Lost Ark works just like another massively multiplayer online game or MMO that will follow certain set standards for you to level through. There are 50 levels that any beginner needs to progress through by undertaking different challenges within the game. There is not a single way that will work for everyone, which is why we will try to cover the best leveling tips and tricks that are worth trying at least once.

Common Tips and Tricks for Beginners


Since you are a beginner, leveling is the first thing you will do. Lost Ark has a lot to offer, so make sure you do not spend too much time leveling and actually wade through to better things. Here are some of the most useful tips and tricks you need to keep in mind:

  • Even as a beginner, you will start at level 10 while playing the NA/EU version. When you begin at this level, there will be certain skills already unlocked for you to use. Rather than being confused with this development, try to take it in stride and focus on leveling up.
  • The maximum level of threshold is level 60. Different alternate characters that you are playing with can be leveled up as you are building up your account level. By default, different players will take different times at different levels, so the development will be subjective.
  • If you want to save time while playing, use Tripods. Tripods are not free, and you will need to first gather some silver to buy them. The main advantage of a tripod is teleportation within the same continent.
  • To update your gear is extremely important, and Lost Ark and try not to miss any opportunity for that. Gear with the Blue Arrow has to be upgraded.
  • Adventure items usually have a yellow Arrow and should be collected if you see them. Apart from these rewards, you can also maximize your chances of gaining more items if you divert your attention to the main quest.
  • Resetting your skills is possible and any given point during leveling. No extra payment is required for resetting your skills. It is recommended to reset your skills for better experimentation as per your character build.
  • Participating in quests cannot be avoided forever. When you complete a quest in Lost Ark in the first main hub town, if you get a chance of getting a free pet. Pets by players are used for loot and even for small buffs from time to time.
  • Pay attention to how currencies are being explained in the game because they will be used throughout your experience. The mean currencies include pirate coins, blue crystals, carnelians, silver gold, and rift shards.
  • Combat level, gear score, and account roster are three separate levels. Combat level talks about the level your character is at in the game. The number of items you have collected throughout the game is represented by the gear score.
  • The main quest is the fastest way to level up when you are going through levels 1 to 35. Simply speaking, follow the orange quests up inter-level 35 before moving forward. Orange quests are marked by Orange arrows and are extremely easy to follow.

Tricks for Levelling up Faster


As a beginner, knowing the basics of Lost Ark will surely help you in leveling up. If you want to level up faster, here are some tips and tricks worth following:

  • Try to put all your focus on completing the main quest instead of the side quests. Choose the main quest instead of secret dungeons or rapport quests, the faster you will be able to level up. There are some side quests worth trying if you are interested but try to focus on the main quest as much as possible.
  • If you choose to level up with the help of the main quest, all you will need to do is invest about 15 to 20 hours of your time. This time frame may vary depending on the speed and approach of different players. If you can complete the main quest faster, you will level up quicker and vice versa.
  • There are different classes that you can pick to help with mobility during the game. High mobility will save time during travel so pick either a Wardancer or a Fighter class.
  • You can choose a boost available online to level up faster to level 50. Depending on the plan you choose and your character, different types of boosts are available across different platforms. If you want to find excellent boosting service, check out the details on MMOBOOST.
  • If you want to level up faster while completing dungeons play in normal mode. Dungeons do not allow the use of amount and are compatible with team play or individual gameplay. You can also explore secret dungeons by going through different locations.

Know the Different Classes


A great part of playing Lost Ark is understanding the different classes to make the most of it. You do not have to gain extensive knowledge about different classes beforehand, but knowing the basics will help you out all the same. You will get a choice to pick an advanced class once you reach level 10. These include:

  • Warrior is one of the tankiest classes in Lost Ark.
  • Martial Artists come with lots of damage and great mobility.
  • Gunner includes an Artillerist and a Sharpshooter, all of whom come with lots of damage.
  • Mage and the Bard
  • Assassin is divided into two classes, and both of them come with high damage.

The Takeaway

As a beginner, trying to grasp as much as the game is throwing at you should be a priority. There are two ways to level up: keep playing according to your preference or try to level up faster with the use of many quests and all the advantages you have at your disposal. Knowing about the currencies, classes, and game upgrades will not only help you level up but will also make the experience more enjoyable.