Being a student is a tough and wonderful thing at the same time. It depends on many factors that can have a positive or negative influence on you. First of all, this is the period when we all want to explore different things. All activities that we have are there to help us make your free time entertaining. However, we mustn’t forget about the duties that we have. 

This is the reason why we say it can be tough to be a student. Being a good student means that we want to make our future comfortable. Indeed, we do not want to say that good grades are the only factor that influences our success. However, we all need to make the first steps in this way. 

The problem arises when we have a low level of self-control. Having fun for the entire day is not possible when you are a student. You must sacrifice certain things and ensure a comfortable future. However, that can be tough when you are surrounded by bad students. They will constantly invite you to go out and have fun with them. 

Still, the biggest mistake of all would be to refuse every “invite” that you receive. You must organize your time in the right way and relax effectively. In other words, you need to show a certain dose of self-control and self-discipline.

Fortunately for you, you live in the world of advanced technology. The Internet can bring many benefits to the lives of students. We are not talking here about entertainment and communication. There are many useful online tools every student should know about. However, it seems that young adults are not aware of the benefits they can get. 

Let’s find out together which tools can make your student days more comfortable! 



Okay, PaperCheap is not an app or tool exactly. It is the place where you can find native English professionals that will write your essay. Students usually have a lot of duties at college/school. They sometimes need to prepare a couple of exams for a short period. In that case, writing an essay seems annoying and overwhelming. 

When you have a huge number of duties, every second count. Why would you spend a couple of hours/days on that when you can hire someone to write an essay instead of you. Despite that, this type of task is not easy to accomplish. You truly need to possess certain writing skills to create a high-quality essay. 

Enough talking; visit and see which services they offer. Despite essays, there are different types of paper that you can order. 


We repeated twice that self-control is crucial if you plan to be a good student. However, focusing on the main goal is tough when you have many obstacles to pass. Because of that, this app would be a perfect match for students with such a problem. 

Let’s describe the life of an average student. More precisely, there is not a lot of things to describe. Most of them plan to get up early, but they usually do not respect their plan. They need a couple of hours to prepare for studying. When they start learning, they are usually not too concentrated on lessons. Instead, they will check their social media many times. In the worst case, they would spend the entire day in front of a smartphone screen. 

Indeed, it happens that they deactivate all their social media accounts. However, they usually activate it after 2 or 3 days (or even quicker). This is the moment when the Self-Control app becomes your best friend. It allows you to block all websites like Instagram, Facebook, etc. 

Still, we need to mention one small disadvantage of this program. It will only be available to Mac users. So, if you are a Windows user, the tool below will be a lot better choice. 



This is the same tool as the previous one. It allows students to block all their social media temporarily. Yet, this app is only available on Windows OS. This would be the best possible alternative that you can find as a Windows user. 

Both tools are a great choice for students that simply can’t change this bad habit. Checking your phone every 5 minutes won’t make you effective at all. Instead, a couple of hours will pass and the level of your knowledge will remain the same. 



It seems that worldwide programmers were thinking about everything. Traditional learning is no longer popular. Adolescents do not like to use the same methods of learning as their parents and grandparents. Because of that, they would rather choose to improve their knowledge with online books. Everything becomes easier for them when the lessons they need to study are on desktop. 

Yet, it will happen many times that you do not touch a single button for a certain period. Logically, you will be fully focused on the content you need to study. In that case, the device you use will fall asleep. We know that this seems like a ridiculous thing. However, when it repeats a couple of times, it becomes a bit annoying. Well, this is an app that won’t allow your laptop to fall asleep. 



It happens all the time that students miss deadlines. Indeed, they sometimes truly have a good excuse for that. It can happen that they have a few important dates in one week. A huge number of duties in a short period can make things more confusing. Fortunately, this tool can make things a lot easier. 

You can use it to track your exams, schedules, and other important things. Each time when an important date is coming, you will receive a notification. You can consider MyStudyLife as the best possible virtual assistant you can find. 



Working with a huge number of data can be confusing as well. Every student creates some notes that will make the learning process effective. However, it often happens that we lose some notes. Despite that, we usually gather pieces of information from different resources. Because of that, it would be crucial to have all those things in one place. 

Thanks to Evernote, you can organize everything in one place. More precisely, you can organize presentation notes, keep research paper information in order, etc. 

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