You are developing your mobile application and thinking about how many downloads it will get after the launch to the market. In fact, it heavily depends on your marketing strategy because even the greatest products can be lost in the crowd of other similar apps.

If you want your product to be successful and get a lot of installs, on the stage of creating the idea of the future application you should be sure that you have something in your app that makes it unique. Otherwise, it will be difficult to be noticed by the audience because people often prefer those tools which they have been using for a while. So, to attract the audience you will need unique features, free trials, good looking design, etc. But that’s just the start.

Without a proper mobile app, the marketing plan your app risks not to be installed at all. The amount of competitors is huge, and all of them have something to suggest to their users. So, not to drown in them, your marketing efforts need to start well before the actual product is ready. According to some researchers, it is advisable to start the launch of advertising together with the start of development – let people talk about your concept, perhaps their advice will be useful. Check this guide to learn more about how to develop a successful product and why you need pre-launch marketing.

Most Effective Mobile Marketing Tactics

Optimize your product listings


What can attract your target audience to the application and turn visitors into users? One of the main factors is an attractive and user-friendly interface. Your pages in the app stores should have the full and easy to understand the description, covering the most important features and useful information about your app or game. Don’t forget to add screenshots and videos. Try to look at what you do from the side of the user. Make the pages visually attractive. During the development process, you need to especially focus on usability in order to create a positive user experience. With millions of apps on the market, it won’t be easy to stand out.

Look for the influencers to review your product


Nowadays, in the age of the development of social networks, you can find an opinion leader in almost every area. The review of a person who has a certain authority with the audience, so-called an influencer, can completely increase the interest in the application together with its downloads, or completely destroy everything you have been working on. So what you need to do is to find the influencers in your field and start negotiating with them. If you managed to agree on terms with the blogger, who has an audience of about 100 thousand people, you are very lucky.

Look for blogs that are ranked high in Google Search. Search is still one of the best ways to be found online. That is why as soon as you find the blog owners who write about your niche, try to start a dialogue with them by sending your PR kit. Describe in the email the best features of your product and the reasons why it should be tested.

Also, there are a number of specialized websites that review the applications professionally. If you submit your application there, you can be noticed by many people.

Build a good reputation and trust towards your app


It’s obvious that you need to build a good reputation and trust in your application. Otherwise, how will people know that exactly your application is worth their attention and install? So, to get the recognition you can submit your product on the special websites to apply for different features and design awards. As soon as you get awarded, you will see the growth in the number of downloads. Don’t forget to mention your awards in the app description. It will be highly appreciated by your potential users.

Pay attention to social integration


The more people share your software in their profiles, the more new customers you will receive for free. Build the ability to share achievements in the program. New records in games, 30 thousand steps a day, 4 books a month – let customers brag about records on their social media, and then their friends will find out about the application.

Communicate with your target audience to get ideas for the next updates


It is almost impossible to develop the perfect application at once, fixing all the bugs and, at the same time, preventing new issues from happening. The best way to solve this situation is to communicate with your audience and release regular app updates. You need to keep on working on your application permanently, keeping it fresh and up to the needs of your audience. To know which fields require more improvement you can use the users’ feedback. With every new update, fix all sorts of bugs, update the design issues and usability of your product.

Run pay-per-click and paid search campaigns


Paid ads help to increase the visibility of the application, make it visible and recognizable for all users. This strategy works great because people spend a lot of time with their mobile devices. There are many different types of mobile ads, like video ads, banner ads, etc. You just choose the one that suits you more. Just remember that paid ads won’t make every bit for you and you shouldn’t focus only on this item. Marketing efforts should also be directed towards SEO activity in order to attract the target audience and stay at the top.

Develop your content marketing strategy


It’s highly recommended to run a blog on your website to tell your potential customers about the product-related news as well as provide them with useful information related to your app niche. For example, if you have developed a language learning application, you could share the tips and tricks on how to learn foreign languages fast, what the best learning resources are, what challenges language learners could face, etc. Make sure to add keywords you want to rank for in search engines directly to these blog posts.

These are the most workable marketing strategies you need to keep in mind when crafting the mobile marketing plan for your product.