There are not many things that are almost entirely universal no matter where you find yourself. It is actually a handful of stuff and revolves around food, sports, video entertainment like games and movies, and music. These are always popular no matter where you go, albeit with their regional differences and cultural and traditional traits. However, in the last decade or so, and particularly since the onset of social media and the internet, gambling has managed to become one of these globally famous and adored activities.

The fact that you can enjoy your favorite hobby and play casino-style games no matter where you go is amazing and it is actually quite similar to visiting a cinema or going to a sporting event. Trying out local food is important for some people, or enjoying the most popular music artists while there. Well, gamblers have their own thing and they like to try out what that particular country has to offer and how things are different from what they have back home.

Gambling Away from Home

In this article we are talking about gambling in foreign countries no matter why you find yourself abroad. Whether it is for pleasure during a tourist stay at the seaside, or a business trip when you have some downtime to kill, gambling in on unfamiliar turf can be exactly the thing you need. Things have been like this for decades actually as there have been numerous casino resorts around the world. Tourist gambling is a thing, but that is not what we are talking about. Right here and now, we are actually focusing on the online variety and discuss what it is like to gamble online while in a foreign country.

Do you know how to do it, whether or not you can even do it in certain cases, and what the most useful tips for it would be? Using a virtual private network (VPN) and paying attention not to use mobile data are tips that go without saying and that do not require much discussion. But is there anything else, more important and more gambling-oriented? Of course there is. Join us as we explore this interesting topic. If you are planning a trip to Canada soon, you will definitely want to check out and browse the best online casinos in this popular country.

1. Check the Regulations and Laws


The number one tip we have for you is quite simple and straightforward. Gambling has always been an activity infamous for its unfortunate ties with criminal activity. Money laundering and tax evasion are serious problems and throughout history many casinos were owned by shady figures on the other side of the law. This has given even the simplest and purest gambling a bad name. Therefore, governments are strict when it comes to their laws and regulations regarding gambling. It is normal to know what those are in your home country, but what about going abroad? Things could be completely different. Online gambling may not be allowed. It could only be allowed for the natives, or only for the foreigners. Who knows what kind of laws they have around? Although you probably know next to nothing about many countries, there are ways to learn. Simply hop online and do some research. It will greatly benefit you and most importantly, protect you while you are there. You should enjoy the trip and gamble without worries on your mind. The last thing you want is trouble with the foreign law due to gambling!

2. Use the Local Apps

The easiest way to experience local online casinos is to download the most popular gambling apps while there. To do this, you must first know which the most popular casinos are and then search the app store for their dedicated gambling app. If they do not have one, you can always gamble from the browser. Using the local apps and websites when traveling is important if you want to feel like a native and experience gambling just like they do. Simply continuing to do the same things you would back home is boring. You can literally do it whenever. When in Rome, remember? Therefore, once you get over the border, make sure to indulge in the real experience and gamble just like the natives would. You are doing it online, from your phone or laptop anyway, so it is easy. Make it fun too and take full advantage of the unfamiliar!

3. Try New and Different Games

Perhaps the most obvious thing to do, and luckily something that most gamblers do in foreign countries, is to try out the games that are not that big back home. Now, it is important to remind yourself to take a break from what you already know and are good at. You will eventually go back home and right to your favorites. Poker, roulette, and blackjack will be waiting for you. You will also get your dear slots back. But while you are far away from home, make sure to pick the games that are local favorites. Asian countries for example have their own takes on many games you know and love. However, they are different enough to give you a brand new experience. Different regions call certain games by different names. Australians refer to slot machines as pokies, in Britain they are fruties or fruit machines, Japan has its own variety called pachinko, etc. And that is just for slots. Trying out local varieties and takes on the things you know is how you meet the gambling culture of the country you are in and become a more experienced gambler. In addition, you will be learning new stuff about the thing you care about, and what can be better than that?

4. Mind the Exchange Rates


Last but not least, you have to pay attention to the whole money situation so that you do not get ripped off. Gambling with foreign currencies is difficult, but doing it with the currency you have on your card makes less sense because of the exchange rates and fees at play. Check the rates well before you go and try to find a good exchange office to get the local currency. You will be saving a lot of money if you think about how you can spend local currency while gambling and not using the same payment method as you do back home!