Around 30 years ago, the monopoly of land-based gambling establishments seemed to be unshakable. But in the 90s, the first online casinos appeared. A couple of years later, there was a breakthrough in mobile gambling.

It seems that there is nothing new and revolutionary to be invented in the gambling industry. In fact, it isn’t so. In this article, we will talk about what types of innovations are used today in casinos such as, reviews of real players, and what technologies have fundamentally changed the entire industry.

Keep reading to know how the industry is developing and what to expect soon.

Game-Changing Innovations in the Gambling Industry


The industry is highly dynamic and develops so fast that it is impossible to track it closely. Below are some innovations that have changed the gambling industry and created a modern casino image:

  • Club cards — Previously, club cards helped track a player’s betting history but could only be used for board games participants. Today, they are easy to use for slot machines as well. Club cards can also be used as a key to a hotel room or a payment method for drinks and other bonuses. Now, points and gifts are awarded to the player based on accurate tracking of the gameplay and not at the request of the casino staff;
  • Cashless game system — The cashless gaming system is one of the crucial innovations in the field of gambling as it has become the norm for almost all major world casinos;
  • Video slots — The proceeds from slot machines account for about 80% of the total income of a gambling house. Moreover, the ability to customize the percentage of rewards allowed the casino to offer accumulative jackpots, which contributed to the invention of new technology — a progressive jackpot;
  • Progressive jackpot — Given the low threshold for such a jackpot, it continues to maintain its leadership among land-based and online casinos, offering plenty of variations. A progressive jackpot has also affected blackjack, roulette, proving its relevance even twenty years after the creation of this concept;
  • Automatic shuffling machines — These allow you to recount and automatically reshuffle cards accurately. Shuffle machines speed up the game process up to 20% and also make it impossible to influence the game result;
  • Online gambling — Internet gambling has become available to millions of people around the world;
  • Live dealer game — Modern live games can recreate the atmosphere of a real casino. The gameplay is conducted under the supervision of video cameras, motion sensors, allowing players to watch every action of their opponents and casino employees;
  • Mobile gambling — According to analysts, in 2016, almost 50% of online casino revenues were from mobile games. Experts estimate an even greater increase in mobile casino profitability along with the gradual withdrawal of online gambling in the usual computer format;
  • Social games — They have become in demand over the past ten years, allowing participants to play for free or receive spins/credits/chips for prizes. Social games are still in their infancy, but their potential to influence the gambling segment is enormous;
  • A virtual reality — Another classification of innovations is virtual reality games using a VR headset and other devices. Many companies, including NetEnt and Microgaming, are actively developing realistic virtual casinos.

Latest Technologies in the Gambling Industry


Leaders of gambling software are constantly developing new and improving existing technologies. Now among the latest technologies in this industry, there are:

  • RFID technology — A method for identifying objects by radio signals. Casino owners insert RFID chips into playing chips to find out which games they are playing. Such an innovative strategy allows you to study in detail the features of the games and reveal the behavior of the participants. RFID provides the ability to find the location of the chip or disable it, which is especially appropriate in case of theft;
  • Facial Recognition System — A face recognition and identification system is another crucial strategy for the innovative development of any casino that adheres to the principles of responsible gambling. This concept makes it impossible to admit underage participants to gambling, as well as people with gambling addiction and scammers;
  • Blockchain — Today, 15% of the world’s casinos work with bitcoin, and this figure will only grow over time. Gambling facilities are beginning to offer their customers to pay not only in cash and non-cash but also in digital currency. Some even use it as the main payment method. Blockchain technologies provide increased speed and security for money transfer processing;
  • Gamification — The point of technology is to create an additional interactive element. This innovation strategy has contributed to the emergence of bonus rounds, quests, tournaments, and other elements characteristic of video games.

Future Technologies of the Gambling Industry


5G technology

The technology should revolutionize not only the mobile Internet but the entire gambling industry. Faster Internet connections using mobile gadgets will enable the development of more sophisticated gaming products. The devices will support any system innovation in graphics and sound.

3D games

NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech began to expand their portfolio with 3D slots and table games and do not stop doing this today. It is also worth noting that the British corporation Betsoft has turned three-dimensional graphics into a business card and today is one of the leaders in this field.

Mobile Platforms

Innovation planning is hard to imagine without high-quality mobile gambling apps. Considering that there is a massive decline in the popularity of PCs in the world, the relevance of mobile platforms for online casinos will increase every day.

Final Say


The modern gambling market is full of various ideas, and the correct implementation of innovative technologies will help to find a fresh trend for the development of the gambling business. Of course, you can try to use all the innovations at once in one business model, but this is unlikely to lead to great success. The introduction of innovations should be done based on several factors: the range of games offered, the specifics of the jurisdiction, the specifics of the gambling establishment, the number of staff, etc.