Dry eye disease is a common health problem when the eye lacks tear quality or quantity. Dry eyes can cause major discomfort, and you will feel like you need something to keep them normal and healthy. The discomfort can occur anywhere and seem like an endless daily battle.

Dryness is one of the symptoms, and if your condition worsens, you will see an addition in symptoms like redness, blurred vision, and sometimes, light sensitivity.

Dryness results from various causes, ranging from medical problems to computer use or lifestyle changes. So, the first way to treat this problem is to know the cause, as it will help. Also, the cause will help you know whether your situation is treatable or something that needs surgery to be removed from your area around the source of vision.

Before your situation reaches that stage, you can take various steps to reduce the symptoms naturally.

1.Limiting Screen Time


More than the prescribed amount of screen time is not recommended. But, people are guilty of the same for many reasons like work, leisure, or even addiction.

When you begin having dryness around the area, the most common cause is because of too much exposure to digital screens. It is a scientific fact that a normal person blinks 12 times in one minute. But when a person is working on any digital screen, the blink count reduces to 5 times in one minute.

When the blink count reduces, they begin opening wider, and hence, they become more prone to suffer from dryness. Also, they get strained, and people develop headaches due to such exposure. Further, the generation of an uncomfortable feeling in the body is common.

So, the first remedy coming your way to help them is that you should limit your screen time. The body’s organs need to relax, and that’s why you should distance your eyes from screen exposure. The best way is to follow the 20-20-20 rule. If you follow this rule, your eyes will get the rest they deserve and further help reduce the symptoms naturally.

2.Maintaining The Hygiene


Lack of care is a major problem for many people, and it forms another reason for people to suffer from dry eyes. Hence, it would help if you cared for your eyelids, eyelashes, and the ocular area. It would help if you kept them clean using cold water splashes and eye drops. You should invest in a good quality eye drop and also can check the Restasis generic cost for the same.

Using drops helps in ensuring the safety from bacteria buildup, which can cause other eye conditions and prevent diseases like blepharitis.

You will see the difference if you give them a gentle and comforting massage. The pampering and attention that your eyes will get help in alleviating the tension and improving the blood flow near the eyes. Also, it is great for muscle relaxation. You need not directly touch your eye for the same. It would help if you focused on the surrounding areas that impact the sensation and result in encouraging tear production.

3.Fixing The Sleep Schedule


Have you ever seen your eyes when you have a bad sleeping schedule?

If you don’t sleep for 6-7 hours, you will see undereye bags and dark circles around your eyes. On the other hand, if you sleep for 10-12 hours, you will see that the body will feel lazy and that swelling will begin around the eyes. So, in both possibilities, you need to fix your sleeping schedule.

Although sleeping is crucial, if you oversleep or undersleep, it can create stress and pressure on your eyes. It will hamper the condition and lead to dryness followed by irritation on the corners.

Hence, it would help if you focused on fixing your sleep schedule, which will not only maintain the health of your eyes but also improve the body’s energy levels and enhance a person’s cognitive skills.

4.Hydration Is A Matter Of Concern

The human tear has many things inside it, and water is one of its ingredients. Out of the total, 98% of human tear consists of water. The rest 2% comprises other things like proteins, salt, and oil. Yes, you read that right. The tear is much more than water.

It has a direct connection with the water intake of a person. If you don’t drink water, it leads to the drying up of the tear. It will result in redness and irritation near the area. So, you must ensure that you take the right amount of water for your body.

It is prescribed that adults should drink 6-8 glasses of water in one day. It is not the perfect recommendation, and the number can vary from one person to another. The basic idea is to maintain the water levels of the body.

5.Your Surrounding

A person’s health is often a result of their surroundings and how they keep themselves. For example, if a person constantly ignores health and does the opposite of what is recommended, it will hamper the condition of the eyes.

Sometimes, dryness is a result of your surrounding. If the room you are sitting in is dry, it will affect the condition. Hence, you can consider investing in a room humidifier. Placing it in the room will help as it will add moisture to the air and hence, help reduce the dryness.

Besides this area, humidifiers help improve other health issues in the human body, like dry cough, skin, and throat. Also, if you suffer from constant headaches or sinus congestion, humidifiers will help.

Also, adding fish oil to the diet, which is rich in OMEGA-3, will help reduce the risk of having dry eye by 17%. Also, it will help to soothe the prevailing condition and improve your tear quality.


Dryness around the source of your vision can be due to numerous reasons, and you need to know some remedies that can help in reducing the symptoms. You should check the condition of your eyes, and if you think there is no improvement or nothing is helping, you can opt for an alternative treatment as recommended by your doctor.