Saving bitcoins and investing in them is one of the best solutions for those who are looking for reliable ways to invest. But you can’t just buy bitcoins, users have the opportunity to receive or earn them.

For example, you can write such a query – earn bitcoins free, and see how many different cryptocurrency mining options exist today.

But you can also get acquainted with the available top methods of earning bitcoin in this review; it is very important for modern users not to fall for those technologies that do not work at all. The latter can be fraudulent and bring nothing but stress.

Crypto Games


Crypto gaming is becoming quite popular across the globe. What is the difference between traditional games and crypto games? Almost all blockchain-based games are accompanied by a corresponding in-game currency, marketplace, and token economy. Unlike traditional gaming, there is no centralised authority in control. Instead, GameFi projects are usually managed and governed by the community, with players even able to participate in decision-making.

Cryptocurrency earning games are an opportunity to combine business with pleasure. For example, is a mining simulator game. A convenient and simple version allows you to start earning without investments. You can read the rules of the game and start earning bitcoins on the best online cryptocurrency simulator in 2024 at .

Rollercoin has an active gamers community (more than 3 M) and allows to mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Matic, BNB and internal cryptocurrency RollerToken. You can pay for equipment anf other tools you need while playing.

With blockchain gaming, players and developers are on the same side. Nobody controls the game’s outcome, and anyone can analyze the code used in most blockchain-based games. This transparency means that if a developer adds an update the community doesn’t like, the game can be split and different versions built.

Partnership programs


You can create passive sources of income by registering on sites with profitable cooperation offers. Affiliate programs are available on the following sites:

  • online exchangers like ;
  • cashback sites;
  • platforms for earning on assignments;
  • advertising services like io;
  • investment projects.

There are also many other options for binance sites with affiliate programs, you can search additionally for the query earn bitcoins free, and choose other worthy options from the results.

Bitcoin mining faucets

There are many English-language faucets for distributing bitcoins, they are easy to find on the web by the query “earn bitcoin free”. The essence of the method of earning is as follows:

  • visit the site regularly;
  • enter your payment details;
  • receive a small reward
  • repeat at intervals of several minutes.

Sometimes it is necessary to change the IP address in order to receive payment from the same site. You can choose several of these sites and regularly receive stable income.

Completion of paid tasks


Another popular and risk-free method of earning is to complete such paid tasks:

  • site surfing;
  • writing reviews and comments;
  • performing certain actions according to a given algorithm;
  • watching videos;
  • clicks on ads.

A small fee is charged for each task, and it does not take much time to complete such simple tasks. With a high level of activity and motivation, you can earn decent money.

Cryptocurrency loans

You can earn by doing loans or intermediary activities. Earnings are formed from:

  • one-time payments and commissions for intermediary services;
  • interest for the use of credit funds;
  • penalties and fines in case of delays;
  • the transfer of the borrower’s cryptocurrency assets to the creditor in the event of default on debt obligations.

You can find platforms specializing in cryptocurrency lending by query “earn btc free”. Most of these sites work as intermediaries and guarantors.



Having start-up capital, you can earn on investments in various cryptocurrency projects. But this technique is quite risky, since there is a risk of losing investments in case of project closure or its low and long payback. Therefore, it is important to analyze investment projects before investing.

This method is also popular because investments quickly rebound. After investing in cryptocurrency, it immediately begins to bring good profits. True, much depends on the amount of the investment fund that a person replenishes. The larger the amount invested, the better the income, more commissions, more revenue.

Exchange trading


In order to start trading on the stock exchange, you must first study all the subtleties and nuances. This is essentially earnings on the course jumps. So, you need to:

  • choose a suitable cryptocurrency exchange;
  • register and open an account;
  • deposit funds to a working exchange account;
  • make transactions and earn on the difference in exchange rates;
  • withdraw earned funds or at the expense of them increase the amount of circulating currency.

Using the above methods, you can reach a stable level of earnings in bitcoins and collect a decent amount of assets.

Experts predict an active growth in the rate in the near future, which means that all the accumulated bitcoins can soon be profitably sold.

What features should be considered?

Many people want to get free cryptocurrency in order to convert it into real amounts of money. But for this, you should familiarize yourself with how crypto money works, how they generate income.

It should also be borne in mind that it is not always possible to convert a crypt into real financial resources, because sometimes it happens that they are embedded within a certain service, for example, the same game, where it can be spent.

Absolutely all the nuances must be dealt with in order to be able to directly receive the desired free cryptocurrency and dispose of it not only within one particular service or exchange. The withdrawal and input of funds earned by honest labor should be free.