There are many ways to describe a home, and, understandably, what makes any residence a true home are those who live there. It’s the people we care the most about who has the most important role in our lives, but pets also play a huge role in all this, as most often we consider them as family members too. Now, as some would say, some pets seek more attention and are more needy than others, but that aside, they make our lives better and can bring a smile to our faces even when we are sad or nervous. That is just one small example of how big of a role animals overall have in our lives, but pet-wise, the most often question you can hear is whether you are a dog or a cat person. Yes, dogs and cats are perhaps the most common pets, but what about rabbits, guinea pigs, or hamsters?

Benefits of owning a fish


Yes, every single one of the animals mentioned above has different needs and requires more or less attention, but if we would have to pick one pet, one that will not consume too much of our time daily, that would undoubtedly be the fish. They are great pets, as we simply don’t need to train them, they don’t seek any playtime, and grooming is not something in how to keep a fish guidebook. Of course, we have a responsibility to feed them and clean the fish tank, and if you really want to train a fish, get a goldfish as they can learn a few tricks.

What makes fish so special?

A great thing about fish is that you can add various things and objects in the fish tank, and, of course, certain things like filters, air pumps, heaters, water conditioners are a must, but small objects like small ships, corals, or plants can be a great addition to your aquarium. Furthermore, one thing that is both a must and a great and interesting addition is substrate or aquarium gravel. It is most often composed of quartz and other lime-free minerals, and its maintenance and replacement is something every fish owner should be familiar with so, let’s focus more on that.

When to clean a tank?


It is not enough just to equip the aquarium, buy a fish and feed it regularly, and being a pet owner implies much more. As responsible owners, we need to clean the aquarium regularly to make it the best possible place for our pets to live. That means that although fish does not need to go on walks or to the park, it is not enough just to buy it, and it needs attention just like any other pet. Cleaning an aquarium can be a pretty difficult job, but do not worry because once we get used to it, we will do it without too much effort. Some general rule is to do it every two weeks to ensure that our friend has the best possible living environment, but there are many factors that affect it, and we will mention them in the text below.

The number of fish

It is one of the main reasons why we sometimes need to clean the aquarium more often because more fish means more food and more mess. It is not the same when we have only one pet that does not require too much food and does not provide too much mess, and when we have more of them. More fish produce more waste, and if we do not clean it regularly, it will build up, and it will be much difficult to get rid of it.

Strong pump and filters will prolong the time between cleaning


Buying a pump with a strong flow is one of the best decisions we can make because it will make our job much easier. Another necessary investment is a power filter with a motor because it, in combination with a strong pump, means that almost all food and waste will be sucked in. If there is not too much food and waste around the aquarium, it will not fall on gravel, which means that we do not need to vacuum it that often.

Some breeds are messier than others

Fish are like any other pets, and we have different breeds among them with different characteristics and habits. Because of that, it is crucial to do the proper research before the final decision on which one to buy since some of them are known as messier than others. That should not be the main reason for this decision, and we should choose the one we like the most because vacuuming the gravel is not that difficult and we will eventually get used to it.



Having plants in the aquarium has many benefits, and it is almost impossible to find one without them. Besides the fact it looks nice, it is also great for our pets because it provides them with many places to hide and relax, and they feel much better than without them. Another great benefit is that plants can help us with cleaning because they use waste for their growing, so we wouldn’t have to spend too much time cleaning.

To summarize

As you can see from everything mentioned above, choosing the best aquarium gravel can take some time, as there are many types to choose from, and meeting certain requirements, depending on what type of fish you have, is also a must. Deciding whether to pick a black substrate or some other color is up to you, but the black one is perhaps the best one as it will enhance the looks and colors of the fish in the tank. Furthermore, for those who want to spark things up, they can get a substrate that’s fluorescent. The options are endless, and, of course, you can always opt and mix several types of substrate just to enhance the overall looks of the fish tank, and for more interesting ideas on what substrate to get, make sure to check