Since their inception, slots have been all the rage. This casino feature is, by all means, the most popular gambling recreation. As a virtual casino gambler, you’ve probably wondered how online slots work. The software that runs behind your favorite slot games is indeed responsible for all the smiles and frustrations one gambler can feel during their sessions at a casino.

The divisive question that splits many punters’ minds is whether the RNG software indeed generates random numbers or if it’s prone to manipulation. The fact is that some slot machines work better than others. If you wish to learn how to make more money by playing slots, visit However, if you want to know how they work, read on.

Slot Machines Types

All slot features are virtually the same. However, there are some minor differences. Hence, we can distinguish two main types of slot machines: straight slots and progressives. The first offers players a predetermined amount of cash rewards. The latter typically offer a jackpot that grows with the percentage of coins played.

Besides this, we can distinguish slots by the number of reels, paylines, or the number of coins you can put in. You can wager a nickel with some slot features, while others accept up to a staggering €500,000.

Jackpots Chances


The possibility of hitting huge, life-changing jackpots is something punters love about slots the most. However, not all features offer the same chances. Your chances of winning will depend on various factors. One of the most important aspects is the number of reels on the slot machine. Simply put, the higher the number, the higher the reward. However, players’ chances of hitting the grand prize will decrease accordingly. Moreover, in most cases, the machines will have an integrated payout ratio. Typically, slots are programmed to pay from 83% up to 98% of coins received over a long period of time.

Random Number Generator

Understanding RNG will help you immensely in recognizing how online slots work. We can look at the Random Number Generator as an integral part of every slot machine. In fact, RNG represents the heart and soul of this popular casino feature.

Now, this algorithm is not a groundbreaking invention. In fact, you can find this system integrated into computer simulations. Moreover, most video games are based on 32- and 64-bit RNG.

To ensure randomness, slot software developers introduced the RNG to ensure fairness. Although the outcomes in slot machines are unpredictable to the human mind, they’re far from it in their essence. The reason lies in the fact that every program, including RNG-based slots, follows a fixed sequence that relies on a specific set of conditions.

However, as a result, virtual slots distribute different outcomes that exclude the possibility of recognizing any pattern. It is even challenging for those with plenty of experience. It’s what sets the casino industry apart from others. In contrast, if you’re into TV shows, after some time, it’s easy for you to predict who’s going to be the next bachelor on The Bachelor.

This is possible thanks to the pseudo-RNG generator. This algorithm works behind whether a specific slot is played or not. Thanks to this, no one can have any idea which number is going to be generated next and at what time.

How Online Slots Work: Internal Control


Ideally, if all slots ran on an unaltered RNG, the gambling industry would achiev the lofty goal of fully unbiased and fair play. However, some people will always look to take advantage of inexperienced and naive players. Thus, the industry has introduced licenses to control casinos in their flock and enable fair and secure gambling conditions.

As a result, all regulated casinos must pass rigorous audits. This is done by comparing the theoretical results to the casino’s actual results. During the audit, institutions primary focus on:

  • Comparison between theoretical and actual hold
  • Coin-in-meter functionality
  • Correctness of the coin in meter
  • Slot manager statistical reports
  • Variation investigations

If the casino fails to comply with the minimum requirements, it risks losing the given license. Some of the largest agencies that analyze and test virtual casino games are:

  • BMM Testlabs
  • SQS
  • GLI
  • iTech Labs
  • TST
  • NMi
  • eCOGRA

Virtual operators that tend to provide a safe and secure gambling environment will typically test their games with the above institutions. Online casinos display these certificates on their official web pages, alongside the link to the appropriate auditory body.

How Online Slots Work: The Providers


Casino software developers stand behind all the glitz and glamor of virtual slot machines. This may come as a surprise to many newcomers, but casinos aren’t the actual creators of gambling titles. There are casino game providers specialized in the e-gaming business, whose purpose is to bring all the fun and enjoyment to the end-users.

The role of a casino game provider is by no means easy. Namely, although relatively young, the gambling industry is developing rapidly. It is even more difficult, bearing in mind that current technological advances measure successes in the world of casino games. We could say the providers’ universe is less Utopia and more like a Survivor-type reality show.

As a result, users’ demands for better and more fun games grows exponentially. As a result, we have slots with a high level of graphics performance and engaging sound. All this is possible thanks to software developed by well-known providers who determine how online slots work. While we’re on the subject, here are the main slot machines formats:

  • Live Casino Software
  • Instant Play Software
  • Mobile Software
  • Download Software

Most often, virtual casinos will offer their players different options. Therefore, there is a good chance that you’ll have all kinds of software at your disposal when visiting the casino, assuming that it is a reputable operator.

Certain providers specialize in only one type of software, while others offer different variations of one slot game. However, several names stand out as leading among casino software developers, and they are:

  • Evolution
  • Playtech
  • Microgaming
  • Yggdrasil
  • Betsoft
  • Red Tiger Gaming
  • Skywind Group
  • Play’n GO
  • Pragmatic Play
  • Push Gaming
  • NetEnt
  • Big Time Gaming and many others

All these names are in charge of keeping things entertainment. More importantly, they’re known for developing trusted games regularly tested by the most authoritative bodies.

Final Thoughts


It is not uncommon for new casino players to question how online slots work. Virtual slot machines are based on RNG software that makes sure every outcome is entirely random. That said, there are no patterns you can exploit to ensure more money on your casino account. Moreover, casino providers are in charge of developing slot software. However, to control them and make sure all games are fair, the gambling industry developed independent auditory bodies that test and analyze all games. Online slot games that bear the certificate of fairness are the ones that’ll most likely provide you with the jackpot.