The online technology has made a lot of tools available for different purposes. These tools have the power to simplify different business processes. Yet, they can also simplify the entire life of an average person thanks to the features they possess.

One of the tools that people regularly use in the digital era is Portable Document Format (known as PDF) files. The reasons why people use these files are different. In most cases, people appreciate the level of versatility and security they can provide. Apart from that, people love their simplicity. With PDFs, it will be much easier to share or store different types of documents.

Who uses PDF files? Literally, everyone! Students can use it to share different types of documents with friends or even professors. On the other hand, many successful entrepreneurs and people involved in the business world also use them.

On this page, we will analyze everything related to PDF files. We will explain to people how to view, create, convert, and organize PDFs. We will also give some hints on which PDF convertors are the best ones. So, let’s go!

Is It Possible to Use PDF Software for Free?


When you look for the best PDF software, you will notice that most require a subscription. We have to admit those subscriptions aren’t expensive. When you see which benefits you can get from these tools, you won’t hesitate to invest money in them. Yet, we also do understand that some people can’t afford to subscribe. The good news is that some software solutions do allow people to download the PDF converters for free. You may want to check out Swifdoo and some other tools and check out which one suits you best. Also, it would be wise to check out which type of benefit you can get for free and which services are available if you subscribe. These are crucial parts of research that an average user (business or private) must consider.

How to View PDFs?


After explaining some basic things about PDFs, it is about time to move to the main point of this article. The first thing we would like to explain is how to view PDFs. Generally speaking, the first crucial step is to find the best tool. We have already explained how to do that in the previous paragraph. Apart from that, it is essential to learn how to navigate PDFs. There are many services PDF software solutions provide, such as keyboard shortcuts, bookmarks, and page thumbnails. In the viewer mode, you can also annotate and mark the content. For instance, you can highlight certain parts of the text, draw shapes to highlight crucial information or add comments. All these features make PDF software an amazing solution for different business operations.

How to Create a PDF File?


Creating a PDF file may seem like a challenging thing at first. Yet, even if you are completely unfamiliar with advanced technology, you will manage to complete this process. The first option you have is to convert documents to PDF. Best of all, the most popular document types are available for conversion. For instance, you can do that with PowerPoint, Excel, and Word files. After you complete the conversion, the quality of all these files will remain the same!

There are two more things you can do to create a PDF file. One of the commonly used methods is the usage of PDF printers. These “printers” allow people to create a PDF file without using any third-party app. Another option may be an even better option. People can turn their physical documents into digital PDFs by scanning them. You don’t have to use a scanner to complete this task. It will be enough to do that with certain smartphone apps.

How to Edit PDF Files?

No one is perfect. You may need to make some edits to the document that you have made or received. Under some circumstances, people may need to make updates, which may seem difficult when we talk about PDF files. The good news is that there is nothing that you have to worry about. There are very easy-to-use services that the basic PDF files offer. With a couple of clicks, people can simply add, delete, or rearrange the content in the document. Apart from that, it is also possible to replace an image added to the file. Some software solutions may not offer this sort of benefit, so you may need to use online tools for such a purpose.

Yet, there is one more thing that people worry about – they are unsure how to edit and hide sensitive information. All businesses want to hide something that could expose their business strategy, finances, mistakes or anything else. Fortunately, PDF software solutions do allow people to redact any part of the textual content. Believe it or not, these parts of the document can be blacked out permanently. That ensures complete safety!

How to Conver PDF Files?


We have already explained that converting word, excel, or PowerPoint files will allow people to create PDFs. Yet, is it possible to complete the process the other way around? The answer is – YES.

There are three a couple of options in front of you. The first one allows you to convert PDG to word. For such a purpose, you will need an external app. It is worth mentioning that the Word document you create will be edible. Also, you can convert PDG into an image, which can be useful for many businesses. Ultimately, it is worth mentioning that conversion of PDGs into HTML is possible!

How to Organize PDF Files Appropriately?

The last thing we would want to explain is how to organize PDF files. There are multiple things you can do. First, it would be wise to change the name of your file. That way, you can be sure you don’t send the wrong file to others. Apart from that, you can also use keywords and metadata. With those features, finding the files you want to deliver to someone else’s email will be much easier. Thanks to different management features, this can be done with ease. Explore which ones can help you tag, organize, and search through all the PDF files.


As you see, nothing is challenging about PDFs. They are very easy to use and suitable for everyone’s needs. Use all the benefits they provide and simplify all business processes. Also, keep sensitive information protected and ensure neither of your business “secrets” are revealed.