The question must have popped out of your head when the dentist told you that you have to wear braces. Invisible ones, also known as clear aligner, is a more expensive alternative to traditional metal braces. Whether invisible braces work for you depends on many factors.

What are the Benefits of Invisible Braces?

Virtually Not Noticeable


One reason why many people make up their minds to buy invisible braces is that they look nice. They are transparent and it is hard for people to notice you are wearing them. This makes a lot of difference if you work as an actor or have to appear in the public or meet with important people frequently. Clear aligners are resistant to clouding after wearing for the whole day so no need to worry that people are pointing that you are wearing braces.

Soft on the Mouth

Invisalign braces are soft on the mouth – they do not have metal wires and brackets that can poke your gum. They are simply a series of clear, removable trays that you can wear on your teeth. With invisible ones, you can brush and floss your teeth conveniently. Before you put your aligner back, you should clean it. Metal wire brackets make it difficult for you to brush your teeth which can lead to cavities and gingivitis problems.

Shorter Treatment Time


Invisible braces offer faster treatment times. So, if you are thinking of giving teeth brace a try, you can opt for an invisible one. It lets you experience what it is like to wear braces. In the dental clinic, the dentist will use 3D technology to show you how your teeth’ alignment will transform in each phase. You will be able to see how your smile looks at the end of the treatment. The clear aligners tray is customized specifically for your teeth.

The dentist will prescribe a series of new aligners. The new aligners should be worn for at least 2 weeks. Invisalign aligners reduce the number of sets of aligners that you have to use so that you can speed up your treatment. You are to see your dentist on an appointment in every phase to get a new set of aligners. As you change a new set of aligners, your teeth will become more and more aligned. Check

Suitable for Various Crooked Teeth Problems

Invisalign braces are ideal for mild crooked teeth problems that involve one or two crooked teeth. You wear lesser aligners if you only have one or two crooked teeth. You will feel relieved because you don’t have to wear a mouthful of metal braces. You will need to wear a full set of aligners if you have more complicated alignment issues like malocclusion and over/underbites. Most people would choose the full aligner which can take 12 – 18 months of treatment time. There are also invisible braces designed for teeth who are still growing new adult teeth. Braces that are designed for teens usually have room to allow for the growth of new adult teeth.

Boost Your Confidence


Wearing invisible braces can help you to boost your self-confidence. You will be able to watch your teeth get straighter in each phase. It is harder to notice the progress on your teeth when you are wearing traditional metal braces. You are able to smile comfortably without any pain from the traditional metal ones. With invisible braces, it gives you the confidence to attend important social events where you meet professional people.

How Long Should You Wear Invisible Braces Daily?

Invisible braces need to be worn for a long period, although not full time like traditional metal braces. You must make sure that you are wearing your invisible brace for at least 20 – 22 hours every day. Otherwise, your treatment will be prolonged.

How to Maintain Your Invisible Braces?


You only get a set of clear aligners on each dental visit so you must look after them properly. When you remove your aligner, make sure to rinse it to prevent bacteria from building up. Only lukewarm water at room temperature should be used to clean the aligner. Before you wear it back, make sure to brush your teeth. You can bring along a travel toothbrush and toothpaste when you are traveling so that you can conveniently brush your teeth after each meal. It is not recommended that you use toothpaste to clean your invisible aligner as it can scratch the surface.

You have to watch your eating habits to ensure that you wear the trays for at least 20 – 22 hours. The total time you spend on eating should be no more than 4 hours. If you tend to snack a lot, this can create a problem for you. While you are snacking, you can forget how much time has passed. At mealtime, finish your food promptly and not delay. This will ensure that you wear your aligner tray for enough time.

Colored drinks can cause the teeth aligner to become stained so you should avoid them while you are wearing it. If you decide to consume drinks with color, make sure you have removed your invisible braces. As a rule of thumb, you should bring your invisible brace casing along whenever you go out for dining. The braces should be kept in the casing while you are not using them. You should not put them on the table as you will forget about them afterward.

Is Invisalign Braces Painful?

It is not painful to wear invisible braces at all. You may feel some discomfort in the first week of wearing it. Afterward, you will get used to it. The slight discomfort is nothing compared to the pain of wearing traditional metal braces. You may also find a slight lisp at the beginning of wearing the trays but it should soon go away. It is recommended that you try your first set of trays during the weekend. You can practice talking while wearing the tray until you can adapt to it.