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If you have committed a crime and you have been found guilty, it does not mean that you have only been deprived of your rights or you received fine. Unfortunately for many, this act will not be forgotten. He is recorded in the criminal record and stays there for some time.

Depending on the severity of the case, this file may remain for a lifetime. The person who committed the crime deals with the consequences that have a bad impact on his future or quality of life. The recorded crime has a negative impact on finding a job, volunteer work and generally social acceptance.

The main problem with the duration of a criminal record is that it can lead to denial of life opportunities. That is why everyone who finds themselves in this hoping about these files being deleted as soon as possible. How long it will remain depends on several factors.


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Globally, there is a period called rehabilitation, and it refers to the time that needs to pass in order for a certain verdict to be considered outdated. That period of rehabilitation depends on the severity of the criminal case. This means that it varies depending on whether the decision is made by a misdemeanor, district or supreme court.

Regardless, the most important thing is that you have completed the sentence you received and that you have not been convicted of a new crime after that during the rehabilitation period.
In the continuation of the text, find out what are the other factors on which the presence of a rap sheet depends.

Conviction not noted

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There are circumstances in which you may have been convicted of a particular crime, but this procedure will not be recorded in the criminal record. The court has the right to avoid this recording, and before deciding to do so, it is necessary to consider several things.

As we tell you this, we are talking about the following items: the nature of the crime, the age of the person being tried, the factors that will affect the rest of the perpetrator’s life, the perpetrator’s arguments, and some other circumstances. That is why people who are accused of criminal proceedings hire lawyers from whom they get appropriate legal advice and thus get the opportunity to avoid a verdict.

The youth factor

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We will single out this factor among the most important ones. The age of the person who committed the crime plays a big role when entering it in the file. The reason for that is the big difference between a minor and adult.

In this case, minors are free from some major consequences that can have a bad effect on her future, unlike adults. First of all, if a minor is convicted, it takes some time or time for the person to be treated as an adult.

Of course, this waiting period does not apply if an adult has been convicted, and the record states that the crime was committed by an adult. This gap between a minor and an adult is present due to a milder attitude towards a minor who is young and not mature enough.

Unless special proceedings are instituted to suspend the record, the adult is dealt with certain standards of judgment. It doesn’t have to be permanent, but if a person is old enough, it can be. If you committed the crime as an adult, the best option for you is to contact one of the specialized law firms, such as RecordPurge, which will significantly increase your chances of spending the rest of your life without a rap sheet.

Invisible but still there

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This is kept as a temporary solution for those who are waiting for their criminal record to disappear in the file or facilitated circumstances for those who will have the file for the rest of their lives. These are record suspensions where information about the criminal procedure is sealed. In this way, these data can be obtained only by a legal agency.

On the other hand, the rest of the public does not have access to information, although the presence of a criminal report can be checked on the Internet at any time. However, nothing can be found. Also, sometimes this does not apply when crossing borders and for persons with suspended records.

A person may have a problem crossing the border. Depending on the database of a certain country, the transparency of the conviction will also depend, despite the fact that it will be sealed. This can only be prevented if an entry is denied.

Most people use this option because a criminal record makes life very difficult for adults. Although there is usually a certain expiration date after which there is a guarantee that allows permanent deletion from the file, it can sometimes take decades. To make it easier to endure this long period, people generally manage this way.

Understand your rap sheet

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What is among the most important, and we have not mentioned so far, is that if you have committed a crime, first of all check how it is recorded. It is very important that you find out the details of these records, and especially before other important people in your life, such as your employer. Imagine that your employer asks you, and of course you have to answer and agree with him, without even being aware of it.

If this happens, there is a danger of a possible withdrawal of the job offer or dismissal from the job. There can also be a lawsuit and you will get a new verdict. It doesn’t have to be this way, all you have to do is start a free procedure regarding the request for access to police records.


Our advice is not to wait for the file to disappear on its own, because it is not uncommon for it to never disappear. What you can do is activate and start the process of removing the criminal record.

Removal of a crime from the database can start today, you just need to submit a request. It is also very important that you do not make similar mistakes related to breaking the law, and especially not during the rehabilitation period.