Black Jack is one of the most recognisable card games available at online casinos. And whether it’s a land-based casino, its online version, or just a social get-together with friends, the simplicity of the rules and the speed of the change of hands attracts more and more people.

And while some may believe that luck is king in card games, we believe there are certain rules you can follow to increase your chances of a positive outcome. Although, this is not a set of rules, but rather an indication of the basic mistakes that we recommend you to avoid. Let’s proceed directly to them.

1. Playing with ignorance of the rules


The first thing you should remember is that the rules may vary from online casino to online casino. It is recommended to read them before the game in a special tab.

Changing the rules often concerns not the mechanics of the game, but the amount of payouts for winnings. For example, some casinos, such as Golden Reels, practice a 3 to 2 system, while others practice a 6 to 5 system. The second digit is the relative value of your bet, the first digit is the relative value of your winnings. That is, betting $100 under the 3 to 2 rule you will get $150 in winnings, while playing under the 6 to 5 system only $120.

2. Playing too safe

Risk awareness is a good skill, but you shouldn’t hold yourself back in everything. Holding 15 or 16 points seems like an easy way to get overwatched, so players often stop. But sometimes it is worth taking a risk, remembering to look at your opponent’s (dealer’s) card.

If the dealer is holding a 10-point card, you should consider taking another card, or your chances of winning are minimal.

3. Playing too risky


Excess is not good in any form. Just as you shouldn’t play too carefully, you shouldn’t make aggressive decisions relying on pure luck alone. Yes, it’s a basic component of the game, but taking another card when you already have 17 in hand can be a fatal mistake.

As in the last tip, lean on the dealer’s hand. Let him try to outbid you, statistically speaking, he won’t succeed.

4. Game without stop

Blackjack is known for the fact that you can both make a lot and lose a lot in it. Determine for yourself in advance the entry and exit points, how much maximum you want to earn and how much maximum you can afford to lose, and then don’t cross this line. And by no means try to win back.

5. Hoping for insurance

Some casinos offer a game feature such as insurance. This means that if the dealer has an Ace as an open card on the table, the player can walk away from the deal, losing 50% of its value. However, the odds of the dealer having blackjack in his hand are 9 to 4. This means that the percentage of losing money in the end result for the player is not equal to the chance of winning. Be brave and trust the statistics.

6. Ignoring the doubling function


Doubling is a feature that can be used in the middle of a hand when the player already has one card in hand. If you are happy with the hand, you can double your bet and automatically draw another card. Professionals believe it’s worth doing if the player currently has 11 in his hand. And it is better to wait for another chance if the dealer has already collected 17 and stopped.

7. The decision not to split Aces

Not all players understand how to split aces. But this feature allows you to maximize your chances of winning in a given hand.

The combination of two aces by itself is pretty weak, and it’s risky to take the next card. But if you split them up, you can get two strong hands at once. In doing so, you have a 31% chance of getting a ten out of your hand and getting Black Jack. But even if the card isn’t a 10, you still have plenty of options for winning.

8. Splitting a pair of 9s


A player also has the option of splitting 9s. This is worth doing if you see a 7 or less from the dealer. In this case, you greatly increase your chance of winning. If the dealer shows a 9, this method is not worth resorting to, as he can easily finish with a 19 and you will lose literally one point.

9. The 12-point combination

One of the most dangerous numbers in the game is the 12-point combination. Some players stay with this combination because there’s a good chance of busting a 10 and going over. But there are also 9 cards that can increase your chance of winning, which is much higher than losing.

10. Splitting tens

Unlike splitting aces, splitting tens is not such a good idea. For one thing, you’ve already amassed a 20-point combination, which can only be outbid by blackjack. But the chance that you’ll get another 10-point card after splitting is not so great.

11. Splitting fours

When the dealer has a 5 or 6 in his hand, the best solution is to split 4s. Statistically speaking, the dealer has a better chance of getting busted, and you’re in a safer and more comfortable position.

12. stopping the game with 16-17 points


Sometimes it seems that the chance of losing is quite high, so it’s worth stopping, but everything is very relative. Be sure to pay attention to the dealer’s hand. If he is holding an ace or a ten, he will most likely beat you anyway, so it is worth continuing to play, because you are behind at the moment.

Use our tips and become a pro

Blackjack may seem to be a game where the emphasis is not on luck. But this is not the case, it is decided by statistics and experience. Yes, you can be lucky or unlucky in a particular deal, but if you follow the cold reasoning and logic over the course of 20-30 hands, you will definitely see the benefit of this method. We have not described all of the players’ mistakes, yes, some of them you will have to make yourself. But it will only make you stronger and you will be able to develop your own rules.