Having an ideal and proportional body is a desire of every human being. Someone with weight will undoubtedly try to lose it, and people with a thin body will try to gain weight.

When the body experiences weight gain, it can be triggered by various things, such as unhealthy eating patterns, lack of exercise, and people who have thin or underweight problems. It can also occur due to diet and mental illness that makes the mind become burdened and result in physical changes in the body.

A person with a thin body has various methods and ways of gaining weight, ranging from increasing the portion of food and doing a weight gain program to taking weight gain pills.

Gaining weight by taking pills can help find the ideal body. This method is done chiefly by taking steroid-type drugs, encouraging the body to develop more. Still, every drug needs to be taken with the supervision of doctors and experts to avoid the dangers that can be caused afterwards.

Some of the symptoms and side effects of this weight gain pill will be felt if it is not under the supervision of a doctor. To better understand it, we should deepen our knowledge regarding drugs that are a problem with weight.

Causes of Weight Gain Due To Medicine Consumption

Person experiences weight gain arising from taking drugs can occur due to several factors. These various types of weight gain drugs have the same content but react differently to humans.

This weight gain drug can generally encourage and increase a person’s appetite so that the portion of food will be different after taking the medication. When a person increases his appetite, the carbohydrates produced grow more than usual Check this out.

Importance of knowing the type of drug consumed will have an impact on the selection of drugs that are suitable for our bodies. Some medications can have different reactions for each person who consumes them. When the drug is not ideal for eating, things will happen, such as not being able to produce balanced calories, even pills. This becomes a problem because it can withstand the intake of water consumed and other impacts that will be dangerous for the body and body weight.

In some cases, there are several types of drugs that are believed to increase weight as follows:

  • Types of drugs used to treat diabetic patients, such as sulfonylureas and thiazolidinediones.
  • Types of drugs used in psychological therapy include lithium, olanzapine and clozapine.
  • Types of drugs for the treatment of severe depression such as escitalopram and sertraline.
  • Types of drugs to treat epilepsy such as gabapentin and Divalproex.
  • Types of hormone-enhancing drugs such as prednisone.
  • And the drugs used to lower blood pressure, such as beta-blockers and propranolol.

Errors and lack of consultation with the relevant doctor will undoubtedly impact weight gain when the weight problem becomes a nuisance that must be avoided for the health of the body. That is why it is important to consult before taking weight gain drugs.

Symptoms that can be caused

Side effects of the weight gain pills you take can occur if you don’t pay attention before taking them. One of the symptoms you can think of is that you are quickly tired and lazy to move.

If you see from the number of servings you eat that is increasing, but you don’t have the vital energy to do sports or move, your weight may increase, but what’s the point if it becomes a trigger for other diseases of your body?

If you experience symptoms like this, it can be said that you are experiencing problems with the weight gain drugs you are taking, and this should immediately be consulted with your doctor so that it can be treated further.

How is weight gain diagnosed?

After you feel the symptoms of the weight gain drug, you should immediately check with the relevant doctor; they will begin to analyze your body from the changes you are experiencing and some questions related to your eating habits, diet, and the type of medicine you are using.

It should be understood that every symptom of weight change cannot be ascertained due to the drugs consumed. An examination by the relevant doctor will answer it through the correct analysis and diagnosis method and refer to the symptoms you are feeling at that time. This examination process will determine whether the drug is a problem from the symptoms you are experiencing.

To carry out an examination, it should be done by an expert doctor because by being directly handled by an expert, this problem will be fast, and the results will be more accurate.

How is the treatment for the effects of drugs on body weight?


After the doctor’s diagnosis gives the results of the symptoms you are feeling, the doctor will provide some first-stage treatment by offering a prescription for drugs that can be consumed to relieve these symptoms. This is also part of the diagnosis, which will be checked after you take medicine from the doctor.

Diagnosis and follow-up treatment will be carried out after the results of the initial stages you take the drug from the doctor. If the results are still unsatisfactory, you will be advised to replace the weight gain drug you are consuming. This is the final result of the doctor’s analysis that the medication you are using is not suitable or even the drug is not working well for your body.

Do a gradual consultation with an expert doctor to see the progress. You should always check your physical condition with the doctor after changing the weight gain pill to avoid diseases that are more dangerous for your health.

What Complications Can Occur?

What are the consequences of taking weight gain drugs unsuitable for your body? This question often arises and interferes with activities, therefore here, we summarize some of the diseases that occur from the consumption of inappropriate drugs:

  • Patients will experience minor illnesses such as arthritis and dizziness and experience mental and psychological problems, and they will feel high anxiety which will trigger other dangerous diseases.
  • Serious problems will occur in your internal organs, such as damage to the liver, lungs and heart and even cause other dangerous cancers.
  • Dangerous diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure and infertility are hazardous to your health.

As we discussed earlier, not all drugs can pose a risk to your body, but they can be dangerous if you are not careful and do not consult. The importance of consulting before taking medication is a smart way to avoid the dangers of this weight gain pill.

There are several ways to prevent weight gain

The best way to avoid the harmful effects of weight gain drugs is to consult a doctor, by finding out in advance the content of the medication you are going to take will help you with the content that is dangerous or not suitable for your body.

All the drugs you take need to be understood how to use. Even to gain weight, it is not enough to take drugs. You also need to do activities such as regular exercise and eliminate bad habits that will have an impact on weight gain.