Just a couple of years ago when everything was normal, people could choose whether to treat themselves with a gambling night or stay at home and have a private gambling session on one of the online platforms. Now, everything has changed drastically.

Online casinos started emerging on the market not that long ago. As the internet grew stable and the availability of WiFi networks also started increasing, casinos saw a good chance to spread not just online, but also on mobile apps. The first games offered were poker, followed by the second most favorite game – slots. And soon we have reached a point when all the games you would normally play in a casino are now available online.

No need to mention how the industry is striving. Online casino platforms can thank a number of technological advances for their success. First, there is the ability to play games on desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Apart from the fact that this availability encourages players to play more often, due to the availability of technology, they are more accessible than ever. Another technological innovation that has helped them is as we already mentioned Wi-Fi, or wireless Internet, which allows players to play from their smartphone or tablet anytime, anywhere. The third benefit is the possibility of online payment. On most online platforms you can pay by credit card, via Paypal or Skrill, from digital wallets, and more and more online casinos are offering the option to pay in cryptocurrencies.

In addition to the technology that enabled the real explosion of online casinos, their advantage is the fact that they have a variety of promotions, jackpots, bonuses, and similar benefits that are much better and come with higher fees than those in classic casinos.

This year has hit many on their pockets, leaving them in a financial struggle, searching for alternative ways to earn money. We are entering a full year of being in lockdown, social distancing, enable to meet with our friends and have a proper coffee or tea. In all this chaos, there was only one constant thing that was not affected by this virus. The internet. Our whole life is now transferred online. So did a chance for earning, and one can’t help but wonder if there is a possibility to earn money out of gambling and using casino bonuses? In theory, it’s quite possible, but there are some things one needs to look out for and some things that require close attention. Let’s explore this idea further.

Choose which website gives safe bonuses


Of course, as in any other industry that primarily uses the Internet for its business, there are numerous scams, fraudulent sites, and online casinos that are open only to bring quick profits to their owners and leave customers without money. Therefore, as Betenemy reported, before using any online casino, it is wise to read the reviews and information left by users about that casino, as well as the casino reviews. Pay special attention to the bonuses and the conditions under which they are given.

What kind of bonuses are available?


If you want to earn money from bonuses, you need to explore your possibilities and see what different bonuses are available for players. Only then you can decide which one would give you, personally, the best chance to earn money. Your circumstances might change in time, and if you plan to earn this way in the long run, maybe you’ll want to combine a couple of them to increase your earning possibilities. One thing is important, though, do not have huge expectations and get carried away. For earning to start, you’ll need to remain cold-headed and use a strategy.

Let’s walk you through different types of bonuses and how you can use them to make money.

A welcome bonus


Also known as the sign-up bonus, is the most common type available in the online gambling industry. There’s hardly any platform that doesn’t give them. Available to new players at the time of registration, it can have different components, combining other aspects such as deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, free spins, and free bets. For example, a 100% deposit corresponds to 20 free spins. These bonuses are by far the most generous and help new players get acquainted with the new gambling website and the games it offers.

Free spins


If you are a fan of slots, these are the best bonuses for you. As the name implies, free spins give you a certain number of free spins, ranging from 10 to as many as 100! Depending on the online platform and their respective terms, you may be able to use turns in multiple games or several specific games. Free spins are often offered by game makers, in addition to the online casino itself. You can find free pokies here.

Deposit bonus


While deposit bonuses are a common part of the welcome bonus, many online casinos offer separate deposit or refill bonuses that you can access when depositing to your online gambling account. Depending on your online casinos, you can reach 10% to 80% and more, up to the maximum limit. This encourages gamblers to bet with real money and add money to their gambling accounts. This is why we mentioned the importance of strategy when it comes to earning money this way. When you assess which platform offers the highest deposit bonus, it would be smart to transfer earnings from another to that one and collect deposit bonuses. And this leads us to the next bonus.

Loyalty bonus


Everybody loves loyal players, whether you are a high roller or not. Most online platforms have lucrative loyalty bonuses and VIP points that you can unlock based on the number of bets you have placed in the past. They can include free spins, free bets, increased odds, deposit bonuses, and even no deposit bonuses. There’s even more to it than money – you can also exchange loyalty points for gifts with some online casinos!

Many others are available, however, these are the ones you can earn from in a long run. So, the answer to the title is yes, it is possible to earn from bonuses, if you play smart.