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Everything today revolves around marketing, as proper advertising can mean the world to your business. There are various types of marketing campaigns we can choose from, but somehow, leaflet distribution gets overlooked, which shouldn’t be the case due to its vast benefits.


Since we live in a digital era where it is possible to find anything online and finish the purchase or even pay bills without leaving home, many people are confused about why leaflets are still in use.

Yes, there is a big confusion over whether this type of marketing strategy is even useful anymore, but that type of opinion usually comes from those unaware of plenty of benefits of leaflets. On the other hand, younger people simply cannot understand why to print something that can be sent by email within a few seconds.

Little do they know that precisely that is the goal, as generic messages are so common that all of us consider them more as spam mail than anything else, which is why this type of semi-personalized advertisement can do wonders for business and is something that is great advertising companies like leaflet distribution London are well aware of.

Since we have mentioned the benefits of this advertising method, let’s focus on them more to help you understand why they are still so important.

Giving importance to potential clients

giving leaflets to potential clients
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Although putting leaflets in peoples’ mailboxes or ringing on their door to give them in person can be pretty time-consuming and exhausting, especially when weather conditions are not working in our favor, it is actually one of the best ways to attract new clients.

It conveys the message to the people that they are important to our company and we would like to have them as our future clients, which eventually makes them more willing to try our products. Showing that you care about your clients can do wonders and only lead to success, but even that is just the beginning.

As for how this differs from creating an exceptional email marketing campaign, well, even though sending emails is, on the other hand, less time-consuming and can be a perfect way to attract new clients since the material printed on leaflets can also be sent in a digital form. However, sending emails also has its flaws. Namely, when sending an email, we cannot predict whether the receiver will read it or it will just swipe to delete it and end up in the trash without opening it.

Leaflets put in the mailboxes are picked up with the rest of the mail, and they can easily attract people’s attention, and we all know that at least once a week, we all check our mailboxes.

With that said, it’s needless to mention how much room that gives us to personalize leaflets and make an outstanding impression, and we all know how important first impressions are, even when it is something written on a piece of paper.

Saving a lot of money

Whoever owns a company knows how expensive a good marketing campaign can be, and everyone searches for cheaper ways to make their business seen among the customers. Well, we have good news – leaflet distribution is one of the cheapest but still most effective campaigns.

You don’t need that much money as an investment towards creating a great leaflet campaign. There is a huge difference when we compare leaflets to some other more popular marketing campaigns today.

Some people believe that the more they pay for advertising, the better the results will be, but that simply isn’t the case, and since it is not a generic message meant to reach as many people as possible, leaflet provides much more room to personalize it and create something unique and efficient for far less money.

Of course, even with this marketing campaign type, it’s important to create something unique, so let’s check some basic principles on how to improve your leaflet distribution.

Simplicity is the key

One of the most common mistakes people make in advertising is overthinking and overcomplicating things, which often leads to an entirely different path than the one wanted at the very beginning of creating a marketing strategy. The reason for that is simple, especially when you target a huge audience, as then you need to have something for everyone, and it’s not that uncommon ending up with a campaign you are not proud of.

That is why keeping it as simple as possible, yet as personal as it can be, is the goal, as only then can you draw people to the product. Keep in mind that the more text there is, the higher the chance people will read just a sentence or two and get rid of leaflets.

Looks matter

leaflet marketing design
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Looks play a huge role here, and when we say looks, the appearance of the leaflet should be precise and concise, designed in such a way that, for starters, the shape of it sends a clear message about what the company and the product are all about.

Besides that, it’s important to avoid making any mistakes, especially spelling ones, as even one small mistake can be disastrous. Just imagine that you are selling some type of insurance, and the leaflet is full of spelling errors. Potential clients will just throw it away as they would more likely think it is some kind of a joke than anything else.

A call to action is a must

call to action
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Regardless of the product, every leaflet should have a clear call to action message. The only thing that might differ is the type of CTA, which depends on the end goal, what the product is all about, and what you want them to do as the first step toward becoming your client.

Even the best-written leaflets with the best possible design and without any grammatical or spelling errors would be useless if the potential client doesn’t know what to do and where to go for more info when they are done reading it.

Placing the number they can call is one of the most common practices, but that’s just the beginning, and a much better solution can be that they should check your website, as then you will also increase the traffic for your website.

Adding an email is yet another way to add CTA, but even here, make sure not to add too many CTAs, as it can be counterproductive.