In today’s day and age, people easily fall victim to many diseases and allergies that, if not diagnosed at the earliest possible stage, can lead to harmful effects on their health. It is extremely important to maintain the hygiene of your body including ears, nose, teeth, nails, and private parts. Taking good care of your body leaves a lasting impact on your internal health. One of the most common complaints of people is that they tend to develop oral diseases at least once in their lifetime. Some unpredictable diseases cannot be prevented but there are some diseases that can be avoided by adopting a good hygiene routine. Taking oral hygiene for granted can lead to some serious damage to your gums and teeth. Let’s focus on the causes of poor oral health and how we can improve our oral health by adopting some simple steps.

Foul breath


Bad breath is one of the most common issues that people struggle to deal with. People who are habitual of drinking coffee, tea, or alcohol tend to develop foul breath in their mouth which can be unpleasant and embarrassing especially if you are sitting in a social circle. Talking about bad habits, the oral health of smokers is also extremely poor so if you smoke regularly then you can find some prescription drugs online that can improve your oral health manifold. To order some authentic medications, visit for a reliable experience. They sell original and effective medications for the treatment of your underlying diseases. If you want to naturally prevent bad breath then brush your teeth regularly and don’t forget to brush your tongue as well.

Sensitive teeth

People who feel a light sensation in their gums whenever they eat ice cream or drink cold drinks then it is understandable that there is something wrong with their dental health. Regular flossing after eating, brushing teeth twice a day, using fluoride mouthwash after brushing can improve the enamel of your teeth. These simple steps can prevent sensitive teeth if followed on a regular basis.

Dry mouth


People who drink a lot of alcohol tend to have a dry mouth after a hangover. Along with the headache, feeling thirsty and dryness in the mouth is pretty understandable. It is highly recommended that if you are having a dry mouth every time after drinking then you consult with a dentist because serious damages like sore gums and teeth can lead to losing teeth at an early age.

Inflamed gums and teeth

Inflammation in gums and teeth leads to pain, swelling, burning sensation in the gums.

There are some kinds of toothpaste available in the market which are specifically manufactured to treat inflamed gums. Teeth can become unstable over time if the inflamed gums are left untreated.

Swollen gums


Poor cavity production due to the bacteria in the mouth can lead to respiratory diseases as well. Breathing bacteria into the lungs poses health risks to our respiratory organs. Prevention is better than treatment. In every dental health issue, it is recommended to brush teeth regularly, use mouthwash, floss, and visit a dentist every six months. These simple steps can be life-changing for your oral health.

Apart from the above mentioned causes, some health problems can arise due to poor dental health.

Heart diseases

There is a strong correlation between the gums and heart as the bacteria grown inside the gums can enter the bloodstream and deteriorate the flow of blood inside the body thus resulting in serious heart diseases. In the worst cases, patients can end up having a heart attack.



Diabetic patients are more prone to pick up infections easily than the non-diabetic patient. Studies show that people who have poor oral hygiene and tend to have a complaint of gum infections more often, they are likely to develop diabetes early in their life. Diabetic patients, if they catch any sort of infections related to gums can have low blood sugar levels. Their healing process is also slow. That is exactly the reason why diabetic patients lose teeth earlier than the non-diabetic patient.


If the gum diseases are neglected to a certain extent then it can result in serious consequences. One of them is getting a stroke. If the gum disease bacteria enters the blood, the blood vessels are blocked due to inflammation. This causes clots and blockages in the bloodstream. The supply of blood to the brain gets blocked and results in a stroke.
Lung infections

If the bacteria in the mouth goes inside the lungs, it causes infections in the chest. Heavy breathing issues arise. Several attacks of asthma can take place due to breathing bacteria inside the lungs.

Kidney disease


Poor dental health causes kidney diseases as well. Bacteria living inside the gums can lead to a poor immune system due to which the kidneys are infected. Kidney stones are likely to develop when you do not take proper care of your gums and teeth.

Pregnancy complications

Poor dental health can cause some serious complications in their pregnancy like premature baby or low-birth weight of the infant. There is a strong probability that expectant mothers tend to develop more infections in their gums than the non-expectant mothers. So, it is highly recommended that you take proper care of your dental hygiene.

Teeth grinding


Grinding teeth due to poor oral hygiene can dislocate your jaws and teeth. It can result in headache, toothache and earaches. In the initial stages, teeth grinding can have mild symptoms but once this habit gets stronger and stronger each passing day then it can result in some serious consequences.

Rheumatoid arthritis

People who keep on ignoring their dental hygiene tend to develop periodontal diseases. These diseases are linked to inflammatory arthritis. Bones become weaker and results in bended fingers and thumbs. To prevent such illnesses and diseases, consider paying a visit to your dentist every six months to avoid catching dental infections inside your mouth. Remember! Prevention is better than treatment.