If you want to make a good amount of money then always remember that time is equal to money. The more productive you can get the better it is. Doing more work at the same time and making a lump sum amount of money in even a small piece of time is not a big deal. However, most of the people still struggle to improve their productivity even after working so hard.

The reason why most people lag behind in their productivity goals is because of the mistakes they make in managing their productivity. When talking about productivity you should not restrict productivity to yourself at a personal level.

Achieving productivity at your manufacturing facility is equally important and it is something that most of the people don’t think and talk about. If you are also looking for ways to increase productivity at your manufacturing facility, read more here. In this article we are going to share some of the most effective productivity tips for your manufacturing facility.

1. Don’t Miss Organizing Your Workplace


Reducing the clutter in your workspace will save you a lot of time. Here are some steps that you should follow:

  • You can create an optimal layout for your tools and materials that you use at your job or in any of your process
  • You can remove the tools and materials that you don’t require. These unnecessary things occupy a lot of space making it difficult to locate the tools that you actually require. Thus, throwing such unnecessary tools away is very important.
  • Reduce movement and travel for enhancing task efficiency. For instance, keeping a printer near your computer will reduce unnecessary movement back and forth to the printer.
  • You should focus on buying or creating a storage to organize your tools, material, and documents. This will reduce your time of finding tools that you require on a regular basis.
  • Create a layout of materials and tools that you require.
  • Try to find a way that will help you in doing your job quicker than before.

2. Educate And Train Your Employees


If you are a CEO, boss or even a manager of a certain company, you should focus on training and educating employees at your office. In some of the industries a specific type of training is mandatory such as safety training, training to use safety gears accurately.

Such training is given so that the employees can work safely in the manufacturing unit. However the type of training depends from industry to industry.

When the employees don’t know how to use new equipment, they will require training for the use of that equipment to increase their efficiency and productivity. You should give training sessions to all of your employees when a new equipment is installed.

In addition, keep a record of training sessions and also give breaks in between sessions. If there has been a long time since a training session has been scheduled, we recommend scheduling one at the earliest.

3. Scheduled Maintenance For Enhancing Productivity


Are you tired of facing maintenance issues every now and then? Don’t worry we have the perfect solution in store for you! What you can do is implement a scheduled maintenance.

The downtime for worn out and broken tools will cost much more time than a downtime for maintenance. Thus, you should try not to delay maintenance. Besides, train your operators in troubleshooting procedures and regular maintenance.

4. Work On Your Existing Workflow


You will never be able to change the workflow until you know your current workflow. Take a look at the following points and observe your workplace.


You should observe your employees and ask yourself if you have the right people working for you? Is your project manager managing the projects perfectly? Are your objectives clear and simple and well defined ?

2. Equipment and technology

Are your equipment fully repaired? Is the technology you are currently using optimal for your needs? If your equipment needs replacement, you can consider renting equipment from, they have the best tools that you need for your business.

3. Processes

When did you map your processes the last time? Are there any bottlenecks in your process?

Review these questions and you will know exactly where your manufacturing facility needs changes.

5. Updating The Technology And Process


Once you have mapped and reviewed your current workflow, the next step should be to focus on the sector that needs an technological upgradation. This will save you a lot of time, as slow machines generally take more time than the new and technologically updated ones.

If possible try to replace humans with machines wherever possible and automate your entire business plan. The reason is simple; machines can work 24/7 while a human can only work for 10/6. Machines can also forecast, detect and correct errors in every phase of the line, learn more at:

6. Maintain An Optimal Level Of Inventory


If you have too much inventory piling up in your warehouse, try to keep it safe and use it in the most efficient way. This idea of maintaining inventory is extremely important if you are following lean manufacturing principles like the Kanban technique. Here are somethings that you should do:

  • Keep a track of your inventory and keep a track about shortages of inventory via a trusted application. You can also provide vendors direct access to your inventory and fulfil your needs before there is a shortage of your inventory.
  • Create relationships with vendors so you get accountability for quality of parts and get the raw materials supplied on time.
  • Take strict action to prevent shortages of inventory.

You should keep track of rates, late deliveries and declining qualities so you rectify your vendor or replace him with a new one. If your vendor is undergoing change for instance, if he or she has started supplying to another company as well then ask for guarantee and assurances that your supplies will be delivered as before without any compromises.

You should also consider giving educational opportunities to your employees who are willing to acquire new skills to advance in a field. Following on from the safety training examples above, if the workplace requires a Health and Safety Representative you can send an ambitious employee to complete a Health and Safety Representative training course from LeadingSafetyTraining. All of these things will enhance the productivity and efficiency of your manufacturing unit and thus improve the productivity of your manufacturing facility.


All of these tips will prove effective if you are determined and passionate. Productivity is not the result of one day’s effort. You will have to work daily and implement these tips to gain success in the long run.