It’s not a secret anymore that the private tutoring market is growing exceptionally at the speed of light. It’s crazy how, with tons and tons of private tutors surfacing the market, the number of students keeps increasing too!

The market size was valued at 29,566.3 million dollars in 2020 and is estimated to reach a whopping $ 123,511.4 million by 2030. It was almost inevitable with the ever-growing academic performance competition among institutions for a rise like this.

The notorious pandemic breaking out was one of the primary reasons why private tutoring gained more popularity and a spike in market growth. Everything during the pandemic went online, including education, and boy, how multiple tutoring platforms just suddenly arose. Talking about the state of California alone, there are about 711 jobs available for private tutors.

Private Tutoring in California

The growing demand is pretty neat, and according to research and demographics, the annual pay of a Private Tutor in California is $47,258 a year. This is the payscale calculated by the end of the year 2024, so the revenue expected in 2024 is similar to approximately $22.72 an hour. If we calculate and work out the math, This is the equivalent of $908 per week or $3,938 per month!

Again, this is a variable sum on average. It also varies from around $15-$50 per hour for high school students and increasingly goes Up to more than $100 per hour for certified, experienced teachers. That’s not all; if you’re a full-time tutor, you’ll be able to earn more than a part-time private tutor who works only over the weekends or a few hours a day. Ultimately, If you’re a private tutor in California and wondering about the pay scale of a tutor, these statistics are for you!

Why Private Tutoring Gives You Vast Opportunities


The best about private activities is that they provide more freedom of action. It is a particularly significant point when it’s up to professional development, especially in the education field. When you are limited to the usage of some methods without variability, it may be a leading advantage for beginner teachers. But as for more experienced professionals, it only makes them suffer from the lack of space.

Private tutoring solves the issue. It allows for:

  • Individual approach – the most basic thing that comes to mind when it’s up to teaching practice. Large groups are good for standardized and repetitive exercises where individual performance does not matter much. Medium groups are more flexible in revealing students’ strengths and peculiarities. But one-on-one meetings are still the best for personalized training.
  • Custom methods – a thing that is quite complicated to implement while being a teacher in a school or any other educational institution. Considering how variable education became after remote education was applied commonly, custom approaches are the best ways to find a balance between the student’s needs and the teacher’s abilities.
  • Comfortable conditions – you can choose the format of your lessons (online/in-person/mixed), and it’s you who establish the rules. The website is perfectly made to help you with this issue.
  • Fair payment – and it’s fair according to your vision, not someone else’s. You set the price and the frequency that corresponds to your lifestyle, and on the website, you can easily change it and calculate your monthly payment regarding the figures you indicated. It helps you keep up with the modern economical changes stress-free, and at the same time, keep doing your favorite thing.

The points mentioned are fundamental, so when we think about choosing between an institution to work at or a platform to join for a job, the latter option gives far more matching points.

How to Find out If a Platform Is Reliable?


This is a reasonable question for those who meet the option of tutoring through a platform for the first time. Such platforms are very like freelance platforms that offer you daily updates according to the activities you marked as your professional. You look through the projects and leave your comment by presenting yourself if you’re interested. The situation here is pretty similar.

To clarify if you can trust the platform, you should find crucial information about:

  • how the relations between the students and the tutors are regulated;
  • how the payment issue is arranged;
  • the company that arranges and regulates all of the above.

These are the points where the violations may appear. If you cannot find these documents or information on your own, address the representatives to get them. If the company acts legally, they must provide you with these informative pieces.

If you still doubt, consult the official documents of the country where the company is registered. It may clarify many issues before you start your practice with this online space as an intermediary.

How to Get Started?

If you’re clueless about getting started with the journey, we’ve got your backs! You can simply register as a tutor on the upskills tutor website, one of the leading tutoring platforms today. There are over 70,000 tutors worldwide working on the platform and over 400,000 students globally! Unable to find yourself, clients?

Upskills tutor does it for you! You get a whole bunch of students with different requirements regarding different areas of education that’ll easily align with your expertise. When we say globally, we mean even the states like Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Fresno, etc., within California!


The best thing about online tutoring is that you can reach globally without leaving home. With websites like upskills tutor, you have a wide variety of subjects to teach besides academic ones.