Alchemy is a common word that you might have heard of. But you may not know its true meaning and how it is connected with the consciousness power. Alchemy is a scientific method or an experiment that helps create the concept of consciousness.

By using this approach, one can transform the dark mind into a sparkling golden mind. As per alchemists, there are various mental states and consciousness levels. They involve several materials like gasses, metals, compounds, etc.

Alchemy is a detailed concept to understand for people interested in knowing more about the power of consciousness. In the following write-up, we will discuss everything about alchemy, the consciousness power, and how monatomic gold powder is related. You can understand the complicated theory by going through plenty of information.

Origin of Alchemy and Its Meaning

The concept of alchemy is a combination of spiritual and practical traditions done by experienced scholars. All the alchemists from different corners of the world assembled and started working on the transformation principles. They concluded with a coherent philosophy after various observations and philosophy-based interpretations.

Scholars took 250 years to understand the concept of alchemy. The perfect way of communicating this theory was by letters, books, manuscripts, etc. Instead of traveling, they prefer to stay in the same place and write manuscripts.

The Consciousness Power

Consciousness is the main part of the alchemy theory, which states nature’s force. In-universe evolution plays a drastic role. The origin of the entire consciousness is from the same place, which is far from space and time. It is considered the universe source, and it is available in every place.

The creation of the universe and its relationship with other substances is because of the evolution of this power. Understanding the creation of the universe with consciousness theory is a detailed concept.

About Monatomic Gold


It is a mineral complex that appears like metallic gold. It is formed when the large atoms of gold are completely latticed together. If you observe the latticed atoms in the metallic form, it appears larger than the cell opening.

If we consume this substance, the metallic gold will pass through our bodies completely. You might be curious to know how monatomic gold is formed. It is done by an alchemist process and the use of consciousness theory.

Breaking of gold clusters is done to obtain atoms, and it needs to be one atom for one particle. The metallic gold transforms into white gold powder to make it stable, heat-resistant, inert, and non-conductive. It is also known as Ormus. If you are interested in monatomic gold powder, visit

If we talk about its benefits, it is used in medications. It helps in enhancing brain functionality and improves clarity. Anyone having issues with organ functionalities must consider using the monatomic gold. It also helps regenerate cells rapidly and keeps you stable in your meditative states. It is quite helpful for better insights.

Stages of Alchemy

To understand the theory of alchemy and consciousness power, you must know about its different stages.

1. Calcination

It is the initial stage, also known as the black stage. Generally, the black color signifies chaos which is not visible to everyone. It is hidden within the individuals, and sometimes, it gets buried. You can also call it unconsciousness.

The Calcination stage involves the burning process of Materia Prima, which is burned till it becomes ash. Spiritually, it is about breaking the feeling of attachments and desires and losing one’s identity. Fire is the main element that purifies our soul and removes all the non-serving elements.

2. Dissolution

Now, the second stage of alchemy is where the ashes are dissolved in water. You can consider water as an unconscious symbol, and it is about involving the hidden section of an individual that is not explored yet. In this stage, we free ourselves to understand our identity and inauthenticity. This stage helps in dissolving your ego and understanding emotions.

3. Separation

You can understand this stage by the air element. It helps in separating an individual spiritually from his thought process. This stage helps an individual acquire his personality. One can eliminate negative emotions and be aware of desires and other feelings. In the first two stages, one can get into the feeling of emptiness and loneliness, but the third stage can bring relief.


4. Conjunction

It is a stage where the elements from the previous stages are combined, i.e., air, water, and fire. An individual can get a feeling of a unified soul with his body. In this stage, one can achieve harmony. Males are unified with various attributes like logic and intellectuality. Females get connected to attributes like emotions and intuition.

5. Fermentation

In this stage, an individual destroys the old personality and gives birth to the new one. It is about dissolving all the negative thoughts and renovating your mind and soul with new thoughts. This stage is a split of two processes, i.e., spiritualization and putrefaction. The putrefaction stage is quite difficult for an individual, but spiritualization can bring relief to them.

6. Distillation

In this stage, all the impurities are eliminated from one’s life. Anyone having ego issues gets dominated, and an individual starts considering his soulful voice. In this stage, both unconscious and conscious states are brought to harmony.

7. Coagulation

It is a solidification stage where the self becomes the whole. The liquid blood solidifies and gets into a solid state. It is easy to heal the wound and makes an individual independent. The unification process of matter and spirit happens in the coagulation stage.

The Bottom Line

Alchemy includes consciousness power to build the spiritual traits of an individual. It involves different elements like air, fire, water, etc., that help in purifying one’s soul and eliminate all the negative thoughts. In this way, a new personality is formed. The monatomic gold powder is a metallic element, i.e., involved in the process for better results.