Entertainment is everything that allows us to feel good and do something. But apart from that, it can also mean an opportunity to earn money and have fun at the same time, and one such opportunity is provided by casinos. Although most people in Canada would say that casinos are just a great opportunity to get addicted to gambling and lose your money, that is not the case until you start properly enjoying the casino games that are available to Canadians.

And how can you enjoy it properly? First of all, you need to have a limited budget, limit your gambling time, do it primarily for fun (not because of the desire to earn) and you need to have the most suitable casino option that will give you the full right and opportunity to gamble.

Most of these things we’re sure you know, but there’s one thing you don’t, and that’s what the best offshore casino options are, especially if you’re coming from Canada. First of all, you need to know that offshore casino options are all those casino sites that are available over the internet and that offer a fair and safe game for anyone who would like to gamble. It’s good to know that not every offshore gambling option is the best for you, so it’s good to know what the good options are for you.

On the Internet, you can find a large number of lists that are good for players. This list of online casinos in Canada has been carefully put together with the help of the iGaming experts from and is the one that is the best and most recommended for you. So let’s see together what are the 10 most popular, safest, and best offshore gambling options for you.

1. National Casino


The first choice for any Canadian who wants to enjoy gambling is the National Casino. This option offers you first of all a unique opportunity for bonuses that can reach a value of up to 1500 dollars, but you can also get up to 150 free spins that can give you a chance to win. This option is rated with 5 stars which means that it is well received by the players and means that they enjoy it too.

2. Slot Hunter


Next recommendation comes for one of the best platforms that can offer you up to 1000 CAD bonus, 200 spins, but also great games like video poker, blackjack, slots, and many other options. This option has been rated 5 stars by the players who have visited it so far, and we believe that you too would leave such a great option in the future.

3. Betamo


Great games, great options and offers, top-notch bonuses, and perfect technical support – for all these things Betamo has received 5 stars from visitors. Why is that? This is primarily because of the VIP option that offers up to a $3000 bonus, the offer of 150 free spins, but also excellent payment options offered by the site. Want to feel the magic and quality of this option? Visit Betamo and see for yourself.

4. Hell Spin


A casino site with such a great name cannot have bad service, and the possibilities that are offered are proof of that. Bonuses are worth up to $1200, you can also get 120 free spins, as well as witness a great range of games such as blackjack, poker, slots, and similar options. This platform has a score of 5, which is certainly a well-deserved option thanks to the safe game that you can experience here and a large number of opportunities available to all players.

5. Bizzo Casino


How does the possibility of winning a maximum bonus, up to 100 free spins, excellent payment options for every player, and being part of a web casino option with the most stars from satisfied customers sound to you? It is an opportunity provided by Bizzo Casino where you can enjoy some of the best games offered by these web gambling experts.

6. Dream Vegas


This is a relatively new gambling platform offering that offers the opportunity for all players to enjoy options such as poker, blackjack, slots and roulette. It offers bonus opportunities up to $7000 which is a great opportunity for any player, but also over 100 free spins for those who want to play the most. Sound great? Head to Dream Vegas and enjoy!

7. Ivibet


This is also a relatively new option offered that has excellent ratings from users. It is an option that can offer you a phenomenal casino, blackjack, and slots experience, but also many other experiences related to bonus spins and cash bonuses. It’s easy to use and full of fun and winning opportunities, so visit Ivibet.

8. SlotV


1500 CAD bonus, close to 150 spins, more payment options, and great games offered like slots, poker, blackjack, roulette, and many others. That’s what you can get as a SlotV player who will be satisfied and come back again to leave a 5-star rating, but also remain a loyal player like the very large number of other players.

9. Mr Play Casino


With this option you can find all the things that a player needs, which are a bonus that is up to a maximum of 1600 dollars, a large number of bonus spins, games that are satisfying and they can bring an outstanding experience and fast payout. Safety is guaranteed, and fun is a must, so head over to Mr Play Casino and enjoy.

10. 21 Casino


A different offer comes from this web casino site that offers you great game shows, and scratch cards, but also the standard options like poker, blackjack, slots, and other interesting options. Satisfying bonuses are also on this site, you can get over 100 free spins and do it all in a fun way that will be safe for you. Join 21 Casino and experience the great game.


Dear Canadians, in front of you, are the best 10 options, but also the safest 10 options that will offer you a different and exciting gambling experience directly from your home or one of your other favorite locations. All that is required is to choose the option that seems best to you and enjoy the casino experience offered by these gambling professionals through their platforms.