Most top-tier online betting operators allow users to try out new features and at least a couple of bonuses. Most of the promotions provide lucrative rewards that users can put to the test, but not all of them are worth it. Thankfully, the information about Efbet’s welcome promotion is related to the odds, meaning they are much better than the offers available on other sites.

Although this operator may provide top-tier promotions to its registered clients and new users, other sites do not fall into this category. Some rewards are not that good because they have very annoying conditions that bettors must adhere to. Not everyone checks those things, which is why we’ve decided to share them in this article.

Check if the promo is available in your country of residence

The first important rule we’d like to point out is related to the availability of a given bonus. This may not seem like a problem to people who use a local gambling site, but many punters prefer to test an international iGaming operator. Needless to say, those sites are available worldwide and often provide different perks for a specific group of players. Hence, it may have different perks for users in some countries.

The good thing is that you can check everything that the given brand has to offer in no time. All it takes is a quick look at the bonus section, and you will immediately reveal all of the active propositions. It is okay if some of the things you find there are different because brands will offer specific products to clients from some jurisdictions.

Check if the offer you like is not short-termed


It may come as a surprise, but Bulgarians and people in other parts of the globe often use online betting operators that provide temporary bonuses. What makes these offers stand out is that they are available for a particular event or match. In other words, they will expire once this match is over.

Having access to all kinds of short-termed offers is a big plus because it allows people to use new bonuses all the time. However, they need to be aware of the fact that the given offer falls into this category. Those who don’t notice it will miss out on the specific reward from Efbet because the latter has loads of short-term rewards.

The offer may only work for a specific category

One of the most common mistakes made by people who bet online is using a bonus that does not work for the section they are interested in. Unsurprisingly, this is only a problem if Bulgarians use sites like Efbet because they have at least a couple of betting categories. As a result, some of the offers available to new or existing customers are only available to sports bettors or online casino fans.

Since most gambling sites do not divide their promos into different subcategories, the only thing you can do to check whether you can use them for the specific section is to skim through the T&C. If that doesn’t work, try using some of the customer support options and ask the operator for additional details.

Ask if the bonus is mobile friendly


Betting on sports using a mobile device has always been challenging, especially for people who have the latest smartphone or tablet. Every top-tier gambling site in Bulgaria and other countries offers a special mobile website that has the same options as the desktop platform. Furthermore, some companies even have special mobile applications.

Although most sites will do everything they can to offer users a top-notch mobile betting experience, only some operators have mobile bonuses. In fact, the majority of the sites you will come across do not have a stand-alone mobile perk. Hence, those who use Android or iOS to bet online will not have access to a unique reward.

To make up for it, many operators decide to hire developers whose job is to optimize the existing desktop promotions. By doing this, everyone who wants to bet on the go can access the same desktop propositions.

The bad news is that many sites are yet to complete this step, meaning that you may not have access to a specific reward once you start betting on the go. So, always check this before using a specific bookie.

If the bonus has a promo code, learn more about it and how to use it

Bonus codes are not new in the online betting industry because some operators have been using them for years. Those things have a different role, depending on the site. Usually, iGaming operators need them because they help the sites give a specific reward to a particular customer. In other words, some operators use them as a key to explore a given offer.

However, you can also come across a lot of online betting platforms whose bonus codes will improve a given reward. For example, it may add extra funds or even a special reward, such as free bets and free spins.


Unsurprisingly, it is very important to learn more about the promo codes and when to use them before you start betting. Failing to apply the code when needed will prevent you from having access to a better bonus or unlocking the specific reward in the first place. Once you find out where to use the code, make sure you do not make a mistake because using a false promo code won’t give you access to anything.

Look for a video guide showing you how to use the specific offer

The last important thing that may help a lot of online bettors is a video guide. Even though those things are fairly new in iGaming, some of the top-tier sites like Efbet and other operators may provide users with short videos showing them how to use a given offer.

While it is true that most gamblers will not need to use such a thing, others will be thrilled because they have to repeat the same steps as in the video. Speaking of the devil, this video might not be available in the promo section itself because some bookies have stand-alone forums where it releases such content.