpful.